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UPDATED: TOM’s Guide to the 2021 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational

Pictured: Northwestern’s Ryan Deakin competing at the 2019 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo courtesy of Northwestern University Sports Information. 

Every year within the NCAA Division I wrestling schedule, there are certain “must-see events” that fans want to make a note of on their respective calendars. One of those “must-see” showcases for many of the best in Division I is fast approaching.

The 2021Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational (CKLV) in Las Vegas, Nevada, is just two days away, beginning on Friday, December 3 and ending Saturday, December 4. 

Here’s everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the action. 

How to Watch

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Schedule of Events

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Teams in Vegas this Weekend (26 Teams)

Binghamton, California Baptist Cal Poly, CSU Bakersfield, The Citadel, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Kent State, Michigan, Minnesota, Navy, Nebraska Kearney, Nebraska, Northwestern, Northern Colorado, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon State, Princeton, Purdue, Sacred Heart, Stanford, South Dakota State, Utah Valley, Wyoming

Possible TOM Top-20 Ranked Wrestlers by Weight

Based on the above list of 26 teams in attendance, if every TOM top-20 wrestler from the latest TOM D-I National Rankings is in attendance, there will be 79 ranked wrestlers will be competing December 3-4 in Vegas. 

Note: This figure is subject to change based on final registration information. It isn’t likely that every ranked wrestler will compete.  

In case you missed it, here are the latest NCAA D-I College Individual Regular Season Rankings from November 30, 2021. 

Did we miss any athletes? Feel free to contact TOM Site Editor Christopher Miller (Email: cmiller@theopenmat.com, Twitter: @C_Miller_atTOM) or DM to our official Twitter account (@theopenmat).

125 Pounds (9)

No. 3 Pat Glory, Princeton

No. 4 Taylor LaMont, Utah Valley

No. 6 Devin Schroder, Purdue 

No. 8 Malik Heinselman, Ohio State

No. 11 Patrick McKee, Minnesota

No. 14 Michael DeAugustino, Northwestern

No. 17 Joey Prata, Oklahoma

No. 18 Jack Medley, Michigan

No. 19 Joe Manchio, Columbia

133 Pounds (5)

No. 4 Vito Arujau, Cornell

No. 7 Chris Cannon, Northwestern

No. 13 Chance Rich, CSU-Bakersfield

No. 15 Tony Madrigal, Oklahoma

No. 18 Dylan Ragusin, Michigan

141 Pounds (6)

No. 4 Stevan Micic, Michigan

No. 6 Real Woods, Stanford 

No. 7 Clay Carlson, South Dakota State 

No. 8 Dom Demas, Oklahoma

No. 11 Andrew Alirez, Northern Colorado

#16 Parker Filius, Purdue

149 Pounds (8)

No. 1 Yianni Diakomihalis, Cornell

No. 2 Sammy Sasso, Ohio State

No. 4 Yahya Thomas, Northwestern

No. 5 Jaden Abas, Stanford

No. 9 Ridge Lovett, Nebraska

No. 10 Mitch Moore, Oklahoma

No. 17 Legend Lamer, Cal Poly

No. 20 Kanen Storr, Michigan

157 Pounds (9)

No. 2 Ryan Deakin, Northwestern

No. 4 Brayton Lee, Minnesota

No. 6 Quincy Monday, Princeton

No. 8 Jared Franek, North Dakota State

No. 9 Peyton Robb, Nebraska

No. 11 Kendall Coleman, Purdue

No. 14 Will Lewan, Michigan

No. 15 Jacob Wright, Wyoming

No. 16 Justin Thomas, Oklahoma

165 Pounds (9)

No. 2 Shane Griffith, Stanford

No. 3 Evan Wick, Cal Poly

No. 6 Cameron Amine, Michigan 

No. 8 Demetrius Romero, Utah Valley

No. 11 Luke Weber, North Dakota State 

No. 12 Phillip Conigliaro, Harvard

No. 13 Carson Kharchla, Ohio State

No. 17 Julian Ramirez, Cornell

No. 18 Cole Moody, Wyoming

No. 19 Jackson Hemauer, Northern Colorado

174 Pounds (8)

No. 3 Mikey Labriola, Nebraska

No. 7 Ethan Smith, Ohio State

No.8 Chris Foca, Cornell

No. 14 Hayden Hastings, Wyoming

No. 17 Gerrit Nijenhuis, Purdue

No. 18 Cade DeVos, South Dakota State

19 Troy Fisher, Northwestern 

No. 20 Trey Munoz, Oregon State 

184 Pounds (7)

No. 2 Myles Amine

No. 6 Bernie Truax, Cal Poly

No. 12 Tate Samuelson, Wyoming 

No. 15 Taylor Venz, Nebraska 

No. 16 Rocky Jordan, Ohio State

No. 17 Max Lyon, Purdue

No. 19 Jonathan Loew, Cornell

197 Pounds (9)

No. 6 Jake Woodley, Oklahoma

No. 8 Patrick Brucki, Michigan

No. 9 Stephen Buchanan, Wyoming

No. 10 Eric Schultz, Nebraska

No. 11 Tanner Sloan, South Dakota State

No. 12 Thomas Penola, Purdue 

No. 13 Lou DePrez, Binghamton

No. 16 Jacob Koser, Navy

No. 20 Jacob Cardenas, Cornell

285 Pounds (9)

No. 1 Gable Steveson, Minnesota

No. 3 Mason Parris, Michigan

No. 7 Tate Orndorff, Ohio State

No. 13 Christian Lance, Nebraska

No. 14 Brian Andrews, Wyoming

No. 15 Lucas Davison, Northwestern

No. 17 Lewis Fernandes, Cornell

No. 18 Yaraslau Slavilouski, Harvard

No. 20 AJ Nevills, South Dakota State


Pre-seeds have been released. Who is in? Who is out? Click here to see them all in Flo Arena.  

*Official CKLV 2021 Brackets*

Official brackets have been released. Who is ranked where? Click here to see them all in Flo Arena.  

Some notes to be aware of

+ Vito is not registered at 133. Does that mean he’s going to descend to 125 to challenge spencer?

+ This will be Yianni’s first real test at the new weight (149). This bracket is probably the deepest of all the weights. A Yianni vs. Sammy Sasso matchup could be one of the best bouts of the event. At 165, a TOM No. 2 Shane Griffith (Stanford) vs. No. 3 Evan Wick (Cal Poly) is a possible match worth drooling over. Look for Ohio State’s Carson Kharchla to make some noise this weekend as well. 

+ Unfortunately, Minnesota and Michigan will be missing some serious star power. 

+ Northwestern’s Ryan Deakin is going for the illustrious three-peat this weekend at 157. Per InterMat’s Earl Smith, the NU Wildcat is looking to join an elite group that possess three CKLV titles. Only six individuals have done this over the last 15 seasons: Kollin Moore (Ohio State), Zahid Valencia (Arizona State), Nahshon Garrett (Cornell), Logan Stieber (Ohio State; 4 titles), Mack Lewnes (Cornell), and Ben Askren (Missouri). 

Looking back, Deakin’s CKLV in 2019 was electric: Deakin’s 2019 CKLV title results were as follows, per Northwestern Sports Information: 

157: No. 2 Ryan Deakin (NU) Fall Peter Pappas (Edinboro), 2:09

157: No. 2 Ryan Deakin (NU) Fall Jacob Wright (Fresno State), 4:16

157: No. 2 Ryan Deakin (NU) Dec. No. 7 Jacori Teemer (Arizona State), 8-5

157: No. 2 Ryan Deakin (NU) Dec. No. 3 David Carr (Iowa State), 9-3

157: No. 2 Ryan Deakin (NU) Dec. No. 1 Hayden Hidlay (NC State), 6-2

Can Nebraska’s Peyton Robb dethrone another giant at 157 in Deakin? The Cornhusker took out 2021 149-pound champ Austin O’Connor (North Carolina) and went to overtime with fellow 2021 NCAA 157-pound champ David Carr (Iowa State) earlier this year.

+  While 149 is probably your best (most compelling) weight, 157 an 165 are not far behind. That said, there is potential for fantastic matches at all 10 weights.

+  Top teams No. 1 Iowa and No. 2 Penn State (NWCA) won’t be in Vegas this weekend, but they have some great team duals. No. 2 Penn State will take on the UPenn Quakers and No. 1 Iowa will battle the Cyclones of Iowa State.

USA Wrestling CKLV Preview


Miller’s CKLV 2021 Champion Picks

125: Pat Glory, Princeton

133: Chris Cannon, Northwestern

141: Clay Carlson, South Dakota State

149: Yianni Diakomihalis, Cornell

157: Ryan Deakin, Northwestern

165: Evan Wick, Cal Poly

174: Mikey Labriola, Nebraska

184: Taylor Venz, Nebraska

197: Jake Woodley, Oklahoma

285: Lucas Davison, Northwestern

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