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National Duals: Hawkeyes repeat as champions; ISU third

Cedar Falls, Ia. — Heavyweight Dan Erekson pinned Cornell’s Taylor Moore and secured Iowa’s second Division I championship in the National Duals wrestling tournament Sunday at the UNI-Dome.

A four-match run of success helped the No. 1 seed Hawkeyes to a 23-13 victory over the No. 3 seed Big Red before an announced crowd of 8,236. The win extended Iowa’s winning streak to 28 duals and gave the Hawkeyes back-to-back National Duals titles for the first time since 1995 and 1996.
Joining the Hawkeyes as champion was Iowa Central Community College, which took its third straight junior college title with a 49-0 victory over North Iowa Area Community College. Brad Lower, Iowa Central’s 165-pounder, was named outstanding wrestler of the junior college tournament.

Wartburg, the defending Division III champion, dropped a 21-20 loss to arch-rival Augsburg Sunday.

Erekson took the mat assured that Iowa would win if he just produced a decision. After getting a takedown against Moore with 1 minute 59 seconds left in the opening period, Erekson’s approach changed.

“I almost caught him on his back there, and I smelled blood,” Erekson said. “That’s when I got that bar-arm in there.”

Cornell reached the finals with a 22-15 semifinal-round victory over No. 2 seed Iowa State. Iowa beat Nebraska 22-11 in a rematch of last year’s National Duals finale.

The Big Red led 13-11 after seven matches, but for the Hawkeyes’ sake that was the score after Jay Borschel’s 7-3 decision over Steve Anceravage at 174 pounds. It was also the start of Iowa’s win streak.

Phil Keddy at 184 — he decisioned two-time state champion Justin Kerber of Emmetsburg 6-2 — and Chad Beatty at 197 joined Borschel and Erekson in clinching the title.

Cornell had the first big bang in the meet when Mike Grey got a takedown with 3 seconds left to beat Dan Dennis 4-3 at 133 pounds.

“I knew it was going to be a big match in the dual meet,” Grey said. “I knew with me being an all-American last year and him winning Midlands, it was coming in as an iffy match for either team and we thought it would push us over the edge.”

Cornell coach Rob Koll, whose father Bill was a state champion at Fort Dodge and an undefeated, three-time NCAA champion at Iowa State Teachers College and later head coach of the Panthers, agreed that a win such as Grey’s could get a team rolling.

“It does until you have (Alex) Tsirtsis and (Brent) Metcalf right afterwards,” Koll said.

Tsirtsis at 141 and Metcalf at 149 had major decisions for the Hawkeyes.

The Hawkeyes didn’t crumble after Dennis got beat, Beatty said, because they considered Grey’s win atypical.

“It didn’t ding us at all because we saw how (Dennis) lost and we saw the way he was attacking,” Beatty said. “(Grey) took one shot in the entire match, and if they want to win that way that’s fine. We’ll get them.”

In the Division III title match, Wartburg and Augsburg met for the seventh time in the eight-year history of the Division III event. Jared Massey’s pin at 197 pounds for Augsburg proved to be the clinching points for its fourth title and the end of Wartburg’s 39-meet winning streak.

“This definitely gives us something to work for,” said Wartburg 149-pound national champion Jacob Naig, who was upended 6-3 by Willy Holst. “We’ve got a lot of potential, but we’ve got a lot of work to do yet.”

Iowa Central, which has won three consecutive national junior college championships, looked the role of team to beat once again Sunday against NIACC. Patrick Hunter at 125, Lower and heavyweight Phil Mandzik scored pins for Iowa Central, which got bonus points in eight of its wins.

“The finals was great, outstanding. I would have never thought we’d wrestle that good,” Iowa Central coach Luke Moffitt said.

On the scoreboard, Iowa Central dominated throughout much of the tournament. Moffitt said the Tritons’ opening-round 40-3 win over Neosho was not as pretty as it looked.

“I thought the guys wrestled without any emotion, just kind of going through the motions,” Moffitt said. “I kind of got after them a little bit, and every dual (afterward) we got a little better.”

Iowa 23, Cornell 13

125 — Troy Nickerson (COR) WBD JJ Krutsinger (IA) D 4-0
133 — Mike Grey (COR) WBD Daniel Dennis (IA) D 4-3
141 — Alex Tsirtsis (IA) WBD Corey Manson (COR) M 10-2
149 — Brent Metcalf (IA) WBD DJ Meagher (COR) M 18-6
157 — Jordan Leen (COR) WBD Matt Ballweg (IA) M 13-5
165 — Mack Lewnes (COR) WBD Ryan Morningstar (IA) D 3-2
174 — Jay Borschel (IA) WBD Steve Anceravage (COR) D 7-3
184 — Phil Keddy (IA) WBD Justin Kerber (COR) D 6-2
197 — Chad Betty (IA) WBD Cameron Simaz (COR) D 4-3
285 Dan Erekson (IA) WBF Taylor Moore (COR) F 1:46

Iowa State 20, Nebraska 19

125 — Tyler Clark (ISU) WBF Andy Pokorny (NEB) F 3:58
133 — Nick Fanthorpe (ISU) WBD Matt Vacanti (NEB) M 12-4
141 — Nick Gallick (ISU) WBD Curtis Salazar (NEB) M 11-2
149 — Mitch Mueller (ISU) WBD Robert Sanders (NEB) D 7-5 SV1
157 — Jordan Burroughs (NEB) WBD Cyler Sanderson (ISU) M 12-4
165 — Stephen Dwyer (NEB) WBD Jon Reader (ISU) D 4-0
174 — Brandon Browne (NEB) WBD Andrew Sorenson (ISU) D 7-4
184 — Vince Jones (NEB) WBF Jerome Ward (ISU) F 5:10
197 — Jake Varner (ISU) WBD Craig Brester (NEB) D 6-2
285 — Tucker Lane (NEB) WBD David Zabriskie (ISU) D 7-6

Iowa 22, Nebraska 11

125 — J.J. Krutsinger (I) dec. Andy Pokorny, 7-4
133 — Daniel Dennis (I) dec. Patrick Aleksanyan, 4-0
141 — Alex Tsirtsis (I) dec. Curtis Salazar, 7-2
149 — Brent Metcalf (I) tech. fall Robert Sanders, 24-9
157 — Jordan Burroughs (N) tech. fall Matt Ballweg, 22-7 in 4:04
165 — Ryan Morningstar (I) dec. Stephen Dwyer, 3-2
174 — Brandon Browne (N) dec. Jay Borschel, 5-4
184 — Phillip Keddy (I) dec. Vince Jones, 8-5
197 — Craig Brester (N) dec. Chad Beatty, 7-5 SV
Hwt — Dan Erekson (I) dec. Tucker Lane, 8-3

Cornell 22, Iowa State 15
125 — Troy Nickerson (C) def. Tyler Clark 4-2
133 — Mike Grey (C) def. Nick Fanthorpe 7-5 SV1
141 — Nick Gallick (ISU) def. Corey Manson 4-2
149 — Mitch Mueller (ISU) def. DJ Meagher 11-4
157 — Jordan Leen (C) def. Cyler Sanderson 13-5
165 — Mack Lewnes (C) def. Jon Reader 6-5
174 — Steve Anceravage (C) pinned Chris Pursel 2:45
184 — Justin Kerber (C) def. Jerome Ward 10-5
197 — Jake Varner (ISU) won by forfeit
285 — David Zabriskie (ISU) def. Taylor Moore 6-0

Augsburg 21, Wartburg 20

125 — Seth Flodeen (AUG) WBD Mark Kist (WAR) D 6-5
133 — Travis Lang (AUG) WBD Matt Kelly (WAR) D 5-4
141 — Zach McKray (WAR) WBF Tony Valek (AUG) F 6:24
149 — Willy Holst (AUG) WBD Jacob Naig (WAR) D 6-3
157 — Aaron Wernimont (WAR) WBD Jason Adams (AUG) D 13-6
165 — Justin Hanson (WAR) WBD Brandon Bahr (AUG) M 17-9
174 — Zach Molitor (AUG) WBF Grant Jenkins (WAR) F 6:23
184 — Romeo Djoumessi (WAR) WBD Brad Baus (AUG) M 16-6
197 — Jared Massey (AUG) WBF Nick Shandri (WAR) F 2:14
285 — John Helgerson (WAR) WBD Andy Witzel (AUG) D 3-1

Delaware Valley 22, Coe 15

125 — Clayton Rush (COE) WBD Chris Sneetz (DVC) D 12-7
133 — Brandon Clemmer (DVC) WBF Brandon Ball (COE) F 3:25
141 — Johnny Siegal (COE) WBD Eric McCann (DVC) D 6-4
149 — Dale Fava (DVC) WBD Mark Carey (COE) D 4-1
157 — Tyler Baker (COE) WBD Robbie Hickman (DVC) D 7-2
165 — Tyler Burkle (COE) WBD Justin Barowski (DVC) D 4-0
174 — Rocky Mentella (DVC) WBD Seth Rehn (COE) M 17-3
184 — Mike Wilcox (DVC) WBF Greg Lalla (COE) F 1:20
197 — Rob Kramer (COE) WBD Martin Porter (DVC) D 4-2
285 — Kyle Bilquist (DVC) WBD Mitch Sander (COE) D 3-2

Wartburg 34, Coe 9

125 — Clayton Rush (COE) WBD Mark Kist (WAR) D 6-4
133 — Brandon Ball (COE) WBD Matt Kelly (WAR) D 7-6
141 — Zach McKray (WAR) WBD Johnny Siegal (COE) TF-5 22-6; 4;22
149 — Jacob Naig (WAR) WBF Mark Carey (COE) F 4:19
157 — Aaron Wernimont (WAR) WBD Tyler Baker (COE) TF-5 20-5; 4;05
165 — Justin Hanson (WAR) WBD Tyler Burkle (COE) D 7-5
174 — Grant Jenkins (WAR) WBF Seth Rehn (COE) F 6:59
184 — Romeo Djoumessi (WAR) WBF Greg Lalla (COE) F 0:56
197 — Rob Kramer (COE) WBD Byron Tate (WAR) D 9-7
285 — John Helgerson (WAR) WBD Jared Carder (COE) D 2-1

Augsburg 25, Delaware Valley 17
125 — Chris Sneetz (DVC) WBD Seth Flodeen (AUG) D 9-3
133 — Travis Lang (AUG) WBF Brandon Clemmer (DVC) F 1:57
141 — Tony Valek (AUG) WBF Eric McCann (DVC) F 3:42
149 — Willy Holst (AUG) WBD Dale Fava (DVC) M 13-3
157 — Jason Adams (AUG) WBD Robbie Hickman (DVC) D 7-0
165 — Justin Barowski (DVC) WBD Brandon Bahr (AUG) D 7-3
174 — Rocky Mentella (DVC) WBF Zach Molitor (AUG) F 1:22
184 — Mike Wilcox (DVC) WBD Brad Baus (AUG) TF-5 17-0; 3;05
197 — Jared Massey (AUG) WBD Jeff Siciliano (DVC) D 9-2
285 — Andy Witzel (AUG) WBD Kyle Bilquist (DVC) D 3-1

Iowa Central CC 47, North Iowa Area CC 0

125 — Patrick Hunter (IC) WBF Jeremiah Barkac (NIA) F 6:51
133 — Billy Murrphy (IC) WBD Cody Hogan (NIA) TF-5 16-1; 6;39
141 — Vinny Pisiani (IC) WBD Jordan Hasenkamp (NIA) M 11-3
149 — Tanner Kampen (IC) WBD TJ Moen (NIA) D 5-2
157 — Carrington Banks (IC) WBD Jon Rivera (NIA) M 15-5
165 — Brad Lower (IC) WBF Aaron Hancock (NIA) F 1:25
174 — Brad Banks (IC) WBD Brett Rosedale (NIA) D 3-2
184 — Sam Bonsu (IC) WBD Tyler Hancock (NIA) M 13-3
197 — Phil Hawes (IC) WBF Preston Poyner (NIA) F FOR

Iowa Central CC 27, Labette CC 12

125 — Patrick Hunter (IC) WBD Collin Hase (LAB) M 13-5
133 — Billy Murrphy (IC) WBD Donnie Curtis (LAB) TF-5 22-3; 5;51
141 — Vinny Pisiani (IC) WBD Derek Ward (LAB) M 15-5
149 — Tanner Kampen (IC) WBD Michael Brady (LAB) D 8-5
157 — Carrington Banks (IC) WBD Raufeon Stots (LAB) D 9-4
165 — Brad Lower (IC) WBF Aaron Hynick (LAB) F 3:14
174 — Dave Weske (LAB) WBD Brad Banks (IC) D 5-4
184 — David Benson (LAB) WBF Joe Johnson (IC) F 3:31
197 — Derek Thompson (LAB) WBD Phil Hawes (IC) D 3-2
285 — Phill Mandzik (IC) WBD Ben Hohensee (LAB) D 2-1

North Iowa Area CC 21, St. Louis-Meramec 15
125 — Matt Hedrick (SLM) WBD Jeremiah Barkac (NIA) D 6-4 SV1
133 — Cody Hogan (NIA) WBD Craig Chiles (SLM) M 11-1
141 — Aaron Senzee (SLM) WBD Jordan Hasenkamp (NIA) D 6-0
149 — TJ Moen (NIA) WBD Eddie McCray (SLM) D 6-4 SV1
157 — Jon Rivera (NIA) WBF Anthony Almanza (SLM) F 4:51
165 — Tim Springs (NIA) WBD Donald Woods (SLM) D 5-4
174 — Brett Rosedale (NIA) WBD Nick Smith (SLM) D 6-4
184 — Kevin Knopf (SLM) WBF Tyler Hancock (NIA) DEF
197 — Travis Pettengill (SLM) WBD Preston Poyner (NIA) D 6-3
285 — Zach Rosol (NIA) WBD Rudy Spaulding (SLM) D 8-1

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