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A Look at the Four New DI Head Coaches for the 2020-21 Season


photo courtesy of Cam Kramer

Even though the coaching carousel will continue to spin with assistant coaches being hired over the next month-plus, we are set (I think) with DI head coaches for 2020-21. Four programs have hired head coaches in the offseason. Each coach is different and each situation is unique. Without having hit the mats yet, two of these new head coaches have already given their respective programs a considerable shot in the arm and have cleaned up on the recruiting trail. Three of the four coaches are getting their first opportunity as head coaches. Coincidentally, three of them coached in the SoCon last year. 

Below we have looked at the four new head coaching hires, detailed their coaching backgrounds, explored the situation they have inherited, and broken down the staff they have assembled. Being the optimist, we’ll explain why each coach could be successful in their new job. 

Campbell - Scotti Sentes

Why he’ll be successful: After Cary Kolat left Campbell for the Naval Academy, Scott Sentes was elevated from the program’s associate head coach to head coach. Sentes is heading into his sixth year with the Camels and has been instrumental in the team’s development from an also-ran in the Southern Conference to a team that consistently has found its way into the national rankings. Kolat left Campbell in a stable position. Transitioning to a coach already familiar with the roster and administration is a smart move. Though Kolat’s name is worth its weight in gold in wrestling circles, the recruits that signed with Campbell likely went through Sentes, at some point, during the recruiting process. That’s why we’ve seen little to no attrition from 2020 signees or wrestlers already on the Campbell roster during the transition. The recruiting Class of 2020 was ranked #10 in the nation and featured three top-100 recruits, two others listed in the top-200 and a large group of other signees that could contribute in the future. That’s a remarkable feat for a school that produced its first-ever All-American in the 2017 season. 

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