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ASU wrestlers stayed united in scary time

The splinters could have gone everywhere.

Pieces could have ended up in Iowa, Idaho or California. The Arizona State wrestling program could have been left in tatters, its coaches left to rebuild with what remained.

Here’s the thing – not a single athlete left the program in direct response to a decision to cut the program in May.

Instead, they stayed dedicated and loyal. Sure, top competitors like Anthony Robles and Kyle DeBerry fielded calls from other programs, even came close to transferring, but something kept them in Tempe.

“It was so hard getting those calls,” Robles said. “There was a two-week period where you had to look out for yourself. I was real close to leaving, but Coach (Thom) Ortiz said give them some time. They had things in the works, but nothing was definite. READ MORE HERE!!!

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