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Don’t Sleep on These Ten Unranked DII Wrestlers


photo courtesy of UIndy Athletics

It seems like every year the first set of rankings at any level is chocked full of huge omissions. My first rankings are no exception. It is the nature of the beast. That does not mean I am unaware of the shortcomings of taking a snapshot view of rankings. My attempt to start from the 2018-19 results at the national tournament means that there are some excellent wrestlers not currently ranked. The list includes transfers, injured wrestlers, weight changes, athletes that were on a redshirt season, and a true freshman. Throughout the season, it will begin to sort itself out, but I am aware of the reasonable nature of the criticism.

I did some digging to find a wrestler at each weight class who is just chomping at the bit to make me eat crow and I hope that these student-athletes do just that. It seemed that at every weight I could have picked out three or four wrestlers just waiting for their chance to break into the rankings and I am looking forward to seeing it happen.

There are bound to be surprises at tournament time as it is hard to predict the success of true freshman. Who knows how the transfers and redshirts will perform joining the lineups? It can be tough for wrestlers changing weight classes to adjust. That being said, I'm going to pick a wrestler at each weight that I think will be in the rankings sooner rather than later and could challenge for All-American status in Sioux Falls. Please note, I may be incorrect about potential weight classes and feedback is always appreciated. 

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Nate Keaton (So) - Limestone College

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