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Dresser and Staff Talk Coaching Shakeup and More


“18 months ago Jamie Pollard gave me the keys to the castle. The castle being the Iowa State wrestling program. Everything I’ve done since that day has been to put us in the best spot to get Iowa State wrestling back as quickly and safely and smartly as possible.” Those are the words of Iowa State Head Coach Kevin Dresser as he spoke with Takedown Radio at the Iowa State Fair to give fans an update on the Cyclones coaching staff. On August 9th Dresser announced the dismissal of Associate Head Coach Mike Zadick. Originally, Dresser hired Zadick to assist him at Virginia Tech for the 2015-16 season and brought him to Ames shortly after he was hired by Iowa State in 2017.

“To me, it’s a chemistry thing, and it’s got to work for everybody, and it’s got to impact everybody in the right way. That’s where we are right now.” Dresser did his best to address the reasons for Zadick’s, seemingly sudden departure, a few weeks before student-athletes come back to campus.

Joining Dresser were assistants Derek St. John and Brent Metcalf. Dresser’s answers indicate that they plan to move Metcalf up to a full-time assistant and the new assistant would ideally be someone who is currently competing on the Senior level. After addressing the coaching shakeup, the trio discussed the state of the Cyclone Regional Training Center and RTC’s, in general, and how they have changed since the two younger assistants were high schoolers. The staff wrapped up the discussion with a current projection of the Cyclone lineup for the 2018-19 and how it could be drastically different from the 2017-18 edition.

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