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Five for Friday: Unique Pins by some Unique Wrestlers

Five for Friday

This week something we look at some of the more unique personalities that have graced our sport and some of their more impressive pins. Note, we are not saying “best” just impressive. Some of these guys you may know, there may be one or two you do not. Either way, if you ask around you are sure to find a person with a story or at least a strong opinion on them.

Ray Brinzer vs. Matt Mulvihill

When talking about “Unique” and wrestling, we really could not leave TOM co-founder Ray Brinzer off such a list. Not only is he unique, he also has a penchant for pinning people, generally in interesting or in many cases, fast ways. The following video displays both. Oh, if you want a story, just ask around and you will surely find no shortage of stories involving Mr. Brinzer. Now how many are true or not embellished, we can not comment on.

Dylan Ness vs. Dylan Alton

Not so long ago Dylan Ness made every match an interesting one, well ok maybe not everyone, but most of his patched were. At the time of this video Ness was the underdog sitting ranked No. 8 at the time. Alton came in ranked No. 4 and also known as a pinner. Ness had no fear going to his own back. Mostly this was because he had uncanny hip control and mat awareness.

Bubba (J) Jenkins vs. David Taylor

One of the biggest pins in the last decade occurred in the NCAA finals and was the exclamation point on a story that would have made the real housewives franchise proud. Bubba had left Penn State and some drama followed. He was replaced by phenom David Taylor, a guy many on the boards were toting as a lock for four titles. Bubba put that to rest with a front cradle.

Rick Sanders 1972 Olympics

Although before our time some, stories of Sanders are those of legend. Many of his peers who became some of the big names in our sport have nothing but praise for his talent and ability. They will also share stories that definitely put him in the “Unique” category. Wait till you see how he finishes this match.

Dave Schultz v. Nate Carr

We end with a person that is a must for a list like this, that would be Dave Schultz. Dave was one of the biggest personalities in the sport and was always fun to watch. Two legends do battle in the video below and as you will see there is no shortage of action, something you would rarely if ever, see in today’s matches.

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