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Getting to Know: Nate Limmex, Purdue

Nate Limmex, Purdue

Photo by Tim Tushla

Throughout the off-season, we’re going to be getting to know returning NCAA Division I wrestlers from around the country.  We sent questionnaires to every DI program and will be sharing the results throughout the long trek to next fall.  You can find them all, including last year’s interviews, whenever you like under the Getting to Know tag.

Name: Nate Limmex

School: Purdue

Class: Redshirt junior

Weight: 141

During his second year in the Boilermaker starting lineup, Limmex improved dramatically. After his redshirt freshman campaign ended at the Big Ten tournament with a record of 12-15, Nate left no doubt that he would be making the trip to Cleveland for his first NCAA championships. He was fourth in East Lansing, beating eventual All-American Chad Red (Nebraska) for the second time en route to a fourth-place finish. Limmex added a major decision at the NCAA tournament and finished with a record of 26-16. With two years of eligibility remaining, Nate returns next season as part of the core group in West Lafayette that will be looking to move Purdue up the ranks in the Big Ten. 

What games does your team play on the road? Who is the best at it? Who is the worst?

Euchre. I’ll say that I am the best player and Max Lyon is the worst. I’m the best because I’ve been playing for awhile, I’ve been training with my family quite a bit and Max, he overthinks it way too much.

[Jake] Sueflohn was my partner—we split the weight, he’s a good player.

Tell us the funniest road-trip story involving your team this season.

After Vegas, we were out to eat at Benihana’s. The coaches were telling us to watch our weight and whatnot. So everyone orders and gets their food. Coach [Tyrel] Todd gets his food and asks the guy for salt, even though they’ve been pouring salt and oil on. He starts shaking the salt on his food and then takes the top off and dumping even more salt on it. We were all laughing because they are always telling us to watch our sodium.

What words or phrases does your coach use way too much? Why is he so obsessed with it?

Before practice Coach [Tony] Ersland always says, “We’re gonna scrap today.” He really likes the word “scrap”. I’m not really sure why, it just means we are going to go hard. It always makes me think of scrapbooking for some reason.

If you could pick any one of your teammates to win a national title next year, who would it be and why?

Shawn Streck. I know he’s got a really cool celebration planned out, but it’s top secret, so I can’t tell you.

Who is the one person at your school (staff, professor, coach, trainer, wrestler, anyone) who doesn’t get enough credit for all they do? What do they do that makes them so special?

Our athletic trainer Adam Leech, not for his training abilities, but he has really invested a lot into the sport of wrestling. He’s always ready to step in there and be a coach and tell us what to do if all of the other coaches are busy coaching elsewhere.

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