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Getting to Know: Ronnie Perry, Lock Haven

Ronnie Perry, Lock Haven

Throughout the off-season, we’re going to be getting to know returning NCAA Division I wrestlers from around the country.  We sent questionnaires to every program in the country and will be sharing the results throughout the long trek to next fall.  You can find them all whenever you like under the Getting to Know tag.  

Name: Ronnie Perry

School: Lock Haven University

Class (for 2017-18): Redshirt Senior

Weight: 141

As a junior, Perry won his first EWL title and advanced to the NCAA tournament for the second time in his career.  His 29-8 record included 15 tech-falls and 20 bonus point victories overall.  After losing to a pair of seeded wrestlers at the NCAA tournament, including second seed Kevin Jack (NC State), Perry will return for his senior season looking to earn a seed himself and end his career on the podium.  

Rate your 2016-17 season on a scale of 1-10?

I would rate my 2016-17 season at about a seven. It was a good year and I learned a lot, but I ultimately fell short of two of my goals, being an All-American and a national champ.

What are you working on this off-season?

I am just going to work on staying healthy, lifting, nutrition and improving in every position.

Do you plan to wrestle freestyle or Greco in the off-season?

I plan on wrestling some freestyle in the off-season.

What was the most interesting class you took this year?

The most interesting class I took this year was financial management because I learned a lot and I like numbers.

What was your favorite match this season?

I would say my favorite match this season would be the finals of EWLs. Having lost to my opponent twice before (Brock Zacherl of Clarion), it felt like a lot of things had come together in that match after working a lot with Coach Rob Weikel leading up to it. I can’t thank the whole coaching staff enough.

If you could wrestle one person, living or dead, who would it be?

If I could wrestle one person it would be assistant coach Rob Weikel when he was in college. I think it would be a good matchup.

If you could change one rule in college wrestling what would it be?

If I could change one rule it would be the out of bounds stalling rule. I think it should just be a step out rule like international wrestling.

If you weren’t a wrestler, is there another sport or competitive activity you’d have pursued?

If I weren’t a wrestler I would have probably pursued golf.

When the season ended, what is the one food you had to eat?

Once the season ended I had to get my Mountain Dew fix.

What is your major and what would you like to do with it when you graduate?

My major is Business Administration and I would like to work in some sort of financial industry.

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