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Liberty Wins 2015 NCWA National Championships

2015 NCWA Nationals

By: Scott Farrell, photo credit: Sam Janicki

ALLEN, Texas – The day belonged to the U.S. Air Force Academy Prep School, which highlighted the finals of the NCWA Championships with three individual champions. Liberty and the U.S. Naval Academy Prep School contributed to the patriotic theme on Saturday’s leaderboard with a pair of champions apiece.

But the tournament still belonged to Liberty, which sat atop the standings throughout the three-day event and closed with its first NCWA title in four years of membership. The Flames had already advanced five to the finals on Friday, then saw Ryan Diehl win the 141-pound title over Navy Prep’s Adam Connell, 11-1, and Joshua Llopez take the 174 title.

Liberty ran away from the field with 194 points, well ahead of Middle Tennessee’s 127.5 and Rochester’s 120.5 points in its first NCWA competition. Central Florida was a quiet fourth with 93 points.

Diehl was voted the tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler. The sophomore who won the 133 class last year and is rumored to be heading to Maryland next season is the first wrestler in the NCWA’s 18-year history to win the MOW twice.

The Flames already had a boost on the field by carrying 24 team points into the tournament under the NCWA’s combined championship scoring system. Runner-up finishes by Tim Nordan (125), Evan Canady (235) and Joshua Pelletier (285) pushed Liberty past the field while Ike Podell (fifth at 141), new three-time All-American KeyShaun Ward (fourth at 184) and new two-time All-American Matthew Reynolds (eighth at 197) added icing to the point total.

The Flames lost top-seed Chase Boontjer to injury in the 165 class but the senior still earned a third All-American finish. Peter Tatanish, a returning All-American in the 149 class, also had to retire but medical default.

Isaac Jimenez began Air Force Prep’s banner day with the 125 title, taking a 7-4 decision over Liberty’s Tim Nordan to lead off the finals. Alex Mossing followed soon after with a feature-match win in the 157 final over Navy Prep’s Hunter Sutton, 3-2. Anthony McLaughlin gave the Falcons their first trio of champions in a single tournament with a 13-8 decision over Wesley Schultz of Rochester in the 184 final.
The first five weight classes all had an academy prep wrestler involved in the matchup, but with mixed results. After Jimenez’s win, Air Force Prep’s John Twomey lost the 133 final to Davenport’s Zach Yates. Connell then lost to Diehl at 141. So it was a sigh of relief for Navy Prep when Nicholas Gil won the 149 title bout over Middle Tennessee’s Jacob Freeman that temporarily put the Midshipmen back among the top five teams.

Navy Prep had nine qualifiers to nationals, and seven of them wrestled in Saturday’s placing finals. Daniel Hawkins won the second of Navy Prep’s titles with a 20-second pin of Stefan Hass of James Madison in the 184 final. It was the quickest pin in a final in NCWA history. Navy Prep finished sixth overall with 72.5 points, and would have placed as high as third if not for losing 39 team points on uniform violations. Josh Bailey contributed to the total placing behind Hawkins at 197 in seventh, and Cody Lambert was eighth at 133.

Air Force Prep had eight qualifiers with four in the finals rounds and claimed the three national champions. Mossing’s win over Sutton in the 157 final ended the academy prep string and sent Air Force Prep into the top 10 to stay. It would finish eighth overall with 67.5 points, but also lost two-dozen team points on uniform violations.

Stuart Maddox became a three-time All-American, bouncing back from a loss in last year’s 235 final to claim the title with a second chance. Maddox beat Liberty’s Canady in the final, 5-3.
Washington State won the Division II title with 66.5 points. Brett Johnson, a returning All-American at 165, added another top finish with third place there this season. And Dave Stratton added a fifth-place finish at heavyweight. The Cougars had a host of points come from consolation matches as well.

The Cougars are arguably the west’s top team, but it would be Montana Western contesting that point. UMW scored its first NCWA champion in only the second year of the program as Ruger Piva won the 165 bracket, beating Johnson in the semifinals earlier in the day. Montana Western also had Jonathan Wiley place third at 184. UMW was only seven points behind WSU and was theDivision II runner-up.

Glenn Geurink gave Davenport its first NCWA champion also as the heavyweight champion. Geurink edged Pelletier 3-2 in the final. Helped by Yates’ title win at 133, Davenport placed 13th in Division I with 49.5 points in its first NCWA season.

The Coach of the Year Award went to Marion Military’s head coaching pair of Jim Hazewinkel and Dave Hazewinkel, who quietly snuck the Tigers into fifth place despite only two All-Americans. MMI qualified 11 wrestlers, and their combined runs through the consolation brackets boosted the points earned by returning All-American DeAndre Beck (eighth place at 141) and Michael Whalen (fourth at 165).

It was a rough tournament overall, as five of the finals matches, or roughly 11 percent of the round, was forfeited due to medical defaults.

Here are the results from Saturday’s finals matches:


Most Outstanding Wrestler – Ryan Diehl, Liberty, 141 lbs. (Diehl also won in 2014; he is the first two-time MOW in NCWA history)
Coach of the Year –Jim Hazewinkel and Dave Hazewinkel, Marion Military

125 lbs.
Championship – Isaac Jimenez, U.S. Air Force Academy Prep, def. Tim Nordan, Liberty, 7-4
3rd place – Scotty Stossel, Penn State, def. Michael Dauterive, Texas-Arlington, 8-2
5th place – Timothy Sakow, Central Florida, def. Alvaro Gallego, Arizona, by fall 6:22
7th place – Shane Shaffner, Middle Tennessee, def. Brett Himes, Penn State-DuBois, 15-3

133 lbs.
Championship – Zach Yates, Davenport, def. John Twomey, U.S. Air Force Prep, by fall 2:05
3rd place – Zach Vatalare, Michigan, def. Eric Feuerbacher, Middle Tennessee, 3-1
5th place – Jacob Wasserman, Florida, def. Austin Vajen, Central Florida, 9-2
7th place – Carson Henry, Rochester, def. Cody Lambert, U.S. Naval Academy Prep, 5-2

141 lbs.
Championship – Ryan Diehl, Liberty, def. Adam Connell, U.S. Naval Academy Prep, 11-1
3rd place – Alexis Martinez, Glendale CC, def. Zane Corey, Grand Valley State, 7-0
5th place – Ike Podell, Liberty, def. Carlos Garcia, Middle Tennessee, 12-2
7th place – Casey Glassgow, Wayne State, def. DeAndre Beck, Marion Military, medical forfeit

149 lbs.
Championship – Nicholas Gil, U.S. Naval Academy Prep, def. Jacob Freeman, Middle Tennessee, 11-6
3rd place – Trevor Scott, Rochester, def. Nick Cegelski, USC, 15-10
5th place – Raul Moraga, Arizona, def. Trace Thome, Florida, default
7th place – Joe Staley, James Madison, def. John Chillem, Rowan, 8-2

157 lbs.
Championship – Alex Mossing, U.S. Air Force Academy Prep, def. Hunter Sutton, U.S. Naval Academy Prep, 3-2
3rd place – Trey Gregory, James Madison, def. Dillon Harris, South Puget Sound CC, 6-4
5th place – Christian Grillo, Central Florida, def. Bailey Bischer, Grand Valley State, 1-0
7th place – Ty Haines, Penn State-DuBois, def. Thomas Miller, Rochester, 11-1

165 lbs.
Championship – Ruger Piva, Montana Western, def. Clay Kocsis, Penn State-Mont Alto, 4-3
3rd place – Brett Johnson, Washington State, def. Michael Whalen, Marion Military, 12-2
5th place – Frankie McKeown, Alabama, def. Chase Boontjer, Liberty, medical forfeit
7th place – Connor Hanson, Rochester, def. Brandon Rochester, South Puget Sound CC, 8-4

174 lbs.
Championship – Josh Llopez, Liberty, def. Phil Marra, Penn State-New Kensington, 8-2
3rd place – Caynan Klessig, Wisconsin, def. Jacob Powers, Maine, 9-5
5th place – Cory Berry, Rochester, def. Derek Wojcik, Mercer, medical forfeit
7th place – Tyler Thomas, Saginaw Valley State, def. Joe Roehl, Mott CC, medical forfeit

184 lbs.
Championship – Anthony McLaughlin, U.S. Air Force Academy Prep, def. Wesley Schultz, Rochester, 13-8
3rd place – Jonathan Wiley, Montana Western, def. KeyShaun Ward, Liberty, 5-3
5th place – River Roberston, Maine, def. Logan Shirey, Penn State-DuBois, medical forfeit
7th place – Jonathan Roberts, Middle Tennessee, def. Dennis Lumadue, Penn State-DuBois, by fall 1:40

197 lbs.
Championship – Daniel Hawkins, U.S. Naval Academy Prep, by fall 0:20
3rd place – Wayne Sanders, Saginaw Valley State, def. Jake Ferris, Central Washington, 4-3
5th place – Vincent Jiovenetta, Central Florida, def. Alec Shunnarah, Auburn, 4-2
7th place – Josh Bailey, U.S. Naval Academy Prep, def. Matt Reynolds, Liberty, 12-8

235 lbs.
Championship – Stuart Maddox, North Florida, def. Evan Canady, Liberty, 5-3
3rd place – Tyrell Walker, Central Florida, def. Noah Huxley, Florida Gulf Coast, 11-4
5th place – Thomas Ott, U.S. Naval Academy Prep, def. Zack McCarley, Central Washington, 3-2 TB-5
7th place – Michael Dyer, Rochester, def. Stevan Webb, Connecticut, by fall 1:40

285 lbs.
Championship – Glenn Geurink, Davenport, def. Josh Pelletier, Liberty, 3-2
3rd place – Theo Agbi, Amherst, def. Ian Jones, Apprentice, 6-4 TB-2
5th place – Dave Stratton, Washington State, def. Luis Pinto, Rochester, by fall 2:43
7th place – Rickey Carter, Florida A&M, def. Rashied Rayford, Middle Tennessee, 4-2

1. Liberty 194.0
2. Middle Tennessee 127.5
3. Rochester College (Minn.) 120.5
4. Central Florida 93.0
5. Marion Military 74.0
6. U.S. Naval Academy Prep 72.5
7. Apprentice 70.0
8. U.S. Air Force Academy Prep 67.5
9. Grand Valley State 66.0
10. Wayne State College (Neb.) 48.0
11t. Penn State-DuBois 47.0
11t. North Florida 47.0
13. Davenport (Mich.) 43.5
14. Florida Gulf Coast 38.5
15. Penn State-Mont Alto 37.0
16. Mercer 28.0
17. Penn State-New Kensington 27.0
18. Alfred State 24.5
19. Md.-Baltimore County 16.0
20t. MIT 15.0
20t. South Florida 15.0
22. RPI 13.0
23. Mott CC (Mich.) 12.5
24. West Chester 8.0
25t. East Tennessee State 3.0
25t. Penn State-Greater Allegheny 3.0
27. New Hampshire 2.5
28. Georgia Southern (-5.5)

1. Washington State 66.5
2. Montana Western 59.5
3. Florida 58.5
4. Maine 49.5
5. South Puget Sound CC (Wash.) 48.0
6. Texas-Arlington 47.0
7. Glendale CC (Ariz.) 37.0
8. Arizona 36.5
9t. Central Washington 35.0
9t. Penn State 35.0
9t. Saginaw Valley State (Mich.) 35.0
12. Toledo 33.5
13. North Texas 28.5
14. Connecticut 27.5
15. James Madison 26.0
16. Dixie State (Utah) 25.0
17. Michigan 22.5
18t. Akron 21.0
18t. Rowan 21.0
20. Temple 19.5
21. Auburn 19.0
22t. Amherst 17.5
22t. USC 17.5
22t. Wisconsin 16.5
25. Florida A&M 16.5
26. Texas State 15.5
27. Henry Ford CC (Mich.) 14.5
28. Alabama 14.0
29t. Georgia 13.5
29t. UCLA 13.5
30. Texas 13.0
31. Memphis 12.5
32. Texas A&M 12.0
33t. Colorado State 11.0
33t. Fresno State 11.0
36. BYU 10.5
37. Tennessee 9.5
38. East Carolina 9.0
39t. Ohio State 8.0
39t. SUNY-Cortland 8.0
41t. Bowling Green 7.5
41t. Colorado 7.5
41t. Northern Kentucky 7.5
44. Kennesaw State 4.0
45t. Minn.-Duluth 3.0
45t. Northeastern 3.0
45t. VMI 3.0
48t. Lafayette 2.0
48t. UC-Merced 2.0
50. Idaho 1.5
51. Concordia-Ann Arbor (Mich.) 0.5
52t. Albany 0
52t. Northwest Missouri State 0
52t. Rutgers 0
52t. William and Mary 0
56. Montclair State (N.J.) (-1.5)
57. Massachusetts (-4.5)

INDIVIDUAL FINALS RESULTS (top three are All-American)

Most Outstanding Wrestler – Samantha Frank, Maine, 105 lbs.
Coach of the Year – Josh White, Southwestern Oregon CC

105 lbs.
Championship – Samantha Frank, Maine, def. Mikayla Pica, Southwestern Oregon CC, by fall 3:50
3rd place – Lisa Anderson, Ottawa, def. Melissa Ortiz, Southwestern Oregon CC, by fall 1:13
5th place – Rose Heurtelou, Springfield Tech, def. Amber Radcliff, Florida Gulf Coast, by fall 6:35

112 lbs.
(round robin format)
Champion – Yolanda Lawes, Southwestern Oregon CC (4-0)
Runner-up – Alison Johnson, Southwestern Oregon CC (2-2)
3rd place – Tabitha Sparks, Ottawa (2-2)

119 lbs.
Championship – Franchesca Ybarra, Southwestern Oregon CC, def. Cindy Calixto, Springfield Tech, 2-0
3rd place – Brandi Elizalde, Southwestern Oregon CC, def. Tracy Smith, Springfield Tech, 8-2

130 lbs.
Championship – Sadie Bailey, Southwestern Oregon CC, def. Avery Souders, North Texas, 17-6
3rd place – Sara Andersen, Massachusetts, def. Amanda Nelson, Springfield Tech, by fall 1:17

139 lbs.
Championship – Gloria Maldonado, Springfield Tech, def. Addie Lanning, Ottawa, 8-6
3rd place – Talisha Dozier, Southwestern Oregon CC, def. Anna Ernst, Springfield Tech, by fall 1:46

148 lbs.
(round robin format)
Champion – Amber Quintana, Southwestern Oregon CC (3-0)
Runner-up: Darla Allen, Ottawa (2-1)
3rd place – Cassie Corey, Massachusetts (1-2)

159 lbs.
Championship – Janelle Fuamatu, Southwestern Oregon CC, def. Milagros Garcia, Southwestern Oregon CC, by fall 4:07
3rd place – Samantha Edwinson, Ottawa, def. Grace Chambers, Ottawa, by fall 0:25

176 lbs.
(round-robin format)
Champion – Destane Garrick, Springfield Tech (4-0)
Runner-up – Aysha Schwinden, Southwestern Oregon CC (3-1)
3rd-place – Nicole Newton, Ottawa (2-2)

209 lbs.
Championship – Brandy Lowe, Ottawa, def. Amber Tahir, Ottawa, by fall 2:50
No 3rd place
1. Southwestern Oregon CC 128.0
2. Ottawa (Kan.) 98.0
3. Springfield (Mass.) Tech 64.5
4. Massachusetts 26.5
5. Maine 21.5
6. North Texas 16.0
7. Middle Tennessee 6.0
8. Texas 5.0
9. Central Washington 4.5
10. Texas A&M 2.5
11. MIT 2.0
12t. Florida Gulf Coast 0.0
12t. Texas State 0.0
12t. Texas-Arlington 0.0
12t. UC-Merced 0.0

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