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Live Stream Schedule for NCAA Division I Wrestling: Jan. 27th – Jan. 31st

Live Streams

50 NCAA Wrestling duals featuring Division I teams are live streaming on the internet this week. Where can you watch? There are many outlets scattered around the web that will provide college wrestling this weekend, some free, some for a fee. Here is the list of all NCAA Division I wrestling events we’ve found streaming starting Wednesday, January 20th through Monday, January 25th. If you spot any streams not listed, let us know by sending an email to support@theopenmat.com Enjoy! (All times listed are eastern).

Wednesday, January 27:

Edinboro/Mercyhurst at Gannon, 5:00 PM  Stretch

Thursday, January 28:

California Baptist vs. Stanford at Cal Poly, 3:00 PM  

Stanford at Cal Poly, 5:00 PM  BigWest TV

Friday, January 29:

Virginia Tech at Duke, 5:00 PM  ESPN+

Pittsburgh at Virginia, 5:00 PM  ACC Network Extra

NC State at North Carolina, 6:00 PM  ACC Network

Michigan State at Ohio State, 7:00 PM  BTN+

Saturday, January 30:

Indiana vs. Penn State at Northwestern, 12:00 PM  BTN+

Buffalo at SIU Edwardsville, 12:00 PM  ESPN+

Clarion vs. Northern Illinois at SIU Edwardsville, 12:00 PM 

Iowa Central at Iowa State, 2:00 PM 

Oklahoma State at Northern Iowa, 2:00 PM 

Indiana at Northwestern, 2:00 PM  BTN+

Buffalo vs. Northern Illinois at SIU Edwardsville, 2:00 PM

Clarion at SIU Edwardsville, 2:00 PM  ESPN+

Virginia Tech at North Carolina, 3:00 PM  ACC Network Extra

Campbell at The Citadel, 3:00 PM  ESPN+

Lindenwood at Iowa State, 4:00 PM  

Binghamton at Lehigh, 4:00 PM  Mountain Hawks All-Access

Penn State at Northwestern, 4:00 PM  BTN+

Buffalo vs. Clarion at SIU Edwardsville, 4:00 PM  

Northern Illinois at SIU Edwardsville, 4:00 PM  ESPN+

Campbell vs. Davidson at The Citadel, 4:30 PM  ESPN+

Cleveland State at Navy, 5:00 PM  ESPN+

Fresno State at California Baptist, 6:00 PM  WAC Digital Network

Davidson at The Citadel, 6:00 PM  ESPN+

Air Force at Wyoming, 7:00 PM  FloWrestling

Oklahoma State at Iowa State, 8:00 PM  

Sunday, January 31:

Minnesota vs. Purdue at Rutgers, 10:00 AM  BTN+

Stanford at Little Rock, 11:00 AM  Little Rock All-Access

Oklahoma vs. South Dakota State at Little Rock, 11:00 AM 

Bellarmine vs. VMI at Gardner-Webb, 12:00 PM

Illinois at Iowa, 12:00 PM  Big Ten Network

Missouri at Kent State, 12:00 PM

Purdue at Rutgers, 12:00 PM  BTN+

Northern Colorado at West Virginia, 12:00 PM  ESPN+

Oklahoma at Little Rock, 1:00 PM  Little Rock All-Access

South Dakota State vs. Stanford at Little Rock, 1:00 PM 

Bellarmine at Gardner-Webb, 1:30 PM  ESPN+

Long Island at Lehigh, 1:30 PM  Mountain Hawks All-Access

Chattanooga at Appalachian State, 2:00 PM  The Grind/Rokfin

Bucknell at Army West Point, 2:00 PM  Knight Vision

Ohio State at Maryland, 2:00 PM  Big Ten Network

Minnesota at Rutgers, 2:00 PM  BTN+

VMI at Gardner-Webb, 3:00 PM   ESPN+

South Dakota State at Little Rock, 3:00 PM  Little Rock All-Access

Oklahoma vs. Stanford at Little Rock, 3:00 PM 

Wisconsin at Nebraska, 3:00 PM  BTN+

Chattanooga vs. Presbyterian at Appalachian State, 3:30 PM  The Grind/Rokfin

Presbyterian at Appalachian State, 5:00 PM  The Grind/Rokfin

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