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Making Sense of 2019-20’s Wrestle-Off Results


photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com

With the start of the collegiate wrestling season mere days away, fans are hungry for action and results. Anything will suffice, even if it’s the result of a wrestle-off between teammates. Well, this far, that’s all we have. Since Thursday, a handful of schools have held their intersquad or wrestle-off meets and they have provided us with some talking points, already. Before we go any further, I have to state that strange things can happen when teammates wrestle each other. Familiarity typically plays a factor, and so can a “big brother” situation, where the older wrestler wins because he always has. Most coaches will not use these results as the only point of data when considering their starting lineup. But, that doesn’t stop us from evaluating the results and trying to decipher exactly what it all means. 

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