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Ohio State Recruiting Analysis (2014-20)


photo courtesy of Richard Immel

Recruiting, recruiting, everyone loves to talk recruiting! Every year since I’ve been at TOM, I’ve released a “Recruiting Rewind,” which focuses on a specific year and how its recruits developed (or didn’t) during their collegiate careers. That article is always well-received and puts college wrestling into perspective for some. Building on that, let’s look team-by-team at how some of the country’s top programs have fared on the recruiting trail and pick out some of the strengths and tendencies. 

The next program we’ll cover is Ohio State. Tom Ryan’s team won his first and only NCAA team title in 2015 and is seemingly always in the hunt for a team title. Since that time, the Buckeyes have finished third once and second at the last three NCAA Tournaments. One of the key reasons for their ability to compete at such a high level is their recruiting. Ohio State is a fixture in the top portion of our recruiting rankings and has a knack for finding and harnessing top-tier talent. We’ll detail it later, but the Buckeyes were in rarified air as it pertains to their recruiting rankings from 2017-19. 

Here are Ohio State’s top recruits from the high school classes of 2014-2020. While there were obviously more signings during each year, these were the ones with the most pre-college credentials and expectations. The numbers next to each name denote their final, overall ranking in their respective class. Classes from 2018-20 are via TOM, while the years before that are from my old D1CW site. We’ve also noted some key transfers that were added, too. 


#106 Bryce Hepner (St. Edward, OH)

Nick Boykin (US Olympic Training Center)

--Transfer Tate Orndorff (Utah Valley)

--Transfer JaShon Hubbard (Notre Dame)


#1 Carson Kharchla (Olentangy Liberty, OH)  Redshirted 2019-20

#3 Greg Kerkvliet (Simley, MN)  Redshirted 2019-20 and transferred to Penn State

#13 Jordan Decatur (Cuyahoga Valley CA, OH)  14-10 record in 2019-20

#20 Dylan D’Emilio (Genoa, OH)  Redshirted 2019-20

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