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Projected 2018 NCAA DI Qualifier Allocations by Weight and Conference

With the release of the first NCAA Division I Wrestling Coaches' Panel Rankings, it is time to get serious about who will earn qualification spots for their conference and who won't.  To remind everyone of the process, the coaches panel rankings are one of three categories used to determine whether a wrestler earns a qualifier allocation for their conference.  The RPI, which will be released later this season, is the second category, while a wrestler's winning percentage at their planned postseason weight against Division I competition is the third.  Only starters, those wrestlers submitted by their school, count for these purposes and any allocation earned by a wrestler that does not end up competing at the conference tournament will go back into the at-large pool.  Once allocations are determined, the top finishers at each qualifying event are awarded the bids to nationals, regardless of whether they earned the allocation or not.  Though the RPI has not yet been released, it is simply a mathematical formula taking into account a wrestler's winning percentage, their opponents' winning percentage, and their opponents' opponents' winning percentage.  We ran the numbers to show who would is on track to earn allocations right now.  We'll present each individual who is set to earn an allocation, those who are close, how many spots each conference projects to have at each weight, and how many bids per conference can be expected overall based on what we know so far.

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