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Reactions and Interviews from Princeton @ Iowa


In the first home dual for the Iowa Hawkeyes, there were positives for both teams.  Princeton won the matches they absolutely should have but were unable to earn any upsets.  Iowa scored bonus along the way, but left team points off the scoreboard. In only the second meeting between the two sides, some observations were glaring.

Princeton Head Coach Chris Ayres

National Wrestling Hall of Fame Official Mike Allen

Iowa 133 lber Austin DeSanto


#1 Spencer Lee vs. #13 Patrick Glory

Spencer Lee is amazing, and that allows me to say that Pat Glory will be very good objectively. Glory was able to score a reversal at the end of the first period and ride out to end it, but that was not nearly enough.  If Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) or Nick Suriano (Rutgers) do not make the cut from 133 to 125, I am not certain that anyone is able to keep this to less than bonus points for Iowa. I still think that Glory ends up on the podium in March because of the schedule that Coach Ayres is putting him through.

Lee by Technical Fall


#9 Austin DeSanto vs. Jonathon Gomez

DeSanto has a pace perfect for the 80s and 90s Hawkeyes.  The more I watch him wrestle no matter the school, the more I think it is all a matter of mental fortitude  Gomez did a great job of defense in the loss, relying on his whizzer to save himself, but he was unable to stop the initial push through the head and hands. Gomez tried a cradle from the top that backfired, more because of the timing than the execution.  Not a bad place to work and end it, but was overmatched by DeSanto’s power. DeSanto with his first Carver fall, but certainly not his last. He is in the middle of a ridiculously loaded weight class, and it will be as much a mental game as physical and skill come the big tournaments in March.

DeSanto by Fall


#9 Max Murin vs. Marshall Keller

Vince Turk came on late last season.  Murin is starting strong. If there is a bone to pick with the way he is wrestling thus far it would be with how he works on the edge.  Murin is missing opportunities there that could cost him in March. He did show great poise and patience resetting twice to lock up the cradle and earn the fall in Carver.  This is a weight that Hawkeye fans will not have to worry about lineup questions going forward. Marshall Keller was overmatched, but he showed fight. Princeton found themselves in another match here where it seemed like the wrestler just did not believe in starting the bout that they could get their hand raised.

Murin by Fall


#11 Pat Lugo vs. #1 Matt Kolodzik

Kolodzik just keeps such great position.  I am fervently convinced that he has the largest thighs in college wrestling.  Not only at his weight class, but with Kyle Snyder graduating he may win the “Tree Trunks” award.  Lugo had his moments including some outstanding reshots, but Kolodzik was just so well positioned throughout their battle. He is an Ivy league wrestler, and his intelligence is always on display.  I know that it seems like the weight class is wide open, but I feel that Kolodzik is the clear frontrunner. Hawkeye fans should feel better about Lugo after a tough loss against Russell Rohlfing (Cal State Bakersfield) he came out and showed that he can compete against the best in the nation.  This match may not have improved his national ranking, but it should have helped his confidence.

Kolodzik by Decision


#12 Kaleb Young vs. Quincy Monday

Watching this match, I have to wonder how big Micheal Kemerer really is.  I know we will not see him here, but it makes me miss him. Young was able to score three takedowns, but when you look at his offense, it was more workmanlike than impressive.  Monday was able to slow him down and fight off shots that Young did not take the time to set up. He seemed to rely on his own abilities to negate his lack of creating angles and breaking through hand control.  A late counter made the match a more significant margin that it really could have been.

Young by Decision


#4 Alex Marinelli vs. Dale Tiongson

I have made this joke before, and I should feel bad, but I do not.  Marinelli is the Greg Oden of this lineup, he looks to be a 40-year-old father of three manning this spot in the lineup.  Hawkeye fans know he is skilled and they know he is strong, it is a matter of him putting it all together in the big tournaments like conference and nationals.

Marinelli by Fall


Myles Wilson vs. Travis Stefanik

This comes down to where is Kemerer.  That’s it. I don’t care what happens.  The Iowa lineup absolutely needs him, and they need him to perform here.  I heard a great quote from a Princeton assistant, “this is any other arena when you are attacking, but the second you take a step back…”.  This match was indicative of that statement. Stefanik dominated this match, but the Carver boo birds came out in force late when he seemed to slow down despite majoring the overmatched Wilson.  Do not look now, but Princeton has another very talented freshman in the lineup.

Stefanik by Decision


#10 Cashe Wilcke vs. Kevin Parker

Cashe looks a significantly better at 184 from a defense and a conditioning level.  I do not know if he let himself get too big last season, and that messed with his conditioning through the middle part of the season, but this was the early season Wilcke from a year ago.  Perhaps the most telling moment was when he was able to fend off a late shot by Parker and convert a late takedown.

Wilcke by Decision


Connor Corbin vs. #7 Patrick Brucki

How long does Warner need to get ready for the college season after a difficult freestyle Summer?  Or is there more to the story? I am not one to start gossip, but rumor rumor rumor. It did not seem to matter to Brucki who stood across the mat though as he came out firing.  The Princeton staff did think he left points out there, but I think he is absolutely an AA threat this season. The Sophomore looks like he is all set to take a big step for the Tigers going into his second season.  Brucki looks better on his feet and seems to understand that a little bit of toughness on top can pay dividends late.

Brucki by Decision


Aaron Costello vs. Obinna Ajah

Where is Stoll?  The suspension is over, when will he be back?  Costello is solid, but even Cassioppi could be more of a spark with his ability to finish matches with big points. Princeton battled at this weight and throughout hard all the way through.

Costello by Major decision

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