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Ten Breakout Candidates for the 2019-20 DI Season


photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com

As the new season creeps closer and closer, there is more and more to preview. If you’ve followed college wrestling for any length of time, certain things are guaranteed to occur each year. There will be freshman sensations that take the college scene by storm, veteran superstars that reassert their dominance, and new unlikely faces that emerge as viable All-American contenders. Today, we’ll focus our attention on that last group, the breakout candidates. 

It’s always difficult to quantify precisely who is a candidate for a breakout season. Each person’s definition can be different. Mine is a wrestler that was on a collegiate roster last season and did not make the NCAA Tournament, for whatever reason. That means no freshman and my personal preference is no blue-chipish recruits. That still leaves plenty of wrestlers that may not necessarily be household names right now, but could be two months from today. These are ten strong candidates for breakout status in 2019-20. 

Alex Hopkins (Army West Point - 197 lbs)

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