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Ten True Freshmen to Watch for the 2019-20 Season


photo courtesy of Michael Brian; Greeley Tribune

One of my favorite parts about the college wrestling season, more so than other college sports, is the speculation surrounding potential redshirts. In many other sports, a top-100 recruit typically sees the field/court in their first year, barring injuries. Wrestling doesn’t always follow that blueprint. That fact that many wrestling coaches are “tight to the vest” with information regarding lineups/redshirts can be frustrating, but it also leads to fun discussions about whether or not a particular freshman will redshirt. Every year we have a new wave of freshmen that positively impact the landscape of collegiate wrestling. Just last year alone, four true freshmen earned All-American honors. That number rose from three in 2018. Looking at last year’s crop, three were relatively easy to identify (Gable Steveson - Minnesota, Patrick Glory - Princeton, Roman-Bravo Young - Penn State) and one (Brock Mauller - Missouri) snuck up on us. With that, we’ve tried to identify ten true freshmen that could be in the lineups for their respective schools and stand to make the most significant impact. 

Nick Raimo 125 lbs/Julian Chlebove 133 lbs/Adam Busiello (Arizona State) 141 lbs 

Earlier this week, we released our Pac-12 preview. We mentioned that the Sun Devils will start the year in the top ten solely based around the firepower from their returners. What could end up propelling ASU even further are the true freshmen at the front of their lineup. The rest of the wrestlers on this list are pretty sure bets to see action in year one. None of these three are locks to go. You have to surmise that with a senior-laden cast, the Sun Devils have hopes of an NCAA trophy in their sights, so at least one of these freshmen will compete. If all of them do and are as good as advertised, watch out!

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