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The Replacements: Who Fills in for the College Stars of 2018-19?

Berge, Brady

photo courtesy of Richard Immel

While looking ahead to the 2019-20 college season, we must look back at some of the stars that have moved on and figure out how they will be replaced by their respective teams. There is no blanket answer to the question, “How do you replace (insert graduated stud wrestler’s name here),” but each team has a solution of their own. Some have impact transfers, others have proven wrestlers changing weights, some have a promising freshman, and others hope that existing wrestlers in the program jump levels in their development. Whatever is the case, it’s never easy replacing a great, but let's look at how each team plans on making up for their departed stars. 

141 lbs

Joey McKenna (Ohio State)

Replacements: Quinn Kinner/Ke-Shawn Hayes  

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