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The Top Ten Non-Conference Duals for the 2019-20 DI Season


photo courtesy of Cam Kramer

It’s less than a week before the start of the DI wrestling season and all schools have released their schedules (at last). Whenever a new schedule is released, I like to check the non-conference slate for each respective school. In most conferences, you have to wrestle all of your fellow schools, while in larger ones, like the Big Ten, a schedule is drawn up without the school's input. Why non-conference duals? Well, because they don’t have to. They chose to schedule these schools. You can tell a lot about a team based on its non-conference schedule. Some coaches may taper down theirs in anticipation of a down year, while others may load up in when they feel their team is stacked. So, here are ten top non-conference duals for the 2019-20 season. 

November 22nd - Penn State @ Arizona State

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