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The “Way Too Early” Look at DII’s Top 10 for 2019-20


photo courtesy of St. Cloud State athletics

I am bored. I really mean that I am absolutely bored and ready for the college wrestling season to return. It was such a rush to attend both the Division I and Division II tournaments this season. It always seems like the college postseason is a whirlwind of scheduling as I try to create content while dealing with my actual work. You see, in my time not devoted to covering the sport of wrestling and also because my beautiful wife thinks I should have and I quote “a real paying job” I also run a tax preparer office. That is always beginning to heat up just when I want to spend more time on the sport.

This season was a whole new experience for me as well. In the past, I have dabbled in covering Division II, but the 2018-19 season was TheOpenMat’s foray into my comprehensive coverage. I love that I took on that role. The programs who walk out onto the mat at this level are more often than not overlooked by wrestling fans at large. There is a stigma attached to those student-athletes who do not compete at the Division I level and I have accepted it as my calling to bring more light to these talented wrestlers and programs.

I am going to fill the gap in my wrestling life by creating content this “offseason” where we start planning for the upcoming season.

It should be fresh in every #D2Wrestle fans life that St Cloud State just won their fourth title in the last five seasons and the Huskies are the top dog, hahaha get it, of Division II. The top 10 had some new teams break through and it made me wonder, who has the best team coming back. I took some time, wrote some emails and now you get to see what I found out. We will do a countdown from the 10th place team all the way to the returning national champion St Cloud State.


Kutztown University

Head Coach Robert Fisher

41.0 team points

20 team points returning

Returning Qualifiers (Team Points)

125-Joe Renne (0.0)

Hwt-Andrew Dunn (20.0)

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