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To Redshirt or Not; A Look at Redshirt History of the 2019 DI All-Americans


photo courtesy of Richard Immel

At this time of year, with the new season just around the corner, head coaches nationwide are having to make the decision, “to redshirt or not.” Will they give their blue-chip recruits a chance to come in and wrestle immediately or build them up and prepare them for a run a year from now? Others may compete off the bat then take a redshirt later. Some never take one. There isn’t a right or wrong way to handle a redshirt. Every coach I’ve ever talked to says they will evaluate each on a “case by case basis.” 

Here are the 2018-19 All-American and each of their redshirt stories; if and when they were taken.

125 lbs

1st Place - Spencer Lee (Iowa)

Spencer Lee was pulled from redshirt in the middle of his freshman season and went on to win an NCAA title at the 2018 NCAA Championships. 

2nd Place - Jack Mueller (Virginia)

Mueller was thrust into UVA’s lineup as a true freshman and went on to have a season that finished with him sixth in the country. In 2018-19, Jack was set to take a redshirt; however, he was pulled out and had an incredible run to the national finals. 

3rd Place - Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern)

Redshirted his first year at Northwestern and then came out and placed sixth as a freshman and third his sophomore season. 

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