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Tom Brands Talks Lee, Stoll and the 2018-19 Season

Tom Brands - Iowa

photo courtesy of Iowa athletics

The first official day of practice for the University of Iowa is October 10th; however the excitement surrounding the Hawkeye wrestling program has grown by the day. Takedown Radio recently spoke with Iowa Head Coach Tom Brands who noticed the anticipation from the Hawkeye fans, “There’s a reason why there was that reception Saturday at the Wisconsin football game, a reason why that reception was so enthusiastic by 70,000 Hawkeye fans. People are paying attention to wrestling, and we’ve got some really exciting things going on”. One of the exciting items that Brands was not able to address officially was the verbal commitments given by two Fargo champions (Cullan Schriever and Jesse Ybarra) late last week.

The final item that Brands discussed was whether there was the perceived “Spencer Lee Effect.” He spoke very highly and freely of Lee, who won an NCAA Title last season as a true freshman. “The biggest asset as a recruiter is Spencer Lee. The biggest selling point of our camps is Spencer Lee. So the Spencer Lee effect is real. You haven’t really heard me talk about anybody like this, but it’s real. He’s very valuable in every phase of our program.”

The Takedown crew and Brands hit on a variety of topics including Jacob Warner’s Junior World Championships performance, “the event is in the rearview mirror, and you only look forward”, Sam Stoll’s one-match suspension, “he’s accepted his consequences, and he’s moving forward”, weight changes and leadership for the 2018-19 team.

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