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Top 200 Individual Point Scorers at the DI NCAA Wrestling Tournament – Apr. 28th, 2018

Cael Sanderson, Iowa State

Last week, we presented the top 200 adjusted team scores in NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships history. This week, we set our sites on the individuals who have scored the most team points over their careers at the DI tournament. As we discussed previously, the rules for team scoring have changed over the years. We decided to standardize everyone’s performance based on current scoring rules so that everyone started on the same footing. That means adjusting all manner of scoring as every aspect has been different at times over the years. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t account for every difference, though. The older guys, especially those who wrestled before the eight All-American era, which started in 1979, and those who were victimized by the repechage system that didn’t completely go away until 1996, get the short end a little bit. In addition, there was a time when running up big scores was not awarded with bonus. We scored those based on the current standards, but there is little question that some may have spent more time trying to pin their man or wrestling cautiously rather than pushing for the major or tech, since they didn’t exist.

The other major elephant in the room for this project was that freshmen didn’t always get a chance to wrestle at the DI championships. This project relies heavily on the incredible work of the late Jay Hammond and his site wrestlingstats.com. I found a fantastic message board post by Mr. Hammond that explains:

“The NCAA introduced Freshman eligibility during World War II since most of the male students were off fighting or working in the war effort. In the 1947 there were five freshman champs, although only two were straight from high school. In 1948 the rule was modified so that only wrestler who had been in the service were able to compete as freshmen. Freshmen eligibility was completely banned at large schools by the mid-50’s. However, smaller schools continued to use freshmen until the early 60’s. Both Gray Simons and Bucky Maughan wrestled as freshman. Simons was able to compete in the NCAAs his last three years, while Maughan was not allowed in the tournament as a senior. I am not sure why, but I think Lock Haven was just under the enrollment cut off and Moorehead just over. In January 1969 the NCAA immediately allowed freshmen eligibility for all D-I sports except football and basketball. ISU put freshman Carl Adams in its lineup and he became the first freshman AA of the new era. Some eastern schools were slow to follow and it was not until 1971 that the EIWA let them wrestle in its tournament. In 1969 Larry Owings was a freshman at Washington, but he did not wrestle in the duals or the PAC-10 tournament. This was pre qualification and Owings won two bouts at 130 at the NCAA tournament before losing 14-12 to Reed Lamphere of Minnesota in the quarters.”

This means some legends of the sport only got three cracks at putting up points, leaving them further down the list than they deserve. To help identify those, we’ve added the first and last NCAA tournament in which a wrestler scored points. This is, obviously, not a perfect metric as those who did not qualify or failed to win a match in one of their trips will show the same as not having wrestled in that year, though the examples of that are likely rare. Just two wrestlers with eligibility remaining make this list, Jason Nolf and Bo Nickal from Penn State. Obviously, freshman champions Spencer Lee (Iowa) and Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) have a chance to climb the charts if they continue to have that type of success.

#WrestlerLast SchoolLogo1st NCAALast NCAAPlaceAdvBonusTotal
1Cael SandersonIowa State19992002641627.5107.5
2Logan StieberOhio State20122015641623.5103.5
3Ed BanachIowa19801983601626.5102.5
4Mark ChurellaMichigan197619795816.52599.5
5David TaylorPenn State2011201456162799
6Pat SmithOklahoma State19901994641717.598.5
7Darryl BurleyLehigh1979198356182195
8Ed RuthPenn State201120145815.52194.5
9Zain RetherfordPenn State20182014551523.593.5
10Kyle DakeCornell2010201364161393
11Alex DieringerOklahoma State201320165815.519.593
12Gene MillsSyracuse1977198151162693
13Stephen NealCal State-Bakersfield199619995315.523.592
14Lincoln McIlravyIowa1993199760161490
15Jake HerbertNorthwestern200520095415.520.590
16Jim ZaleskyIowa19811984551717.589.5
17Kyle SnyderOhio State2015201860161389
18Ben AskrenMissouri2004200756161789
19Lee KempWisconsin1975197860171188
20Tom BrandsIowa198919925715.515.588
21Mark PerryIowa200520085415.51887.5
22Cary KolatLock Haven199319975416.51585.5
23Jake RosholtOklahoma State200320065815.511.585
24Steve MoccoOklahoma State2002200656151485
25Joe WilliamsIowa199419985216.516.585
26Dan GableIowa State1968197044142785
27Jordan OliverOklahoma State201020135315.51583.5
28Isaiah MartinezIllinois20152018561610.582.5
29Randy LewisIowa197819814814.52082.5
30Dick HuttonOklahoma State1947195060111182
31Stephen AbasFresno State199820025715.59.582
32Johny HendricksOklahoma State2004200751151682
33Larry BielenbergOregon State19741977451422.581.5
34Eric GuerreroOklahoma State1996199955151181
35Barry DavisIowa1981198552151481
36Jake VarnerIowa State2007201056168.580.5
37J'den CoxMissouri2014201755151080
38Dan HodgeOklahoma1955195748102280
39Tim KriegerIowa State19861989511513.579.5
40Pat SantoroPittsburgh19861989501712.579.5
41Larry OwingsWashington19691972401524.579.5
42Mark BranchOklahoma State199419975616779
43Andre MetzgerOklahoma1979198251151379
44Ricky BonomoBloomsburg198419874814.516.579
45Troy NickersonCornell2006201047151779
46Cole KonradMinnesota200420075315.51078.5
47Joe HeskettIowa State199920025015.51378.5
48Duane GoldmanIowa1983198652161078
49Eric JuergensIowa1998200152151178
50Mark IronsideIowa199519984814.515.578
51Ricky StewartOklahoma State1979198246151778
52Johnny ThompsonOklahoma State200120045415.5877.5
53Gabe DeanCornell201420175415.5877.5
54Mike SheetsOklahoma State19811984481415.577.5
55Nathan TomaselloOhio State201520184614.51777.5
56Troy SteinerIowa199019934515.51777.5
57Kenny MondayOklahoma State19811984401621.577.5
58Pat MilkovichMichigan State197219765616577
59Wayne MartinOklahoma1934193648111877
60Jarrett HubbardMichigan197119745315.5876.5
61Tommy RowlandsOhio State2001200450151176
62Al NacinIowa State197119754514.51675.5
63Quentin WrightPenn State2009201350151075
64Eric LarkinArizona State1999200347151375
65Jess LewisOregon State1968197044121975
66Dan ChaidOklahoma198319864314.517.575
67Jim HeffernanIowa198319874916.5974.5
68Jayson NessMinnesota200720104514.51574.5
69John SmithOklahoma State19841988441317.574.5
70Joe ScarpelloIowa194719505411974
71T.J. JaworskyNorth Carolina1992199548131374
72Teyon WareOklahoma2003200650158.573.5
73Anthony NelsonMinnesota201120144814.51173.5
74Rick SandersPortland State19661968441118.573.5
75Bill NelsonNorthern Iowa1947195048121373
76Mike LandIowa State197519794414.51472.5
77Carlton HaselrigPittsburgh-Johnstown1987198948121272
78Ross FloodOklahoma State193319354881672
79Michael LightnerOklahoma1998200147151072
80Mark LiebermanLehigh1977197944131572
81Jason NolfPenn State2016201844121672
82Travis LeeCornell200220054313.515.572
83Chris PendletonOklahoma State2001200542111972
84Nico MegaludisPenn State201220165015.5671.5
85Jim MartinPenn State1986198947159.571.5
86Terry BrandsIowa19901992441215.571.5
87Andrew HoweOklahoma200920145015.55.571
88Nate CarrIowa State198019834814971
89Eddie EichelbergerLehigh1954195644111671
90Sylvester TerkayNorth Carolina State1990199338132071
91Howard HarrisOregon State1977198036132271
92Ryan BertinMichigan200220054814.5870.5
93Sanshiro AbePenn State1993199647158.570.5
94Dwayne KellerOklahoma State19681971441313.570.5
95Rod KilgoreOklahoma197319775115470
96Jimmy JacksonOklahoma State1976197848121070
97Lee FullhartIowa199619994715870
98Nick GwiazdowskiNorth Carolina State201220164714.58.570
99Tommy EvansOklahoma1951195444101670
100Sam HazewinkelOklahoma200420074215.512.570
101Lou BanachIowa198119834211.516.570
102Mike DeAnnaIowa197719814015.514.570
103Greg JohnsonMichigan State1970197248129.569.5
104Don PritzlaffWisconsin19982001451410.569.5
105Joe GibbonsIowa State198219864414.51169.5
106Matt McDonoughIowa20102012441213.569.5
107Bill KollNorthern Iowa194619484891269
108Bo NickalPenn State20162018441212.568.5
109Josh KoscheckEdinboro199920024715668
110Jason SmithIowa State196819704213.512.568
111Jordan BurroughsNebraska2007201142121468
112Bruce BaumgartnerIndiana State1980198240131568
113Roger FrizzellOklahoma1980198339151468
114John FisherMichigan1985198937161568
115Yojiro UetakeOklahoma State1964196648118.567.5
116Greg JonesWest Virginia200220054813667
117Mark SchultzOklahoma198119834812767
118Earl McCreadyOklahoma State192819304851467
119Dave PorterMichigan196619684291667
120Chuck YaglaIowa197419764111.514.567
121Bo JordanOhio State2015201839141467
122Nahshon GarrettCornell201320164512.5966.5
123Ben PetersonIowa State197019724110.51566.5
124Myron RoderickOklahoma State19541956489966
125Stanley HensonOklahoma State193719394881066
126Kevin RandlemanOhio State1991199344121066
127Brent MetcalfIowa2008201044121066
128Dick DelgadoOklahoma19561958428.515.566
129Joe MelchioreIowa198519893513.517.566
130Markus MollicaArizona State199319964814.5365.5
131Cory ClarkIowa2014201747153.565.5
132Marty KistlerIowa1984198644129.565.5
133Tim HartungMinnesota19961999421310.565.5
134Kerry McCoyPenn State199319974212.51165.5
135Jeff PrescottPenn State19901992391115.565.5
136Doug SchwabIowa199820013812.51565.5
137Rex PeeryOklahoma State193319354871065
138Gary BreeceOklahoma197119744414765
139Chris CampbellIowa197519774412965
140Eric VoelkerIowa State198619894213.59.565
141Jared LawrenceMinnesota2000200340141165
142Tolly ThompsonNebraska1994199736121765
143Ray MillerArizona State199019934414.5664.5
144Michael McMullanNorthwestern201220154214.5864.5
145John AzevedoCal State-Bakersfield19781980401410.564.5
146Larry HayesIowa State195919614811564
147David ArndtOklahoma State19411946488864
148Chris BarnesOklahoma State198719904112.510.564
149Brad PenrithIowa1986198840141064
150Kelly WardIowa State1977197940131164
151Dale AndersonMichigan State1966196839131264
152Corey OlsonNebraska199019933411.518.564
153Steve BarrettOklahoma State197419773313.517.564
154Damion HahnMinnesota200120044613.5463.5
155Angel EscobedoIndiana2007201042147.563.5
156Bryan SnyderNebraska199920024014.5963.5
157Royce AlgerIowa19861988391113.563.5
158Zack EspositoOklahoma State200320063813.51263.5
159Joe McFarlandMichigan19811985371610.563.5
160Tyrone LewisOklahoma State200120043613.51463.5
161Gregor GillespieEdinboro20062009361314.563.5
162Steve WilliamsOklahoma197919823514.51463.5
163Lowell LangeCornell (IA)19471950488763
164Alan FriedOklahoma State1991199440121163
165Jeff McGinnessIowa199419983915963
166Cam SimazCornell200920123913.510.563
167Rob KollNorth Carolina1985198839131163
168Coleman ScottOklahoma State200520083813.511.563
169Troy LettersLehigh200320063812.512.563
170Gary AlbrightNebraska1982198626112663
171Derek St. JohnIowa201120144414.5462.5
172Verne GagneMinnesota19471949428.51262.5
173Dan HolmIowa19731975361115.562.5
174Mike GrantOklahoma196819704413562
175Arnold PlazaPurdue194719504411762
176Ralph TeagueSouthwestern Oklahoma193219344481062
177Charles McDanielIndiana193519384481062
178Luke BeckerMinnesota200020034014862
179Carl AdamsIowa State196919723913.59.562
180Jack CuvoEast Stroudsburg198619893913.59.562
181Sam HensonClemson1991199439121162
182Greg StrobelOregon State1972197439111262
183Tony RamosIowa201120143814.59.562
184Mitchell PortEdinboro201220153413.514.562
185Nick SimmonsMichigan State2003200732131762
186David McGuireOklahoma1967196944125.561.5
187Robert HessIowa State19311933447.51061.5
188T.J. WilliamsIowa199920014211.5861.5
189Terry McCannIowa19541956427.51261.5
190Fred FozzardOklahoma State196619683810.51361.5
191Chad ZaputilIowa19911993361312.561.5
192Bill ScherrNebraska19821984351115.561.5
193Jon TrengeLehigh200220053411.51661.5
194Mike CarusoLehigh196519674810361
195Hugh PeeryPittsburgh19521954488561
196Matt ValentiPennsylvania2003200739121061
197Brandon SorensenIowa201520183814961
198Jason PowellNebraska200220043310.517.561
199Devin CarterVirginia Tech201120152912.519.561
200John KadingOklahoma1994199741136.560.5
201Joel SharrattIowa1993199540128.560.5
202Les GutchesOregon State19941996391110.560.5
203Adam TirapelleIllinois199820013814.5860.5
204Jake PercivalOhio University2002200538148.560.5
205Cody BrewerOklahoma201320163312.51560.5
206John ReichNavy19801983311514.560.5

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