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Where Were the 2019 NCAA Champions Ranked in late-January?


photo courtesy of Cam Kramer

After almost three months of the college wrestling season, there has been plenty of action in which to form opinions, predictions, and rankings. In most cases, there’s a wrestler that ranked number one and it seems like they are destined to win a title. Nothing else seems to make sense. Of course, after being around the block once or twice, you’ll find that even the biggest stone-cold locks can not pull through on occasion. Looking at the NCAA champions from a year ago, you’ll notice that only four of the winners were number one seeds. Today, we’ve decided to look at those ten national champions and see where they stood in their respective weight classes at this time last year. For this exercise, we’ll use TOM’s NCAA rankings from January 29th, 2019.  

125 - Spencer Lee (Iowa)

January 29, 2019 ranking: #2    

January 29, 2019 record: 12-1

Spencer Lee had to settle for the second-ranking at 125 lb after his loss to Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) in the 2018 Midlands finals. He would lose once more during the regular season to Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) and again to Rivera in the finals of the Big Ten Championships. 

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