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Who Finishes 2019-20 Undefeated? Looking at the Remaining Schedules of Undefeated Wrestlers


photo courtesy of Cam Kramer

As we come down the stretch of the collegiate regular season there are only a few wrestlers at each weight class with a zero in the loss column. All ten weights have at least one wrestler that still has the opportunity to go undefeated. Just how good is that chance? I’m glad you asked. We’ve outlined the remaining schedules for all of the undefeated wrestlers and highlighted some of the notable upcoming matches. For the weights where there are no head-to-head meetings looming, we’ve also discussed the likelihood that these competitors remain undefeated. 

Here’s the usual disclaimer for these types of exercises. Unfortunately, we probably will not get to see all of these matches as injuries/dual strategies can rear their ugly heads. These are just the probable matchups for each wrestler based on recent lineups. 

There are also a couple of notable wrestlers (Brady Berge, etc) that have not wrestled recently and have only competed a few times this year. They have been left out from this exercise. 

125 lbs

#1 - Spencer Lee (Iowa)  9-0

January 24th vs. #26 Malik Heinselman  (Ohio State)

January 31st vs. NR Brandon Meredith  (Penn State)

February 2nd vs. NR Logan Griffin  (Michigan State)

February 8th vs. #27 Jack Medley  (Michigan)

February 15th vs. #15 Patrick McKee  (Minnesota)

February 23rd vs. #4 Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State)

#2 - Jack Mueller (Virginia)  8-0

January 24th vs. #19 Jakob Camacho (NC State)

January 31st vs. #14 Joey Prata (Virginia Tech)

February 8th vs. NR Louis Newell (Pittsburgh)

February 21st vs. NR Jeremiah Derby/Timothy Decatur (North Carolina)

#3 - Patrick Glory (Princeton)  15-0

January 31st vs. NR Nolan Hellickson (Harvard)

February 1st vs. NR Trey Keeley (Brown)

February 8th vs. NR Joe Manchio (Columbia)

February 9th vs. NR Dom LaJoie (Cornell)

February 15th vs. #8 Michael Colaiocco (Penn)

February 15th vs. NR Antonio Mininno (Drexel)

February 23rd vs. #13 Nic Aguilar (Rutgers)

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