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Will the Latest Scandal Split the NCAA and What That Could Mean for Wrestling

NCAA Scandal

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard by now about the FBI's arrests of four NCAA assistant basketball coaches on fraud and corruption charges. 10 people were accused in all, though many expect that number to grow. This is simply the latest and most serious, considering federal charges far outweigh NCAA penalties, case of those in college sports breaking the rules. While the most high-profile breaches happen in basketball and football, no sport is immune. Even wrestling has had its scandals with the most glaring example coming when Oklahoma State narrowly avoided the death penalty in the early 90s. The history of paying college athletes is older than the NCAA itself and no system yet devised has proven capable of stemming that tide. Calls to pay the players legally, particularly in the biggest revenue generating sports football and basketball, are prevalent, but it seems unlikely the NCAA would ever stand for that. The truth is, they aren't the ones who will ultimately make that decision.

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