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2019 Missouri High School State Recap

frankowski, sam

Sam Frankowski photo courtesy of Mark Lundy; Lutte Lens Photography

With all of the attention for the state championships being held last week usually going to Iowa, Illinois or even Indiana, it's easy to overlook Missouri. The Show-Me State has more classes and therefore more state champions than any of those other states, so its talent can get spread out and there tends to be less head-to-head meeting between nationally ranked wrestlers. Not, this year, however. There were plenty of intriguing weight classes with a decent number of upsets sprinkled in. Lately, the state has been able to produce high-quality, college-ready wrestlers, as evidenced by the three Missouri natives that are true freshman and have spent time in the DI rankings this year (Brock Mauller, Jarrett Jacques, Zach Elam). These are number that even your traditional powers like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California will have a hard time topping.

This year was also the first that Missouri has sanctioned an official girls state tournament, so they should be commended for giving the girls an opportunity to compete for state titles. Last summer, five Missouri natives placing in Fargo, all of which were girls entering their sophomore years of high school. With the chance to wrestle girls in high school, I only see this number growing.

Here’s a look at some of the most interesting items from the 2019 Missouri State Championships.

2019 State Champions

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