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2020 Missouri Boys and Girls High School State Recap


photo courtesy of Thom Hanrahan; mycouriertribune.com

On a weekend where two of the midwestern powers, Illinois and Iowa, were holding their state tournaments, along with single-class Indiana, it may be easy to overlook the Missouri State Championships. That shouldn’t happen as Missouri shouldn’t take a backseat to anyone. We’ll get into it later but, the Show-Me-State has its share of nationally recognized studs. Comparing Missouri to its neighbors Illinois and Iowa, one noticeable difference is that the state has four classes of wrestling opposed to three for both of the others. That concentrates the talent and makes each weight class seem deeper. One thing that Missouri has that many others should copy is a girls state tournament. In its second year of existence, it’s not a coincidence that the state had an awesome showing by its girls in Fargo. 

If you’ve seen some of the high school state recaps we’ve done already, you probably know the drill. We have combed through the brackets and found some interesting bits of information about wrestlers from the boys and girls state tournament in Missouri. 

State Champions

106: Class 1 Alexander Rallo (Whitfield), Class 2 Sam Ewing (Pleasant Hill), Class 3 Gavin Alexander (Hillsboro), Class 4 Colton King (DeSemt)

113: Class 1 Evan Binder (Whitfield), Class 2 Owen Uhls (Fulton), Class 3 Christian Finley (Willard), Class 4 Santino Robinson (Christian Brothers)

120: Class 1 Collin Arch (Palmyra), Class 2 Jackson Caswell (Fulton), Class 3 Eli Ashcroft (Kearney), Class 4 Jeremiah Reno (Liberty)

126: Class 1 Lucas Laux (Fatima), Class 2 Shon Badder (Odessa), Class 3 Jacob Mann (Ladue Watkins), Class 4 Khyler Brewer (Staley)

132: Class 1 Connor McAteer (Whitfield), Class 2 Jay Strausbaugh (Logan-Rogersville), Class 3 Colton Sanders (Neosho), Class 4 Kyle Dutton (Liberty)

138: Class 1 Tyler Leonard (Lawson), Class 2 Joseph Semerad (Monett), Class 3 Devan Lewis (Smithville), Class 4 Ethan Miller (Park Hill)

145: Class 1 Teague Travis (Father Tolton), Class 2 Gavin Gross (Odessa), Class 3 Nathan Pullian (Rolla), Class 4 Kal Miller (Park Hill)

152: Class 1 Tyson Moore (Lexington), Class 2 Damon Ashworth (Excelsior Springs), Class 3 Cayden Auch (Neosho), Class 4 Gaven Sax (Waynesville)

160: Class 1 Brant Whitaker (Father Tolton), Class 2 Chase Cordia (Osage), Class 3 Trevor Christian (Lebanon), Class 4 Drake Smith (Liberty)

170: Class 1 Tyler Ross (Lawson), Class 2 Hayden Burks (Bolivar), Class 3 Coby Aebersold (Kearney), Class 4 Aidan Johnson (Staley)

182: Class 1 Chase Brock (Whitfield), Class 2 Evan Shetley (Sullivan), Class 3 Jeremiah Larson (Neosho), Class 4 Greyden Penner (Liberty)

195: Class 1 Dorian Walters (Lathrop), Class 2 Kaden Dillon (Eldon), Class 3 Jesse Cassatt (Carl Junction), Class 4 Rocky Elam (Staley)

220: Class 1 Cole Gripka (Maysville), Class 2 Dalton Bingman (Priory), Class 3 Drayke Perry (Neosho), Class 4 Chase Stegall (Northwest Cedar Hill)

285: Class 1 Caden Phillips (Macon), Class 2 Harrison Merriman (Monett), Class 3 Landon Porter (DeSoto), Class 4 Jacobi Jackson (DeSmet)

Girls State Champions

103: Ashlyn Eli (Nixa)

110: Faith Cole (Lafayette)

115: Lizzie Miller (Buffalo)

120: Autumn Flanigan (Troy)

125: Nonnie Justice (Harrisonville)

130: Haley Ward (Fort Osage)

135: Maddie Kubicki (Park Hill South)

142: Esther Han (Holt)

152: Hannah Jansen (Webster Groves)

166: Jaycee Foeller (DeSoto)

187: Samantha Mumm (Plattsburg)

235: Lexie Cole (Kearney)

Team Scores

Class 1: 1) Whitfield 172, 2) Centralia 111, 3) Lathrop 107, 4) Lawson 102, 5) Palmyra 83

Class 2: 1) Monett 149.5, 2) Odessa 142, 3) Bolivar  88.5, 4) Pleasant Hill 87, 5) Osage/Seneca 81

Class 3: 1) Neosho 163.5, 2) Lebanon 114, 3) Kearney 113, 4) Smithville 90, 5) Willard 84

Class 4: 1) Liberty 241, 2) Park Hill 146.5, 3) Staley 121, 4) Christian Brothers 106.5, 5) Lafayette 68

Girls: 1) Harrisonville 76, 2) Lafayette 73.5, 3) Holt 69.5, 4) Cameron/Plattsburg/St. Charles  60

Team Race

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