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2016 John Bright Tournament Preview

Colt Doyle - Poway

In the long, rich history of the Titans wrestling program, there have been many outstanding individuals that have roamed the halls of Poway and left their legacy. A wrestler that is still remembered, even after passing away 22 years ago due to acute myelogenous leukemia, is John Robert Bright. Per a 1994 article by the San Diego Union-Tribune, close friends described him as a “selfless, well-liked Poway man who turned his battle with leukemia into an opportunity to inspire others”.

Bright was successful in advancing to the 1987 California state tournament after placing third in the San Diego Section at 138lbs.  He went 1-1 and helped Poway High finish eighth in the state tournament as a team. Later, after graduating from Poway, he coached the Twin Peaks Middle School wrestling program in the spring of 1993 leading it to a district championship. Bright was diagnosed with leukemia in November 1991 and passed away January 28th,1994.

In memory of John Robert Bright, the coaching staff at Poway High will be hosting the first-ever John Bright varsity tournament this weekend. The field will feature Poway High which is ranked third in California, Gilroy High who is ranked fourth, and the top wrestling program in Arizona, Cibola High.

The tournament will feature 43 ranked wrestlers from California and the state of Arizona. On Friday, the tournament will be a dual-meet format, while on Saturday it will be an individual tournament. Poway and Gilroy are expected to challenge for the team title. The final matches on Saturday evening should make the tournament not just the toughest in the Golden state, but also one of the toughest in the nation.

Tournament information

When: December 2 and 3, 2016

Where: Poway High

The tournament will be broadcast live via Trackwrestling starting at 1 pm PT on Friday and Saturday at 9 am PT.

Ranked individuals expected to compete in the tournament

106lbs. Jacob Allen, of Poway – top 12 in the state

106lbs. Chase Saldate, of Gilroy – California world challenge finalist

113lbs. Nicholas Aguilar, of Gilroy – three-time Fargo champion

113lbs. Marcos Polanco, of Servite – state qualifier

113lbs. Carson Sauriol, of Poway

120lbs. Chase Zollman, of Poway, – two-time state qualifier

120lbs. Cleveland Belton, of Temescal Canyon – 3rd at Georgia state tournament

120lbs. Andres Duron, of Cibola (AZ) – 3rd in the state

120lbs. Joseph Delgado, of Gilroy – top 12 in the state

120lbs. Josh Medina, of Servite

126lbs. Scott Kiyono, of Poway – state medalist

126lbs. Franxl Zaragosa, of Cibola (AZ) – two-time state qualifier

126lbs. Dan Vizcarra, of Gilroy – section medalist

126lbs. Darrien Javier, of Temescal Canyon

126lbs. Jason Moreno, of Brawley

132lbs. Alexander Felix, of Gilroy – two-time state medalist

132lbs. Nathan Navida, of San Marcos – state qualifier

132lbs. Jonathan Miranda, of Poway

138lbs. David Wurtemburg, of Cibola (AZ) – two-time state medalist

138lbs. John Fox, of Gilroy – top 12 in the state

138lbs. Josh Tolentino, of Poway – section medalist

145lbs. Alan Beltran, of Cibola (AZ) – 3rd in the state

145lbs. Dominic Mata, of Poway

145lbs. Gabe DeHaro, of Temescal Canyon

152lbs. Quentin Hovis, of Poway – three-time state champion

152lbs. Joseph Barnes, of Gilroy – top 12 in the state

152lbs. Troy Madrigal, of Servite

152lbs. Aaron Gandara, of Cibola (AZ) – runner-up at California world challenge

160lbs. Juan Villarreal, of Gilroy – state medalist

160lbs. Hampton Boyd, of Poway – state medalist

160lbs. Mario Neblina. Of Cibola (AZ) – 3rd in the state

160lbs. Gilbert Carrillo, of Brawley

170lbs. Celso Silva, of Poway – state qualifier

170lbs. Sebastian Torres, of Cibola (AZ) – state qualifier

170lbs. Nicholas Villarreal, of Gilroy

182lbs. Nathan Tausch, of Poway – state qualifier

195lbs. Antonio Andrade, of Gilroy – state qualifier

220lbs. Tommy Mommer, of Cibola (AZ) – state champion

220lbs. Dane Martinez, of Brawley – section medalist

220lbs. Mark Garcia, of Gilroy – section medalist

220lbs. Levi Ball-Bryant, of Servite


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