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A Historic Look at Some of Fargo’s Most Talented Weight Classes

Cox, Leathers, Simmons

photos courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.Com

We have entered “Fargo Week,” the time leading up to Cadet/Junior Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota. This is the first of a series of articles leading up to the event, previewing and then recapping the action. It’s no secret that this tournament is the largest and toughest for high school aged wrestlers in the nation. Hundreds of state champions and All-Americans at other events will fail to place in the top eight. It’s also a safe bet that some of the wrestlers that stand out this weekend, will be the stars of NCAA and USA Wrestling, a couple years down the road. Here are some of the deepest, toughest weight classes that have taken place over the years in Fargo and the wrestlers that managed to survive and find their way onto the podium at those weights.

For more historical information on all things Fargo, take a look at Jason Bryant’s Fargo Almanac.

2013 Junior Women’s Freestyle 139 lbs

1st – Becka Leathers (Oklahoma)  2017 World bronze medalist, 2016 WCWA national champion

2nd – Kayla Miracle (Indiana)  Four-time WCWA champion, Two-time Junior world bronze medalist, Cadet world silver medalist

3rd – Fran Giorgio (Pennsylvania) Four-time WCWA All-American, Cadet world team member

4th – Alexis Bleau (New York)  Cadet world bronze medalist

5th – Skylar Grote (New Jersey)

6th – Kayci Bele (Florida)

7th – Forrest Molinari (California)  Four-time WCWA All-American, 2016 WCWA national champion, 2018 World team member, Two-time U23 world team member, Junior world team member

8th – Tatum Sparks (Washington) Three-time WCWA All-American, 2018 WCWA runner-up

2012 Junior Men’s Freestyle 220 lbs

1st – J’Den Cox (Missouri)  2016 Olympic bronze medalist, Two-time Olympic/World bronze medalist, Three-time NCAA champion, Four-time NCAA All-American

2nd – Michael Swider (Illinois)

3rd – Kyle Snyder (Maryland)  2016 Olympic Gold Medalist, Three-time Olympic/World champion, Junior world champion and bronze medalist, Three-time NCAA Champion, Four-time NCAA Finalist

4th – Dan Chaid (California)  Two-time NCAA qualifier

5th – Garrett Ryan (Arizona)  Four-time NCAA qualifier

6th – Mauro Correnti (New Jersey) NCAA qualifier

7th – Dane Pestano (Hawaii)  NCAA qualifier

8th – Justin Karkula (Wisconsin)

2008 Junior Women’s Freestyle 116 lbs

1st – Helen Maroulis (Maryland) 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist, Two-time world champion, Five-time World/Olympic medalist, Four-time WCWA champion

2nd – Alli Ragan (Illinois) Two-time world silver medalist, Six-time world team member, Two-time WCWA champion

3rd – Tiffany Sluik (Iowa)  Three-time WCWA All-American

4th – Megan Yamaguchi (Hawaii)  

5th – Shana Lee Prifte (New York)

6th – Danette O’Hara (Kansas)

7th – Mia Provence (Texas)

8th – Brazel Marquez (California)

2006 Cadet Men’s Freestyle 98 lbs

1st – David Taylor (Ohio)  Two-time NCAA champion, Four-time NCAA All-American, 2018 World team member

2nd – Mark Rappo (Pennsylvania) Two-time NCAA qualifier

3rd – Kyle Dake (New York)  Four-time NCAA champion, 2018 World team member

4th – Ladd Rupp (Oklahoma)

5th – Schuyler Swanton (Florida)

6th – Alan Waters (Missouri) Two-time NCAA All-American, Four-time NCAA qualifier

7th – BJ Futrell (Illinois)  Two-time NCAA All-American, Three-time NCAA qualifier

8th – Josh Kreimier (Colorado)  Three-time NCAA qualifier

2004 Junior Men’s Greco-Roman 112 lbs

1st – Henry Cejudo (Arizona)  2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Two-time Olympic/World team member

2nd – Spenser Mango (Missouri)  Two-time Olympian, Eight-time Olympic/world team member, World University champion, Junior world bronze medalist

3rd – Franklin Gomez (Puerto Rico) World silver medalist, Two-time Olympian, Three-time NCAA All-American, 2009 NCAA champion

4th – Joey Martin (Connecticut)

5th – Josh Strait (Idaho)

6th – Brad Pataky (Pennsylvania)  Three-time NCAA qualifier

7th – Tony Mustari (Colorado)  Three-time NCAA qualifier

8th – Cory Fish (Washington)  Two-time NCAA qualifier

2004 Junior Men’s Freestyle 145 lbs

1st- Brent Metcalf (Michigan)  Four-time world team member, Two-time NCAA champion, Three-time NCAA finalist

2nd – Alex Tsirtsis (Indiana)  NCAA All-American

3rd – Craig Henning (Wisconsin) Two-time NCAA All-American, NCAA Finalist

4th – Gregor Gillespie (New York)  Four-time NCAA All-American, 2007 NCAA champion

5th – Wesley English (Indiana)

6th – Matt Fittery (Pennsylvania)  Three-time NCAA qualifier

7th – Joey Knox (Georgia)  Two-time NCAA qualifier

8th – Matt Lopez (Arizona)

2000 Junior Men’s Greco-Roman 132 lbs

1st – Harry Lester (Ohio)  Two-time world bronze medalist, 2012 Olympian, Nine-time Olympic/World team member, World University bronze medalist, Cadet world champion

2nd – Mark Jayne (Ohio) Two-time All-Amerian, Three-time NCAA qualifier

3rd – Dusty Spaulding (Kansas)

4th – Matt Gentry (Oregon)  Two-time Olympian, 2004 NCAA champion, Four-time NCAA qualifier

5th – Brad Metzler (Nebraska) Two-time NCAA qualifier

6th – Dustin Tillman (California)

7th – Joe Henning (Wisconsin)

8th – Kelly Pederson (Minnesota)

2000 Junior Men’s Freestyle 114.5 lbs

1st – Nick Simmons (Michigan) Four-time NCAA All-American, 2011 world team member

2nd – Darrell Vasquez (California) Two-time NCAA All-American, Three-time NCAA qualifier

3rd – Shawn Bunch (Kansas)  Two-time NCAA All-American, NCAA runner-up, Four-time NCAA Qualifier, 2009 world team member

4th – Josh Hooker (Oklahoma)

5th – Todd Meneely (Nebraska)

6th – Travis Lee (Hawaii) Two-time NCAA Champion, Four-time NCAA All-American

7th – Mark Moos (Ohio) Three-time NCAA qualifier

8th – Luke Smith (Wisconsin)  Four-time NCAA qualifier

2000 Junior Men’s Freestyle 154 lbs

1st – Nate Baker (Minnesota)

2nd – Troy Letters (Pennsylvania)  Three-time NCAA All-American, 2004 NCAA champion

3rd – Ryan Bertin (Ohio)  Two-time NCAA champion, Four-time NCAA All-American

4th – Kenneth Cook (California)  Two-time NCAA qualifier

5th – Tim Springs (Illinois)

6th – Derek Zinck (Pennsylvania)  Two-time NCAA All-American, Four-time NCAA qualifier

7th – Johny Hendricks (Oklahoma)  Two-time NCAA champion, Four-time NCAA All-American

8th – Brad Anderson (Michigan)

1997 Junior Men’s Freestyle 154 lbs

1st – Joe Heskett (Ohio)  2007 world team member, 2002 NCAA champion, Four-time NCAA All-American

2nd – Brian Burrows (Pennsylvania)

3rd – Griff Powell (New York)  NCAA All-American, Four-time NCAA qualifier

4th – Luke Becker (Minnesota)  2002 NCAA champion, Four-time NCAA All-American

5th – Donny Pritzlaff (New Jersey)  2006 world bronze medalist, Two-time NCAA champion, Four-time NCAA All-American

6th – Robbie Waller (Pennsylvania)  2003 NCAA champion, Two-time NCAA All-American, Four-time NCAA qualifier

7th – Nathan Lawrenz (Kansas)  Four-time NCAA qualifier

8th – Terry Parham (Iowa)  NCAA All-American

1996 Junior Men’s Freestyle 132 lbs

1st – Mike Zadick (Montana)  2006 world silver medalist, Four-time world team member, Three-time NCAA All-American

2nd – Michael Lightner (Oklahoma)  2005 world team member, 2001 NCAA champion, Four-time NCAA All-American

3rd – Quinn Foster (Maryland)  NCAA All-American

4th – Carlos Blanco (California)

5th – Nick Flach (Iowa)  NCAA qualifier

6th – Doug Schwab (Iowa)  2008 Olympian, Two-time Olympic/World team member, Three-time NCAA All-American, 1999 NCAA champion

7th – Sean Gray (New Jersey)  Two-time NCAA All-American

8th – Jared Frayer (Florida)  2012 Olympian, Two-time NCAA All-American, NCAA runner-up

1995 Junior Men’s Freestyle 114.5 lbs

1st – Teague Moore (Pennsylvania)  1998 NCAA champion, Three-time NCAA All-American

2nd – Jeremy Hunter (Pennsylvania)  2000 NCAA champion, Three-time NCAA All-American

3rd – Pat Cassidy (Indiana)  Two-time NCAA qualifier

4th – Stephen Abas (California)  2004 Olympic silver medalist, Four-time Olympic/World Team member, Three-time NCAA champion, Four-time NCAA All-American

5th – Ruben DeLeon (California)  Two-time NCAA All-American

6th – Mike Kusick (Maryland)  

7th – Roman Fleszar (New Jersey)  Two-time NCAA All-American

8th – Brett Lawrence (Idaho)  NCAA All-American

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