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California’s Cheyenne Bowman Wins USMC Girls Folkstyle Cadet Nationals; Macey Kilty of Team Wisconsin repeats

Macey Kilty - Team Wisconsin

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Incoming high school freshman Cheyenne Bowman, of the Somar WC in California, won her first USMC Girls Folkstyle Cadet Nationals title as she defeated 2016 Cadet World freestyle bronze medalist Alara Boyd of Indiana, 7-2 in the 138-weight class. Bowman concluded the tournament with a 5-0 record including three falls and a major decision.

2016 Cadet World bronze medalist Macey Kilty, of Team Wisconsin (117), repeated as a champion at the U.S. Marine Corps Girls Folkstyle Cadet Nationals by coming out triumphant over Ngao Shoua Whitethorn of the Minnesota Storm, 8-1. Kilty, who is also competing in the junior division, will attempt to win both divisions just as she did last year.

2016 Body Bar runner-up Samara Chavez, of Arlington Martin High School in Texas, won the 94-pound weight class as she major decisioned Taryn Martin of the Ohio National Team, 8-0. Martin had an eye-catching win in the semifinals as she knocked out 2016 Folkstyle champion Caitlyn Walker of the Mohawk WC in Pennsylvania, 4-2.

Two grapplers who were finalists last year won their first USMC Girls Folkstyle Cadet Nationals crowns this evening. Emily Shilson of the Minnesota Storm WC won the 100-weight class she dominated Nichole Moore of Team Kansas, 10-1. Shilson concluded the tournament with a 3-0 record. Jessica Sanchez of Team California USA climbed up to the top spot in the 127-weight class as she pinned Washington state medal winner Payton Stroud in 3:21 of their championship match. Sanchez pinned her quarterfinal, semifinal, and final opponents.

Folashade Akinola of Team California USA dominated the field in the 164-weight class as she too won her first USMC Girls Folkstyle Cadet Nationals with two falls and a major decision. During her run to the finals of the tournament, she major decisioned 2016 champion Elisa Robinson of Team Kansas, 11-1.

Other individual Cadet Folkstyle national champions included Jaslynn Gallegos of the Colorado Brighton Bulldogs at 106-pounds, Viktorya Torres of the Victory Wrestling-Central WA at 112-pounds, Leilah Castro of S.E.O in Ohio at 122-pounds, Mattison Parker of Team Texas at 132-pounds, Tiyahna Askew of Team Georgia Girls at 144-pounds, Kiana Pugh of Team Wisconsin at 152-pounds, and Natalie Kemp of Team Wisconsin at 180-pounds.


Cadet results

94 pounds

1st – Samara Chavez (Arlington Martin High School- TX) maj.dec. Taryn Martin (Ohio National Team), 8-0

3rd- Caitlyn Walker (Mohawk Wrestling Club) won by fall over Kendall Bostelman (Ohio National Team) Fall 4:45

5th – Lizette Rodriguez (Team California USA) won by fall over Mateah Roehl (Team Wisconsin) Fall 5:12

7th – Morgan Dothager (Vandalia) won in sudden victory – 1 over Modestie Hitchcock (Team Michigan) SV-1 4-2

100 pounds

1st – Emily Shilson (Minnesota Storm) maj. dec. Nichole Moore (Team Kansas), 10-1

3rd – Olivia Shore (Ohio National Team) won by major decision over Sofia Martinez (Team California USA) Maj 11-0

5th – Autumn Hohn (Team Wisconsin) won by fall over Anayka Besco (Team Kansas) Fall 4:34

7th – Hailey Ward (Team California USA) won by decision over Caelyn Davis (Coddlecreek) Dec 3-0

106 pounds

1st – Jaslynn Gallegos (Colorado Brighton Bulldogs) dec. Stefana Jelacic (Sunkist – AZ), 5-3

3rd – Josie Bartishofski (Team Wisconsin) won by decision over Mikayla Vega (Team California USA) Dec 11-5

5th – Ciera Broukal (Bloomington South Wrestling Cl) won by major decision over Amanda Newcomb (Team Kansas) Maj 15-4

7th – Justine Barredo (California rebels) won by decision over Jenna Bacich (Team California USA) Dec 6-2

112 pounds

1st – Viktorya Torres (Victory Wrestling-Central WA) dec. Tyler Rabang (Hillsboro High School Wrestling – OR), 3-0

3rd – Peyton Prussin (Battle Born Girls WC) won by decision over Danielle Garcia (California rebels) Dec 7-6

5th – Sophia Smith (North Dakota) won by decision over Alexis Miller (Team Tulsa USA) Dec 6-0

7th – Yele Aycock (Team NM-USA) won by fall over Irelan Powell (Team Arkansas) Fall 1:44

117 pounds

1st – Macey Kilty (Team Wisconsin) dec. Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (Minnesota Storm), 8-1

3rd – Nanea Estrella (Team Estrella) won by fall over Alyssa Waller (Virginia Women`s National Team) Fall 6:00

5th – Phoenix Dubose (Washington) won by tech fall over Mary Harrell (Eierman Elite Wrestling) TF 17-2

7th – Autumn Flanigan (GForce Elite) won by fall over Anja Tshohl (Team Kansas) Fall 1:41

122 pounds

1st – Leilah Castro (S.E.O – OH) dec. Randi Robison (Team Illinois), 7-1

3rd – Kyleigh Lopez (Southern Oregon Girls Wrestling) won by fall over Heavynne Jerez (Somar WC) Fall 1:41

5th – Isabella Gonzalez (Hanks high school wrestling) won by injury default over Ashley Whetzal (Virginia Women`s National Team) Inj. 0:00

7th – Charmayne Delong (Moorcroft Mat Masters) won by fall over Marlene Avila (Mission Valley Wrestling Club) Fall 4:00

127 pounds

1st – Jessica Sanchez (Team California USA) pin Payton Stroud (Washington), 3:21

3rd – Kaylee Moore (Team takedown) won by decision over Niya teresita Gaines (Team California USA) Dec 6-4

5th – Mykenna Staheli (Team Utah) won by fall over Juliauna Belisle (Team Wisconsin) Fall 3:50

7th – Louisa Schwab (Bolingbrook Jr. Raiders) won by fall over Courtney Pittman (Anderson County Wrestling Club) Fall 1:07

132 pounds

1st – Mattison Parker (Team Texas) pin Jacqueline Ghent (Corpus Christi), 3:05

3rd – Madison Camp (California rebels) won by fall over Destiny Bailey (Team NM-USA) Fall 5:31

5th – Yvonne Swygert (Minnesota Storm) won by injury default over Abigail Anaya (Hanks high school wrestling) Inj. 0:00

7th – Morgan Mayginnes (Team Kansas) won by fall over Jesse Obregon (Virginia Women`s National Team) Fall 5:27

138 pounds

1st – Cheyenne Bowman (Somar WC – CA) dec. Alara Boyd (CIA – IN), 7-2

3rd – Emily Se (Team California USA) won by fall over Hunter Robinson (Woodlands College Park) Fall 3:17

5th – Avery Guerra (NB Elite) won by medical forfeit over Tiffani Mcnelis (Modern Day Gladiators) MFF

7th – Nelly Mendoza (California rebels) won by decision over Hope Miracle (Campbellsville) Dec 3-2

144 pounds

1st – Tiyahna Askew (Team Georgia Girls) dec. Logan Ryan (Redskin Sandusky – MI), 9-2

3rd – Nyla Burgess (Team Michigan) won by fall over Shayden Geyer (Team Kansas) Fall 5:16

5th – Hanna Zinn (Team Georgia Girls) won by fall over Jazzmine Seely (Waynesville Tigers Wrestling) Fall 2:33

7th – Bayleigh Heiman (Team Arkansas) won by fall over Taryn Norstrom (Team Kansas) Fall 1:01

152 pounds

1st – Kiana Pugh (Team Wisconsin) dec. Destiny King (Team Wisconsin), 4-1

3rd – Tristan Kelly (SOT Academy) won by fall over Katie Moore (Team Alpha) Fall 3:18

5th – Faalia Martinez (Team California USA) won by fall over Jaylene Jaime (California rebels) Fall 0:48

7th – Victoria Hinojo (Hanks high school wrestling) won by fall over Katelyn Beaver (Escanaba) Fall 4:26

164 pounds

1st – Folashade Akinola (Team California USA) pin Jewel Lively (Azle – TX), 3:14

3rd – Elisa Robinson (Team Kansas) won by fall over Adelina Parra (Team California USA) Fall 4:46

5th – Jewel Lively (Azle) won by fall over Briana Olmos (Mission Valley Wrestling Club) Fall 0:54

7th – Meagan Mccoy (Virginia Women`s National Team) won by fall over Nicole Lorenz (Team Michigan) Fall 1:21

180 pounds

1st – Natalie Kemp (Team Wisconsin) pin Gabrielle Hamilton (El PPaso-Gridley Titans – TX), 5:14

3rd – Asia Rave (Team Wisconsin) won by fall over Zoe Hankins (El Paso Wrestling ELPW) Fall 3:03

5th – Faith Tuttle (Minnesota Storm) won by major decision over Sydney Bostelman (Ohio National Team) Maj 14-6

7th – Kathleen Janis (Team Utah) won by fall over Catherine Palmieri (Team Tennessee) Fall 4:56

200 pounds

1st – Taja Showers (Virginia Women’s National Team)

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