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Getting to know 3x Fargo Champion Nicolas Aguilar of California

Nicolas Aguilar - California

Nicolas Aguilar competes for Central Coast Section power Gilroy High which is located 33 miles from San Jose, California. Aguilar has won two Central Coast Section titles and finished as the state runner-up during the 2015-2016 season. In 2015, Aguilar was a Double Cadet National Champion at 100-pounds.  In 2016, Aguilar won his third Fargo title, taking the junior 113-pound crown.

TOM – Nicolas, how long have you been involved in the sport of wrestling?

Aguilar – I got involved in the sport of wrestling when I was eight years old.

TOM – How intense are the workouts at the Gilroy High wrestling room?

Aguilar – The workouts at the Gilroy wrestling room are very intense as all wrestlers push each other to their limits. Hence the reason we are as dominant at the CIF Central Coast Section as we have won the event 14-times.

TOM – How ready are you to return back to the CIF state tournament in 2017 and win an individual state championship?

Aguilar – I believe I am more mature and skilled to win an individual state championship in 2017. I have been working hard all summer to achieve my goals of having my name on the CIF state record books.

TOM – What was your mindset entering the state finals last year knowing you had three previous wins over your opponent?

Aguilar – My mindset going into the state last season was too comfortable. Knowing I had defeated Matt Olguin of Buchanan three times before the state tournament I went in too relaxed, but I constantly learn from my errors. The losses only creates a better winner.

TOM – How special was it for you to have joined the three-time Fargo National Champions club?

Aguilar – To join the 3x National Champion Club in California made me feel like all the time and work I put in is actually paying off. However, on the other hand, it makes me want to work even harder to set new records.

TOM – Do you believe you were the underdog against Dylan D’Emilio of Ohio?

Aguilar – Yes, I believe I was the underdog against D’Emilio. Going into the tournament not even seeded made every match for me an upset, but it doesn’t matter whether you are ranked first or last if you want to be the best you have to beat the best.

TOM – Which style of wrestling do you prefer: Folkstyle, Greco-Roman or Freestyle?

Aguilar – When it comes to wrestling all three styles have a special characteristic that I like. Nevertheless, if I could pick one as my favorite it would be freestyle. I believe freestyle brings the funkiness out of wrestlers.

TOM – What is a typical day of training for you?

Aguilar – A typical day of training depends on what I’m practicing for. A normal day of training would consist of weight training, wrestling, and some sort of cardio so that I’m working to better every aspect of wrestling.

TOM – How do you balance social life, school and wrestling?

Aguilar – When it comes to social life, wrestling and school, I create a list of importance so that I am successful. School comes first because without good grades it’s hard to get noticed, then comes wrestling and if I have any extra time in the day my social life will fit in. I figure if I work hard now, then when I graduate college and get a good job I can play and have fun the rest of my life.

TOM – How much of an influence are your high school Coaches Greg Varela and Dr. Marco Sanchez?

Aguilar – My coaches Greg Varela and Dr. Marco Sanchez have had a huge impact in my wrestling and school life. They take the time out of their days to help me achieve my goals. Also in the past year Jason Moreno, an ex-Fargo Champ, has helped me improve my wrestling technique.

TOM – If a school approaches you to verbally commit to them right now would you do it or wait until you are a senior?

Aguilar – When it comes to colleges I want to keep all of my doors open until it’s the right time to commit. I still have two more years of high school to prove myself even more.

TOM – Are there more people you would like to thank for all the success you have been having on the mats?

Aguilar – I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me be the wrestler I am today. There are a lot of supporters out there so I just want to thank all of them.

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