High School Wrestling Class Rankings

ICYMI: Colt Yinger’s Full Set of High School Class Rankings

The Open Mat’s high school ranking expert, Colt Yinger, has been busy lately! 

If you missed any of the rankings, don’t worry! Here is Colt’s full set of high school class rankings released last week as a five-part series for our TOM Prime subscribers!

All five parts can be seen below.

June 17: P4P (Top-20) – Link here.

June: 18: Class of 2025 (Freshmen) (Top-50) – Link here.

June: 19: Class of 2024 Sophomores)  (Top-50) – Link here.

June: 20: Class of 2023 (Juniors) (Top-50) – Link here.

June: 21: Class of 2022 (Seniors) – (Top-75) – Link here.

For rankings questions, reach out to Colt Yinger and The Open Mat on Twitter (@cyinger132) (@theopenmat). 

Also, Colt’s last National High School Rankings from May 17 can be found here.

Note: Seniors from the Class of 2021 are removed, and all other athletes are moved to their academic class for the 2021-22 high school season.

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