College Wrestling Rankings

TOM National Individual High School Rankings 1-7-10

tom-normal-wpWe offer here, the top high school wrestlers at each weight. Instead of setting an arbitrary cut-off point, we ranked kids who we feel have proven themselves to be included in the conversation and to be recognized.

We’re sure, like any rankings, there will be some derision and debate. So feel free to discuss it on our forums, or drop us an email. (We are the ‘open’ mat for a reason!) As you can imagine trying to know everything about every kid in the country is not possible. So if you do rankings for your state, please share information with us. If you see a wrestler missing, let us know. Please be respectful and provide us with information on the wrestler so we can consider them for the next ranking. We appreciate your feedback.

We’ll try to update regularly (weekly), so check back often for updates as the season plays out. In the future, career notes will give way to season highlights and reports.

1. So. Nicky Roberts, North Star, PA
PA state title as an undersized freshman. Won last 2 Fargo Cadet titles.

2. Jr. Tyler Fraley. Colts Neck, NJ
Four Fargo finals appearances.

3. Jr. Zach Bridson, Timberlane, NH
Beast Champ. Eastern States tourney next weekend.

4. Jr. Reuben Navejas, Kentwood, WA
State Champ. Fargo Champ @ JR 98lbs.

5. So. Freddie Rodriquez, Holt, MI
Fila Cadet NC. Super32 RU to Joey Dance.

6. So. George Di Camillo, St. Ignatius, OH
Dominated Ironman bracket until finals where he beat #7 Heil in OT.

7. Fr. Dan Heil, St. Edwards, OH
Opened eyes with 14-2 dismantling of top seed Kevon Powell at IM en route to runner-up finish.

8. Jr. Max Soria, King’s Park, NY
Lost 3 set Fargo final to #4 Navejas.

9. Fr. Victor Lopez, Poway, CA
Reno Titlist for Team Champ Poway.

10. Fr. Tyson Dippery, Central Dauphin, PA
Fargo 5th. POWERade Champ. Beast 3rd with only loss to #3 Bridson, 2-0.

11. So. Max Hvolbeck, Blair Academy, NJ
Fargo Runner-up for California. Ironman 3rd. Beast Runner-Up to Bridson, 6-4. Hurricane (Bethlehem) Classic Champ.

12. Jr. Anthony Cabrera, Liberty HS, PA
Beast 4th. Hurricane 3rd. Three losses on season. Two to Hvolbeck. The other to Dippery.

13. Fr. Brad Perkins, Lee’s Summit, MO
Gave up points in just one period while winning Fargo Cadet FS at 91lbs. Won Midwest Classic in December at 103.

15. Fr. Connor Schram, Canon-Mac, PA
Talented newcomer was POWERade runner-up to Dippery.

16. Fr. Nathan Tomasello, CVCA, OH
4th at Iroman.

17. Fr. Darion Cruz, Bethlehem Catholic, PA
Beast 5th losing 1-0 to Bridson and 3-1 to Cabrera.

18. Fr. Micah Perez, Central Union, CA
Keeping an eye out on this kid. Impressive pre-HS resume. Undefeated thus far in limited competition.

1. Jr. Evan Silver, Blair Acadamy, NJ
Won Ironman, Beast, and Bethlehem Tourneys.

2. Jr. Jade Rauser, Townsend, MT
First Ever Junior Triple Crown Winner.

3. So. Jimmy Gulibon, Hempfield, PA
State Champ as Freshman. 3rd at Ironman. POWERade Champ.

4. So. Alex Cisneros, Selma, CA
Rare freshman SC in CA. Runner-up to Silver at Ironman.

5. So. Eric Devos, Waverly, IA
3rd in Fargo Cadet FS.

6. Jr. Steven Knoublach, Clovis West, CA
Reno Champ. State Runner-Up to Cisneros last year.

7. Jr. Bricker Dixon, MO
Toshiba Midwest Classic Champ. Fargo AA this summer.

8. So. Thomas Gillman, Omaha, NE
Fargo Cadet 3rd at 105. Midwest Classic RU to Dixon. NHSCA FR Champ.

9. So. Corey Keener, Blue Mountain, PA
POWERade Runner-Up to Gulibon. Lost to Gillman for 3rd in Fargo.

10. Fr. Stephen Myers, Moeller, OH
Fargo AA. Split matches this season with Keener. 4th at Ironman.

11. Chris Donaldson, Salesianum, DE
Wins over several ranked guys en route to 3rd at the Beast.

12. Caleb Richardson, Cox, VA
Bethlehem Runner-Up to Silver. 4th at Beast.

13. Tyler Pendergast, St. Mark’s, DE
Beast Runner-up to Silver. 5th at Bethlehem.

14. Dom Malone, Wyoming Seminary, PA
Fargo AA. 5th at IM. 5th at Beast. Two wins over Dance. Cheesehead Champ.

15. Joey Dance, Christiansburg, VA
Small 112 but has done well. Placed at IM, Beast, POWERade. Split matches with Myers. Fargo double finalist and FS Champ at 105 and Super32 Champ at 103.

16. Jr. Earl Hall, South Dade, FL
NHSCA Soph. Nationals Champ.

17. So. Corey Clark, South Polk, IA
State Champ as freshman.

1. Sr. Ryak Finch, Safford, AZ
Dominated field while winning double Fargo titles this summer. NHSCA JR Champ.

2. Jr. Nico Megaludis, Franklin, PA
State champ. Fargo Runner-Up. Won third POWERade title last week.

3. Jr. Mason Beckman, Reynolds, PA
Ironman Champ. Manheim OW last week.

4. Sr. Ty Mitch, Aurora, OH
Fargo Champ in loaded weight. 5th at IM.

5. Jr. Val Rauser, Townsend, MT
Lost in Fargo FS and GR finals to Finch.

6. Jr. Hunter Steiber, Monroeville, OH
IM Runner-Up to Beckman.

7. Sr. Chris Mecate, Redlands, CA
Super32 Champ with 3-0 win over Rhone.

8. Sr. Mike Rhone, Benton, PA
PA FS state champ, beating Megaludis. Fargo AA. POWERade RU to Megaludis. Super32 RU.

9. Sr. Zach Zimmer, Clovis West, CA
Reno Champ. CA State 4th last year.

10. Sr. Carson Kuhn, UT
Fargo JR FS 3rd. Only loss was to Finch

11. So. Nick Brascetta, St. Paris Graham, OH
Ironman 3rd. Super32 5th.

12. Sr. Jerome Robinson, St. Ignatius, OH
State Champ. Super 32 Champ. IM 4th.

13. So. Mike Grey, Blair Academy, NJ
Fargo RU. IM 6th. Beast and Bethlehem Titles in December.

14. Fr. Brandon Jeske, St. Christopher, VA
Beast RU to Grey. Super32 RU to Robinson.

15. Fr. Ben Whitford, Marmion Academy, IL
Fargo FS Champ over Grey. Super32 4th.

16. Jr. Nick Francavilla, High Point, NJ
King of the Mountain RU to Beckman.

17. So. Rossi Bruno, Brandon FL
Fargo AA. Cheesehead Champ. NHSCA Fr. Champ

18. Sr. Sean Dolan, St. Mark’s, DE
Bethlehem 3rd. Beast 5th.

19. So. Kagan Squire, Wadsworth, OH
Fargo Cadet FS Champ.

20. So. Eddie Klimara, Providence, IL
Fargo 3rd. Dvorak Champ.

21. So. Dakota Trom, Apple Valley, MN
Cheesehead RU to Bruno, 3-2.

22. So. Brandon Sorenson, Cedar Falls, IA
Fargo Runner-Up. USAW Preseason Nationals Champ.

23. Jr. Rob Deutsch, Eastern Regional, NJ
State Finalist. 3rd at Beast.

24. So. Skylar Wood, Park Hill, MO
Midwest Classic Champ. Super32 5th.

1. Sr. Logan Steiber, Monroeville, OH
Has won everything. Most recently, IM Title and OW.

2. Sr. Mitchell Port, Bellefonte, PA
King of the Mountain and POWERade titles this year. NHSCA JR title.

3. Sr. Devin Carter, Christiansburg, VA
Big win over Horan in Beast Final. Lopsided losses to Port and Steiber in POWERade and IM Finals, respectively.

4. Sr. Levi Wolfensberger, Denver-Tripoli, IA
Multiple State Titles. USAW Preseason Title. NHSCA Junior Title.

5. Brandon Wright, Indianapolis, IN
State Champ. Super32 RU to Carter.

6. Jr. Zach Horan, Nazareth, PA
2x State RU. Beast RU to Carter. Fargo RU. Bethlehem Champ over Boylan.

7. Sr. Nick Arajau, Syosset, NY
2x NYS Champ. Super 32 3rd with a 3-1 win over Port.

8. Sr. Alan Waters, Park Hill, MO
State Champ. Multiple Fargo medals. Midwest Classic Champ.

9. Jr. Johnni Di Julius, Walsh Jesuit, OH
State Champ. IM 3rd. Cheesehead Champ.

10. Sr. Jesse Delgado, Gilroy, CA
State Champ. Reno 3rd. IM 4th. Lost a bit of luster with recent results, but still among the best.

11. Sr. Joe Duca, Paulsboro, NJ
State RU.

12. Sr. Pat Prada, DeMatha, MD
Fargo AA. Beast 3rd.

13. Sr. Sean Boylan, St. Mark’s, DE
Beast 4th. Bethlehem RU to Horan.

14. Jr. Terrel Wilbourn, Howell, MO
Fargo Cadet Champ. State Champ.

15. So. John Meeks, IA
State Champ as freshman. Lost in USAW Preseason Nationals final 1-0 to Wolfensberger.

16. So. Ben Morgan, Forest Lake, MN
State Champ as 8th Grader, Cadet AA. Rumble on the Red Champ.

17. Sr. Gus Sako, St. Edwards, OH
State Runner-up. DNP wrestling up at 130 at IM. Look for rebound from him.

18. Jr. Matt Kelliher, Apple Valley, MN
Only loss in Fargo Cadets was to champ Cooper. Cheesehead RU.

19. Vince Rodriguez, Clovis North, CA
CA state 3rd. Super32 3rd.

20. Sr. Josh Keszler, Sturgis, SD
Multiple State titles. Fargo AA. NHSCA Jr. Nationals RU.

1. Sr. Jamie Clark, St. Edwards, OH
Multiple State and Ironman Titles. To date, has not competed this year.

2. Sr. Nick Shenk, St. Mark’s, DE
Beast and Bethlehem Titles this year.

3. Sr. Sam Sherlock, West Mifflin, PA
Fargo 3rd. Beast RU to Shenk. State Champ last year.

4. Sr. Frank Cagnina, Queen of Peace, NJ
Super 32 and state titles.

5. Sr. Louis Trujillo, Rio Rancho, NM
SC. Fargo Champ. Won NHSCA Class titles as FR/SO/JR. Recently captured Reno Crown.

6. Jr. Jesse Thielke, Germantown, WI
Jr. World Team Member

7. Jr. Edwin Cooper, Providence, IL
Fargo Cadet NC. Dvorak Champ.

8. So. Jason Tsirtsis, Crown Point, IN
Fargo RU to Cooper. Super 32 RU to Cagnina.

9. So. Nate Skonieczny, Walsh Jesuit, OH
Ironman Champ. Cheesehead Champ

10. Sr. Frank Goodwin, Arundel, MD
Fargo AA. Former Beast Finalist.

11. Sr. AJ Schopp, Tyrone, PA
3x state placer. Super32 3rd.

12. Sr. Shane McGough, Desert Mountain, AZ
Fargo AA. State Champ.

13. Sr. Frank Martellotti, Shady Side Academy, PA
Placed top 3 three times in state. IM 3rd.

14. Sr. Colton Rasche, Montini, IL
Ironman and Cheesehead RU, both to Skonieczny. Dvorak RU to Cooper.

15. Sr. Keith Surber, O’Fallon, IL
3x state placer. Super32 4th.

16. So. Jacob Crawford, Robinson, VA
Manheim Champ. Beast 3rd (only loss was to Sherlock.)

17. Sr. Vinny Fava, Elmwood Park, NJ
NHSCA Jr. Nationals Champ. Beast 4th.

18. Jr. Jordan Rinken, Waverly, IA
USAW Preseason Nationals Champ

19. Sr. Scott Festejo, Long Branch, NJ
Recently 3rd at Beast. State, Super32, and NHSCA placer.

1. Sr. Josh Dziewa, Council Rock-South, PA
Fargo Champ. Bethlehem Champ. Has been wrestling ‘up’. We expect him here for postseason.

2. Jr. Ryen Nieman, Bullock Creek, MI
Multiple State titles. Fargo 3rd.

3. Sr. Jake Ballweg, Waverly, IA
Multiple State Titles. Fargo 4th.

4. Jr. Cam Tessari, Monroeville, OH
State Champ. IM Champ over Kitzis.

5. Jr. Austin Ormsbee, Blair Academy, NJ
Out with injury thus far. NHSCA Preseason Nationals Champ.

6. So. Felipe Martinez, St. Paris Graham, OH
Missed IM with injury. Recently won Greater Miami Tourney with 3-2 win over Armstrong.

7. Sr. Chris Dardanes, Oak Park, IL
Fargo 4th. State 4th. Dvorak RU. USAW Preseason Nationals RU. Beat Surber last weekend.

8. Jr. Steve Spearman, Erie McDowell, PA
Fargo Cadet RU to Dierenger. Bethlehem Champ.

9. Sr. Tucker Armstrong, Kenton Ridge, OH
Did not compete last year. Former OH SC and Super32 Champ. Lost 3-2 to Martinez last weekend. NHSCA Jr 3rd last spring.

10. Jr. Alex Dierenger, Port Washington, WI
Cheesehead RU. Fargo Cadet NC.

11. Jr. Brandon Kingsley, Apple Valley, MN
Cheesehead 3rd last week.

12. Sr. Simon Kitzis, Wyoming Seminary, PA
Beast Champ. Ironman RU. Cheesehead 4th.

13. Jr. Nik Pena, Selma, CA
Ironman 3rd. Super32 5th. State 3rd.

14. Sr. Jordan Rich, Central Mountain, PA
State 4th. IM 4th. King of the Mountain Champ.

15. Luke Goettl, Mingus, AZ
Fargo GR Champ. IM 8th. Reno Champ.

16. Sr. Andrew Lenzi, Fordham Prep, NY
2x State Finalist

17. Sr. Jordan Beverly, Point Pleasant, NJ
State RU. Super32 RU to Dziewa.

18. Sr. Joe Locksmith, Osceola, FL
Fargo GR champ. Powerade RU.

19. Zach Zehner, Tomahawk, WI
State Champ. NHSCA Jr. Nationals RU.

20. Sr. Mike Morales, Brick, NJ
State Champ.

21. Jr. Caleb Ervin, Union County, KY
State Champ. NHSCA So. Nationals Champ.

22. Wendell Cannon, Sussex, DE
State RU. Beast RU to Kitzis.

23. Sr. Kade Moss, Bingham, UT
3x State Champ. Reno RU to Goettl.

24. Jake Sueflon, Watertown, WI
Won perhaps the deepest weight at the Cheesehead. We’ll enter him here. Previously failed to place in Fargo or at USAW Preseason Nationals. But beat Dierenger and Kitzis last week. If he continues to wrestle like that, he’ll be sure to rise.

1. Sr. Chris Villalonga, Blair Academy, NJ
IM, Beast, and Bethlehem Titles.

2. Sr. Josh Kindig, Blue Mountain, PA
POWERade Champ.

3. Sr. Nick Dardanes, Oak Park, IL
Fargo RU. State Champ.

4. Sr. Mark Hartenstine, Easton, PA
Reno and Manheim Titles. Super32 and NHSCA 3rds.

5. Sr. Nathan Hoffer, East Ankorage, AK
NHSCA Junior Title. Reno RU to Hartenstine.

6. Sr. Steve Dutton, Rocky Point, NY
State Champ. Super32 RU to Kindig.

7. Jr. Jeremy Davenport, Sallisaw, OK
2x SC. Cadet AA.

8. Jr. Ian Miller, Oak Harbor, OH
Lost in OT RO to Villalonga in IM final. NHSCA Soph. Nationals RU.

9. Sr. Jake Briggs, Bella Vista, CA
State 3rd. Reno 3rd.

10. Sr. Joel Smith, Collins Hill, GA
Midwest Classic Champ. POWERade 4th.

14. So. Jordan Wohlfert, St. John’s MI
Cadet National FS Champ

11. Jr. Evan Henderson, Kiski Prep, PA
Ironman 3rd.

12. Sr. Cody Ruggirello, Valley Central, NY
State Champ. NHSCA 4th.

13. Jr. Cody Combs, Sussex, DE
Beast RU to Villalonga. 2x Super32 placer.

14. Sr. Hank Stinson, Eastern Regional, NJ
SC in ’08. Out with injury last year. Beast 4th in December.

15. Sr. Nick Terdick, John Glenn, NY
State RU.

16. Sr. Ryan Dunphy, Passaic, NJ

17. Sr. Tony Vaske, River Valley, MN
State Title and NHSCA JR RU last year.

18. Jr. Henry Carlson, Vestavia Hills, AL
NHSCA Soph. Nationals RU.

19. Jr. Elijah Sullivan, Lewis Central, IA

1. Sr. Andrew Alton, Central Mountain, PA
Ironman Champ. Dominated ESU Open Field at 141.

2. Sr. Colin Shober, Schuykill Valley, PA
State Champ. Super32 Champ. Fargo 4th.

3. Sr. Dylan Ness, Bloomington, MN
3x State 3rd. Multiple Fargo Titles.

4. Sr. Ben Dorsay, Cox, VA
Beast Champ. Bethlehem 3rd. Super32 3rd.

5. Sr. Anthony Baldosaro, NJ
Beast Runner-Up. 2x SC. Fargo Cadet Champ.

6. Sr. Jordan Moss, Sharon, PA
SC as Soph. Split matches with #2 Shober at past 2 state championships.

7. Sr. Brad Squire, Wadsworth, OH
3x State placer. IM RU this year.

8. Sr. Greg Amos, Wentzville, MO
State Champ. Super32 RU to Shober.

9. Sr. Jake Snider, Ponderosa, CO
2x SC. 2x Reno Champ.

10. Sr. RaVaughn Perkins, Omaha, NE
GR NC at Fargo. Dominated USAW Preseason Nationals.
11. Sr. Andy Rodriguez, Central Islip, NY
State Champ last year.

12. Jr. Devin Aguirre, Ponca City, OK
SC. Former Cadet AA.

13. Sr. Alex Smith, Timberlane, NH
Beast 3rd. Super32 5th.

14. Sr. Taylor Walsh, Camden Catholic, NJ
State Champ. Bethlehem RU to Villalonga. DNP at Beast.

15. Sr. Kaleb Friedley, Park Hill, MO
Double Fargo AA. State Champ. Midwest Classic 3rd.

16. Jr. Blake Roulo, Matoaca, VA
Cadet Double AA. Beast 4th. NHSCA Soph. National Champ

17. Sr. Anthony Salupo, St. Edward, OH
Ironman 3rd. Only loss to Squire.

18. Sr. Cody Rodebaugh, San Lorenzo, CA
SC. Ironman 5th.

19. Jr. James Green, Willingboro, NJ
NHSCA Soph. National Champ. NHSCA Preseason RU. State placer.

1. Sr. Dylan Alton, Central Mountain, PA
Fargo Champ. IM Champ.

2. Jr. Destin McCauley, Apple Valley, MN
Fargo 3rd. Cheesehead Champ over Cozart.

3. So. Taylor Massa, MI
Double Fargo Titlist. Super32 RU.

4. Jr. John Guzzo, NJ
Fargo AA. Super32 RU to Peppelman.

5. Sr. Joey Cozart, Brandon, FL
Fargo Finalist. Cheesehead RU.

6. So. Jason Luster, Kiski Prep, PA
National Prep RU. IM 3rd.

7. Sr. Jesse Shanaman, Blair Academy, NJ
IM RU to Alton. Bethlehem Champ.

8. Sr. Stephen Hernandez, Bishop Gorman, NV
Reno Champ. IM 4th (losses to Shanaman and Luster).

9. Sr. Brandon Wilbourn, Howell, MO
Fargo AA. Super32 placer.

10. Sr. Justin DeAngelis, Jenks, OK
Reno RU to Hernandez.

11. Sr. Harrison Hightower, University School, OH
State Champ. IM 5th with losses to Alton and Hernandez.

12. Sr. Sean McMurray, Portage, IN
2x State Champ. NHSCA JR National RU.

13. Jr. Ryan Krecker, Nazareth, PA
State 4th as Soph. Beast 3rd. Bethlehem finals loss to Shanaman in OT.

14. Sr. Brandon Rolnick, St. Benedict’s Prep, NJ
Early season struggles, but talented, no doubt. We look for him to rebound.

15. Jr. Matt White, Woodward, OK
2x SC. Beast RU to Shanaman.

16. Sr. Travis Gallegos, Foothill, CA
State 3rd. IM and Super32 placer. Reno RU @ 160 to Balfour.

17. Fr. Cody Wiercioch, Charleroi, PA
POWERade Champ.

18. Sr. Pierce Harger, Moeller, OH
2x State Champ. POWERade RU. IM 5th @ 160.

19. Sr. David Habat, St. Ignatius, OH
Dominated day 1 of IM before he was forced to withdraw. (skin condition.) Super32 3rd.

20. Sr. Anthony Volpe, Rocky Point, NY
NHSCA Soph. and Jr. placer.

1. Sr. Marshall Peppelman, Central Dauphin, PA
3x State Finalist. 2x Super32 Champ. 2x POWERade Champ. 2x Beast Champ.

2. Sr. Jackson Morse, MI
2x SC. 2x Super32 Champ over D. Alton and Massa.

3. Sr. Nick Moore, Iowa City, IA
3x SC. Three Top 3 Fargo Finishes.

4. Sr. Robert Kokesh, Wagner, SD
State Champ. Fargo 3rd.

5. Sr. Nick Sulzer, St. Edward, OH
State Finalist. IM Champ. NHSCA JR National Champ.

6. Sr. Eric Hess, Benton, PA
SC. King of the Mountain Champ. ESU Open 3rd (L to Bubba Jenkins). POWERade RU to Peppelman. Super32 3rd.

7. Sr. Josh Demas, Westerville, OH
State Champ over Sulzer. IM 3rd.

8. Sr. Dirk Cowburn, Coudersport, PA
2x State Champ. Former Fargo NC.

9. Sr. Ronnie Balfour, Tulsa Union, OK
Reno Champ. Fargo GR Finalist.

10. Sr. Corey Dauphin, El Reno, OK
2x State Champ.

11. Sr. Nick Visicaro, NJ
Beast RU to Peppelman. NJ SC. Fargo AA. NHSCA JR Champ.

12. Sr. Nick Proctor, IL
SC in loaded weight. Fargo AA.

13. Jr. Bryce Hammond, Bakersfield, CA
State 4th as Soph. NHSCA Soph. National Champ. Cadet FS Runner-up.

14. Sr. Drake Houdashelt, Fort Zumwalt, MO
State Champ. NHSCA JR RU.

15. Jr. Steve Keough, Apple Valley, MN
Cheesehead Champ. NHSCA Soph. National Champ.

16. Jr. Logan Storley, Webster, SD

17. Jr. Mark Havers, Bradford, PA
Only loss last season was to Peppelman in state finals. Cadet GR NC.

18. Sr. Mike Kelly, Cedar Falls, IA
SC. USAW Preseason RU.

19. Sr. Preston Keiffer, Eastern Regional, NJ
State placewinner and Fargo AA.

20. Jr. Zack Skates, Broken Arrow, OK
State Champ

21. Jr. Wally Figaro, Brandon, FL
Former Cadet GR NC. Cheesehead RU.

1. Sr. Derek Garcia, Sedro-Wooly, WA
Dominated Fargo JR FS.

2. Jr. Chris Phillips, Monroeville, OH
Only loss last year was to Ed Ruth at IM. Has been out with injury this year.

3. Jr. Kenny Courts, Central Dauphin, PA
Beast Champ. POWERade Champ. PA RU.

4. Sr. Mike Moreno, Urbandale, IA
2x State RU.

5. Sr. Martin Fabbian, Buchanan, CA
State RU.

6. Sr.Walt Gillmor, North Scott, IA
USAW Preseason National Champ over Budi. Fargo AA.

7. Sr. Ryan Callahan, Wallkill Valley, NJ
State RU.

8. Jr. Jahwon Akui, St. Rita’s, IL
Former Fargo Cadet NC. State 3rd.

9. Sr. Parker Madl, Blue Valley, KS
3x state placer.

10. Sr. Noah Budi, Wakauna, WI
Cheesehead Champ. USAW Preseason National RU.

11. Sr. Michael Duckworth, Union County, IN

12. Jr. Jake Waste, Apple Valley, MN
Cheesehead RU. Super32 5th.

13. Sr. Jake Dorulla, Rockford, MI
2x state finalist.

14. Sr. Brock Weatherman, Ballard, IA
State Champ over #14 England.

15. Sr. Mike England, Centerville, IA
Placed top 4 in state tournament each high school season.

16. Sr. Tristan Warner, Cumberland Valley, PA
Super32 RU. Manheim Champ.

17. Jr. Alex Utley, CVCA, OH
IM 3rd. State 3rd.

18. So. Huston Evans, St Paris Graham, OH
IM 4th.

19. Sr. Matt Cunningham, Shady Side Academy
State Champ. IM 7th. POWERade RU to Courts.

20. Jamie Westwood, Queen of Peace, NJ
Super32 3rd. NHSCA and state place winner.

1. Sr. Mike Evans, Blair Academy, NJ
Beast, IM, Bethlehem Titles. Double Fargo AA.

2. Jr. Andrew Campolattano, Bound Brook, NJ
2x NJ SC. Fargo GR National Champ. Bethlehem RU to Evans.

3. Jr. Morgan McIntosh, Calvary Chapel, CA
Former Fargo Double NC.Dominated CA State Tourney as a Soph.

4. Sr. Lee Munster, IL
SC. Fargo JR FS RU.

5. Sr. Tyler Beckwith, Greene, NY
State Champ. Double Fargo AA. NHSCA JR Champ.

6. Sr. Max Thomusseit, St. Paris Graham, OH
SC. 2x Beast RU.

7. Sr. Tyler Lehman, Fargo, ND
Double Fargo AA. Recently beat Docken For Rumble on the Red title.

8. Sr. Evan Knight, Urbandale, IA
2x SC.

9. Sr. Kyven Gadsen, Waterloo, IA
State Champ

10. Sr. Cameron Croy, TN
2x SC. Fargo AA.

11. Sr. Jaime Callendar, Council Rock-North, PA
State RU. Beast RU to Evans. Super32 Champ @ 215.

12. Sr. Antonio Giorgio, Warwick, PA
Has been out most of the year. Super32 Champ in October.

13. Sr. Taylor Meeks, Orting, WA
2x SC. Fargo AA. NHSCA Junior Nationals 3rd.

14. Sr. Tanner Hall, Meridian, ID
Reno Champ.

15. Sr. Tommy Burriel, Clovis, CA
State 6th. IM 3rd.

16. Sr. Stephen McPeek, Bishop Lynch, TX
Fargo AA. IM 4th.

17. Sr. Andre Petroski, Springfield, PA
State 3rd. Beast 3rd. Super32 5th.

18. Sr. Billy George, Long Branch, NJ
Beast 4th. NHSCA JR Champ.

19. Sr. Jayd Docken, Winner, SD
Fargo AA. SC. NHSCA JR 3rd.

20. Jr. Michael Kennedy, Blackman, TN
NHSCA Soph National Champ. Super32 5th.

21. Sr. Joel Bauman, Sunburg, MN
Multiple Fargo medals

22. Sr. Angelo Malvestuto, Wheatfield, NY

1. Sr. Trevor Rupp, Pocatello, ID
Fargo JR FS 3rd. Fargo JR GR RU.

2. Sr. Spencer Myers, Selinsgrove, PA
Finals appearances in each NHSCA grade level. Fargo AA. Bethlehem Champ.

3. Sr. Kyle Cowan, Cascia Prep, OK
Undefeated 2x state champion in the last two seasons.

4. Sr. Alex Polizzi, Beloit, WI
Double Fargo AA. Super32 3rd.

5. Sr. Scott Schiller, Fargo, ND
Double Fargo AA.

6. Jr. Conner Medbery, Loveland, CO
Cadet Double National Finalist. NHSCA Soph. Champ.

7. Jr. Tank Knowles, Calvary Chapel, CA
State 4th as a So. Reno Champ. IM Champ.

8. Sr. Kyle Colling, Pioneer, NY

9. Sr. Kevin Innis, St. Peter’s Prep, NJ
Reno RU to Knowles. NHSCA JR 3rd.

10. Sr. Nate Gaffney, Connellsville, PA
State Champ. Beast RU. POWERade Champ.

11. Sr. Cameron Croy, Brentwood, TN
State Champ. Fargo FS AA.

12. Jr. Harrison Honeycutt, Lake Norman, NC
SC. Super32 Runner-up to Callendar.

13. Jr. Cody Krumwiede, Waverly, IA
USAW Preseason Nationals Champ.

14. Sr. Shane Woods, Tuttle, OK
2x State Champ.

15. Sr. Nick McDiarmid, Fowlerville, MI
2x State Finalist. USAW Preseason Nationals RU. Super32 4th.

16. Sr. J.T. Felix, Centennial, CA
State 4th.

17. Sr. Kyle Caylor, Wichita, KS

1. Sr. Mike McMullen, Wyoming Seminary, PA
Ironman and Beast Titles.

2. Sr. Bobby Telford, St. Mark’s, DE
Bethlehem Champ. Beast RU to McMullen.

3. Sr. Jimmy Lawson, Manchester, NJ
2x State Champ.

4. Sr. Evan Craig, Abington, PA
State Champ. Former Super32 Champ and Fargo Cadet Champ.

5. Sr. Henry Chrino, Brandon, FL
Cheesehead Champ. Super32 Champ.

6. Sr. Ty Demott, Benton, PA
State RU. POWERade Champ. Fargo Finalist. NHSCA JR Champ.

7. Sr. Karl Green, Mt. St. Joeseph’s, MD
POWERade RU to Demott.

8. Sr. Ronnie Coleman, Omaha, NE
2x SC.

9. Sr. Drew Meulman, St. Francis, CA
State RU. NHSCA JR 4th.

10. Sr. Niko Bogojevic, Superior, WI
Double Fargo AA including GR NC.

11. Jr. Donny Longendyke, White Bear Lake, MN
Cadet FS NC. Fargo GR 3rd. USAW Preseason NC.

12. Sr. Cody Dauphin, El Reno, OK
2x State Champ

13. Sr. Ben Buzzelli, Wadsworth, OH
Ironman Finalist.

14. Sr. Donovan Green, Timber Creek, FL
Fargo GR finalist. Super32 RU.

15. Fr. Brooks Black, Blair Academy, NJ
Cadet FS NC. IM 3rd. Beast 3rd. Bethlehem RU to Telford.

16. Sr. Kyle Papendorf, Buchanan, CA
State 4th last year.

17. Sr. Lance Moore, Johnson City, NY
Pennsylvania state 3rd and 5th. NHSCA JR 3rd. Super32 5th.

18. Sr. Adam Praska, Cresco, IA
State 3rd. Unbeaten this year including recent win over Blythe.

19 Jr. Austin Blythe, Williamsburg, IA

20. Sr. Derek Papagianopoulis, Buckingham, MA
Fargo placer.

21. Sr. Terry Williamson, Broken Arrow, OK
State Champ. 6th at IM.

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