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TOM’s High School Regional Rankings: Great Lakes

original photo courtesy of Max Ortiz; The Detroit News

Welcome to a new feature that we at TOM are very proud of, the High School regional rankings. For the next couple of weeks, we will release rankings of eight different regions that will cover the entire nation. Why is this needed, you may ask? These rankings will allow us to focus more attention on wrestlers from around the country that could be considered overlooked at this time. With talent clustered in certain areas of the nation, there are plenty of quality wrestlers from outside those “power-states” or regions that may get slighted. And don’t worry, we’ll have rankings for those areas too!

Our third installment of the regional rankings will focus on the Great Lakes Region. This area will include wrestlers from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. 

For these rankings and all others, only wrestlers that competed in the state tournament series (aside from Ohio) will be considered. They will only be ranked at their weight from the state tournament, as well. This will only include high school wrestlers, even if their state allows seventh and eighth graders to compete at the high school level. Also, wrestlers from private schools will be counted in the state of their school, not their home state.

Once all of our rankings have been released, they will be found here

So, with all of that out of the way, enjoy the Great Lakes Regional Rankings!

Weight/Rank Name School Grade State College
1 Kannon Webster Washington Fr. Illinois
2 Marlon Yarbrough Copley Jr. Ohio
3 Pacey Najdusak Mason Sr. Ohio Cumberlands
4 Pito Castro Brecksville So. Ohio
5 Caden Horwath Davison Fr. Michigan
6 Joe Fernau Montini Catholic So. Illinois
7 Sammie Hayes Carl Sandburg So. Illinois
8 William Baysingar Prospect Fr. Illinois
9 Christopher Earnest Wadsworth Fr. Ohio
10 Ben Aranda Dekalb Jr. Illinois
11 Logan Miller Brownsburg Fr. Indiana
12 Charlie Farmer Moline Jr. Illinois Army West Point

Illinois typically has excellent 106 lb weight classes and this year is no different. Kannon Webster navigated through the state undefeated, taking the top spot here and finished the year ranked #4 nationally. Webster (3rd) and two other wrestlers from the Land of Lincoln were top-six in Fargo’s U16 freestyle tournament last year #6 Joe Fernau (6th) and #12 Charlie Farmer (5th). Fernau had an excellent state tournament and knocked off Farmer, #7 Sammie Hayes and #8 William Baysingar, despite starting the event with nine losses on the year. #2 Marlon Yarbrough was fourth at the Walsh Ironman defeating #3 Pito Casto head-to-head and also won the Medina Invitational.

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