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TOM’s High School Regional Rankings: Rocky Mountain (Oct. 13th)


Vince Cornella photo courtesy of Anna-Lee Marie; anna-leemariephotography.mypixieset.com

Welcome to the second season of TOM's High School Regional Rankings. Over the next few weeks, we will release rankings for eight different regions that cover the entire nation. Why is this needed, you may ask? These rankings will allow us to focus more attention on wrestlers from around the country that could be considered overlooked at this time. With talent clustered in certain areas of the nation, there are plenty of wrestlers from outside those "power-states" or regions that get slighted. And don't worry, we have rankings for those areas too!

We'll start with the Rocky Mountain region. This area will include wrestlers from Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

Weight/Rank Name School State Grade College
1 Brady Collins Wray Colorado So.
2 Roberto Estrada Weld Central Colorado Jr.
3 Dayson Torgerson Richfield Utah So.
4 Trenton Ward Bear River Utah Sr.
5 Tristan Bremer Lewiston Idaho Jr.
6 Derek Glenn Jr. Cherokee Trail Colorado Jr.
7 Kyison Garcia Mountain Ridge Utah So.
8 Mark Cardenas Pomona Colorado So.
9 Jacob Carson Pleasant Grove Utah So.
10 Saol Prado SLAM Academy Nevada Jr.
11 Hans Newby Grace Idaho So.
12 Tony Garcia Lopez Poudre Colorado Jr.

As one may expect in the preseason, this weight class stands to change more than any other. Due to talented incoming freshmen that usually inhabit the 106 lb weight class and the fact that many don't stay at the weight for more than a year, it's a fluid situation. One of the new faces is Mark Cardenas, who won the elite division at the Freakshow last weekend. Nevada's Saol Prado took third in the same bracket and defeated some quality competition from California.

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