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TOM’s High School Regional Rankings: Southeast (Dec. 9th)

photo courtesy of SEWrestle.com

Welcome to the second season of TOM's High School Regional Rankings. Over the next few weeks, we will release rankings for eight different regions that cover the entire nation. Why is this needed, you may ask? These rankings will allow us to focus more attention on wrestlers from around the country that could be considered overlooked at this time. With talent clustered in certain areas of the nation, there are plenty of wrestlers from outside those "power-states" or regions that get slighted. And don't worry, we have rankings for those areas too!

We started this round of rankings with the Rocky Mountain Region and the Midwest Region and now we'll move on to the Southeast region. This area will include wrestlers from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Weight/Rank Name School Grade State College
1 Nick Corday Baylor School Tennessee Junior Army West Point
2 Ethan Rivera Lake Highland Prep Florida Freshman
3 Christian Guzman Columbus (Miami) Florida Junior
4 Caleb Uhorchuk Signal Mountain Tennessee Sophomore
5 Blaise Alberado Thompson Alabama Senior
6 Adrian Morales South Dade Florida Junior
7 Bryson Terrell Bradley Central Tennessee Sophomore
8 Tyler Washburn Palmetto Ridge Florida Sophomore
9 Ty Tice Eastside South Carolina Sophomore
10 Anderson Heap Osceola (Kissimmee) Florida Freshman
11 Leland Reeves Taylor County Kentucky Freshman
12 Jay Peace Cane Bay South Carolina Freshman

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