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TOMs Dirty Dozen Top Prospects Class 2013

To kick off our Top Prospect Reports we are going to do a breakdown of our top 12 recruits (as of now). You will be seeing updates throughout the season as new wrestlers emerge and work their way up, while others may work themselves down.

We are going to breakdown why we think they are where they are at. As we have stated before these rankings or rather ratings are not based on their current national rankings, but rather based on what our staff believes their college potential to be.

Please keep in mind these are our opinions, some may agree, others will disagree. That is the way it works, but we have thought out and discussed each selection.

Bo Jordan – Graham, OH
College Choice: Ohio State
Projected Weight: 157/165

Any wrestler in our top 12 is good, real good. Many believe he may be the best one out there, while others have pointed to the lack of big tournament appearances.

But not every wrestler goes to every tournament. We do not like to hold that against them. What we can do is break down film and look at what each wrestler brings to the table. We think Jordan brings a lot to the table. The first thing that stands out to us is his mastery of the basics. He is well coached and has very solid mat awareness. He also transitions well from position to position. Not the stop and go we see with far to many high school wrestlers in today’s age.

Shows an aggressive style on top. At times he does rush things and at the next level that could cause some issues, but that is a lesson that can be learned fast in any division I room. Jordan is very good at changing levels on his shots and looks to finish low. After watching a fair amount of film we did notice a trend that he likes to shoot right off the initial whistle in matches. This is not a bad thing. He also prefers to attack to his right site, mostly singles. He will need to attack both sides in college, but with his basics already rock solid he should be able to pick that up with no problem.

Jordan also shows an ability to ride, which also seems to be a lost art in today’s high school wrestling. The ability to ride can be a huge asset at the college level.

Overall Jordan has the skill set that makes him a top prospect. He is pretty close to being college ready from what we can see. We do think that a redshirt year would be a benefit for him. The Buckeyes got another good one to add to an already strong young team.

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