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A Statistical Analysis of Class of 2021 Division I Wrestling Recruits in the Keystone State

Three-time PIAA State Champion (Seneca Valley) and Oklahoma Wrestling recruit Alejandro Herrera-Rondon. (Image courtesy of of PA Power Wrestling).

With respect to high school wrestling, it is widely accepted that Pennsylvania traditionally has the most talented crop of high school wrestlers. 

With that, that does not mean states like Illinois, Ohio, California, Iowa, Oklahoma, New York, and others do not produce some quality Division I-caliber athletes as well – they do – but the Keystone State is statistically the most fruitful for elite Division I talent. 

Similarly, it is also acknowledged that the Big Ten Conference is the premier Division I wrestling conference. Outside of the Big Ten, there is debate about how the remaining six conferences (ACC, Big 12, EIWA, MAC, Pac-12, and SoCon) rank for the quality of wrestling talent within each  conference. 

Because of the praise that Pennsylvania high school wrestling and the Big Ten often receive, one might expect that most Pennsylvania preps would flock to those 14 Big Ten institutions. Or attend a handful of other blue-chip wrestling schools like Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Cornell, Arizona State, NC State, Pitt, Lehigh, and a few of tradition-rich "wrestling schools."

Well, suppose we take a deeper statistical dive into the PA Power Wrestling Class of 2021 commitments list, which was last updated in mid-April of 2021. In that case, we see that the data on Division I recruits from this Pennsylvania in the Class of 2021 list reveals some shocking results. 

Read below to see what trends emerged during The Open Mat's statistical analysis of the final PA Power Wrestling' Class of 2021 commitments list.

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