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Super 32 Standouts from Non-Traditional Power States


photo courtesy of SEWrestle.com

In analyzing and dissecting the results of the Super 32, one of the fun takeaways was that there were a handful of wrestlers from non-traditional power states that had excellent tournaments. A notable nugget of information discovered by Willie Saylor of MatScouts was that Tennessee had as many (3) placewinners at the boys high school level as did California. No disrespect to Tennessee, but these two states are rarely mentioned in the same breath when it comes to wrestling accomplishments. Of course, there are plenty of possible explanations for this. First is the proximity of the Super 32 (Greensboro, NC/Myrtle Beach, SC) to Tennessee compared to California. Another factor is that wrestlers in California have experienced much more difficulty trying to train compared to the rest of the country. And to give Tennessee it’s due, they have a good crop of young talent current in their high school ranks. 

Looking beyond Tennessee, there were plenty of wrestlers from outside the normal wrestling-belt of America (New Jersey-Pennsylvania-Ohio-Illinois-etc) that shined over the weekend. We’ve highlighted some of the wrestlers from Alabama, Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia that shined in Myrtle Beach. 

We have to single one of them out first….Louisiana. Louisiana had not one, but two, Super 32 placewinners. Evan and Jacob Frost became the first wrestlers from the state ever to place at the tournament. Due to a state regulation, Louisiana wrestlers had been prevented from entering the event until 2020. Even so, Louisiana hasn’t been a hotbed for high-end high school and college talent. With some young blood in the Louisiana club scene and the Frosts’ success, maybe that will change. 

We’ll start off with these wrestlers, which could be labeled the known commodities. They came into the tournament with a national ranking and, in most cases, a boat-load of national credentials. While they hail from non-traditional power states, they have already established themselves as players on the national level. 

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