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Ten-Year Challenge: Fargo’s 2009 Champs vs 2019

Fargo Champs

original photo courtesy of Jim Thrall; MatFocus.com

We’re almost two weeks removed from Fargo, but we at TOM just can’t get the Fargodome out of our head. Maybe it’s just the smell of cinnamon roasted almonds on the concourse, but perhaps it's also the tradition of all of the great wrestlers that have climbed over the railings to compete for stop signs on the raised mat. Earlier this year, the whole “Ten-Year Challenge” was a thing. I’m not sure if it still is, but we’re going to make sure that’s the case, at least for today. 

For today’s exercise, we’ll take a look at some of the Fargo champions from a variety of age groups and styles from 2009 and compare them to the winners at the same, or close to the same weight class, since many have shifted over the last ten years. Of course, as we have these hypothetical matches, we need to do our best to remember we’re judging these wrestlers from back in 2009. Many of them have gone on to have long, distinguished careers, which isn’t fair the group from 2019 that may be just entering college or even still in high school. So, put on your best Ed Hardy shirt, take that phone with the slide-out keyboard out of your junk drawer and let's channel 2009! 

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