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 Pictured: The Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Giant Center is home to the Pennsylvania (PIAA) Class-2A and Class-3A State Tournaments. 

What a busy weekend of wrestling it was!

On the high school scene, it was the second weekend of individual high school state tournaments. This weekend (Feb. 17-19) was the busiest one yet! With that, north of 20 different states brought their respective boys high school seasons to a close. At this juncture, nearly 25 total states have officially concluded the 2021-22 boys high school wrestling season. All others states will be finishing their seasons over the next few weeks.

On the Division I circuit, this weekend (Feb. 18-20) was the last full weekend of regular-season competition. At this point, virtually all of Division I is off until the first weekend in March (March 5-6), when all seven conferences host their postseason tournaments before NCAAs in Detroit, Michigan, March 17-19.

Below are all the brackets and results (on Trackwrestling: +, Flo: *, or Rokfin: ^) for each completed high school state tournament so far (As of Feb. 21, 2022).

Boys Individual State Tournaments

Note: + is Trackwrestling, * is FloWrestling, and ^ is Rokfin.

Alabama – Link +

Arizona – Link +

Arkansas – Link +

Colorado – Link +

Connecticut – Link *

Georgia – Link +

Illinois – Link ^

Indiana – Link ^

Iowa – Link *

Louisiana – Link

Massachusetts – Link +

Mississippi – Link +

Missouri – Link +

Montana – Link +

Nebraska Link

Nevada – 2A Link + 3A Link +

New Mexico – Link

North CarolinaLink +

North Dakota – A Link + B Link

Tennessee – DII Link +

Texas – Link +

Utah –  1A AND 2A Link +, 3A Link + 4A Link +, 5A Link +, 6A Link +

Virginia – 1-3 Link +, 4 Link +, 5 Link, 6 Link +

Washington – Link +

Note: This list will continuously be updated as various brackets and tournament results become available over the next few weeks.

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