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TOM’s Official 2011 Super32 Preview w/ Update

Willie Saylor, Editor

*** There are a few weight class changes. Notably, Chance Marsteller and Jason Luster are in at 160. Garrett Hammond moves up to 152.  Weight class capsules and predictions have been updated.

We will continue to post updates as information becomes available.***

Every year, I can’t wait for certain wrestling events to get here. Hershey, PA, for the most intense state drama you’ll find. The Ironman. The NHSCA’s. The EIWA tournament and NCAA’s.

Fargo can never get here soon enough.

And Super32. In addition to the field being absolutely off the hook, the Super32 signifies that the season is just around the corner.

Now here we are, with an unbelievable (and I mean, really, almost un-able-to believe) group of wrestlers at our feet getting ready to get the show on the road.

Eight-two ranked wrestlers will be competing at this year’s edition. That’s 30% of the top kids in the country. And scores more Honorable Mention types who are on the bubble.

Usually I write paragraph upon paragraph in an effort to get highlight every kid. But the field is so big and so strong this year, I could have written a book. So, this year, and for this tournament, I just give you a few tidbits while listing a sampling of credentials of the guys who are likely to be top contenders.

Read it, learn it, love it. Sit back and enjoy.

Wrestling is back.



106 (135-5)

The Contenders:

#4-So. Nathan Boston, Lawrence North, IN – FloNationals Runner-Up

#7-Fr. Matt Kolodzik, Miami Valley, OH – Fargo 5th

#12-So. Sean Russell, Collins Hill, GA – State Champ

#13-So. Ryan Millhof, Collins Hill, GA – NHSCA Freshman Champ

#17-Sr. Jan Rosenburg, Morris Knolls, NJ – Fargo 3rd, State 3rd, NHSCA JR Champ

HM (112)-Fr. Dylan Lucas, Brandon, FL – State Champ

HM-So. Coy Ozias, Christiansburg, VA – State Champ

Jr. Tommy Aloi, VA – Fargo 6th

So. Brent Fleetwood, Smyrna, DE – 2010 Fargo Champ, 3x Fargo AA

Fr. AC Headlee, Waynesburg, PA – Fargo 6th

Jr. Alec Huxford, Jackson Memorial, NJ

Fr. Vincenzo Joseph, Pitt CC, PA

Jr. Kyle Kelly, Chenango Forks, NY – State Champ

Fr. Michael Kemerer, Franklin, PA

8th, Kyle Norstrem, TB Christian, FL

8th, Luke Pletcher, Latrobe, PA

Fr. Freddy Stroker, Bettendorf, IA – Fargo 7th

Fr. Drew Wixson, St. Johns, MI

Field Highlights:  It’s no secret that I love the little guys. Eric Grajales, Scotti Sentes, Jordan Frishkorn, David Taylor, Tyler Nauman. These are some of the previous Super32 Champions at 103, which often times serves as the proving ground for the next generation of stars.

This field is no different. From Boston through Millhof, these kids are all proven.

What I’m excited about though, is the debuts of many of the kids that are unknown, yet (trust me) bound for future stardom.

PA boasts four of the best up-and-comers with Kemerer, Joseph, Headlee, and Pletcher. A fifth, Freddy Stroker, just moved from PA to Iowa.

Additionally, Florida brings in two phenoms: Dylan Lucas and Kyle Norstrem.

Get familiar with these names. You’ll be hearing about them for the foreseeable future.

Darkhorse: Ozias and Fleetwood. Both are talented, but were undersized last year. If they got a little bigger, they could throw a monkey wrench into any plans here.

Young Gun Watch: Both the PA and FL contingents.

TOM’s Picks:

1. Boston, IN

2. Kolodzik, OH

3. Kemerer, PA

4. Millhof, GA

5. Stroker, IA

6. Russell, GA

7. Lucas, FL

8. Rosenberg, NJ


113 (134-8)

The Contenders:

#3-Jr. Nathan Tomasello, CVCA, OH – Fargo AA, S32 Runner-Up, Ironman Champ

#5-Jarred Brooks, Warsaw, IN – Fargo Runner-Up

#5 (@103) –Zac Hall, St. Johns, MI-State Finalist, Fargo AA, S32 Placer

#6-Jr. JR Wert, Christiansburg, VA – Ironman and Beast Placer, State Champ

#10-So. Dalton Macri, Canon-McMillan, PA – Multiple Fargo AA, S32 Placer

#10-Jr. Darian Cruz, Bethlehem Catholic, PA – S32 Champ, Fargo Champ, NHSCA Soph. Champ

Darian Cruz Looks for second Belt

#19-Jr. Ryan Diehl, Trinity, PA – State Champ

#19-Sr. Billy Rappo, Council Rock-South, PA – State Champ, S32 Placer

HM-Jr. Brendan Calas, Seton Hall Prep, NJ – State Champ

So. Will Crisco, Daniel Hand, CT

HM-So. James Flint, Brandon, FL – State Champ

HM-So. Luis Gonzalez, North Bergen, NJ – State Runner-Up

HM-Sr. Jordan Wigger, Summerville, SC – 3x State Champ

Jr. Trey Aslanian, Edgemont, NY – State Runner-Up

Jr. John Archangelo, Smyrna, DE –State Runner-Up

So. Devan Berrian, Brandon, FL – State Runner-Up

Fr. Sam Krivus, Hempfield, PA

Sr. Braun Marquez, Randall, TX – State Champ

Sr. Cassidy Oshiro, Maryknoll High, HI – Fargo AA

Sr. Mark Raghunandan, Long Beach, NY – State Runner-Up

Jr. Mitch Rogaliner, Bedford, MI – State Runner-Up

So. Gabe Schroeck, Helena, MT – Fargo AA, State Champ

Jr. Tanner Shoap, Chambersburg, PA

Sr. Cody Stageberg, Cox, VA – State Champ

Field Highlights:  Five placers from last year’s 103 bracket return here at 112, including both finalists, Cruz and Tomasello, who also met in Ironman finals. Macri, Diehl, and Rappo also placed in 2010.

Tomasello beat Brooks in Fargo finals this summer. Along with Brooks, JR Wert, last year’s Beast Champ, are going to be HUGE for this weight.

But, what makes Super32 the Super32 is the depth behind the household names. Here we have 13 other state finalists that could make noise, including two from New Jersey, two from Florida, and Wigger, a 3xer from South Carolina, who’s placed in several national tournaments.

Despite the incredible depth here, and with Cruz and Tomasello likely on opposite sides, this bracket will most likely play out to those two having to get past Brooks and Wert to get their 3rd primetime meeting in a year.

Darkhorses: There are several here. Watch for two guys from smaller wrestling states: Schroeck from Montana and Oshiro from Hawaii.

Young Gun Watch: Sam Krivus, PA

TOM’s Picks:

1. Wert, VA

2. Cruz, PA

3. Tomasello, OH

4. Brooks, IN

5. Rappo, PA

6. Wigger, SC

7. Macri, PA

8. Flint, FL


120 (182-7)

The Contenders:

#3-Sr. George DiCamillo, St. Ignatius, OH – State Champ, Ironman Champ, S32 Placer

#13-Sr. Cory Stainbrook, Walsh Jesuit, OH – State Runner-Up

#15-Jr. Conner Schram, Canon-McMillan, PA – 2x State Finalist, Super32 3rd

#16-Sr. Austin Hood, Louisburg, KS – State Champ, 2010 Double Fargo Finalist

#17-Sr. Drew Ferguson-Mitchell, Collins Hill, GA – NHSCA Soph. National Champ

#17-Jr. Jacob Schmitt, St. Johns, MI – 2x State Finalist, Super32 Placer, Fargo AA

#19-Sr. Eric Montoya, Volcano Vista, NM – 3x State Champ, NHSCA Soph. Runner-Up

HM-Sr. Kaleb LeMaire, Caesar Rodney, DE – State Champ, NHSCA Placer

HM- Sr. Will Mason, Cape Henry, VA – National Prep Champ

HM-Sr. Paul Petrov, Hanover, IN – 3x State Placer

Sr. Ricky Carter, Timber Creek, NJ – State 3rd

Sr. Alec Dierna, Wayne, NY – State Champ

So. Brock Ervin, Union County, KY – State Champ

Sr. Jacob Goodwin, Bishop Lynch, TX – State Champ

Jr. Shiquan Hall, St. Thomas Aquinas, FL

So. Micah Hight, Caesar Rodney, DE – State Champ, Ironman 3rd

Sr. Cody Hummer, Savannah, MO – State Champ

So. Mike Magaldo, Watchung Hills, NJ – State Runner-Up

Jr. Emilio Martinez, Greeley West, CO – NHSCA So. National Champ

Jr. Logan Meister, McDonough, MD – Prep Placer

Sr. Godwin Nyama, Brashear, PA

So. Justin Oliver, Davison, MI – State Champ

Sr. Max Rogers, Delbarton Prep, NJ

So. Josh Terao, Mid Pacific Institute, Hawaii

Jr. Mark West, Hauppauge, NY – State Champ

Sr. Garth Yenter, Campbell County, KY – State Champ

Field Highlights: This is an odd weight, at least from my perspective, from the standpoint that I absolutely love DiCamillo and favor him to make the finals, yet to say who will make it out of the gauntlet to meet him there, it’s really a crapshoot. There are so many guys so close to one another as far as ability and what they’ve accomplished.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see any of the ranked guys reach the finals. Conversely, it wouldn’t surprise me to see any of them not place. There’s that much quality depth amongst the rest of the field.

Darkhorses: Read above. There are so many kids that could emerge with otherwise surprising performances. A guy I really like is LeMaire. He’s feisty.

Young Gun Watch: Emilio Martinez, CO

TOM’s Picks:

1. DiCamillio, OH

2. Stainbrook, OH

3. Montoya, NM

4. Schram, PA

5. Nyama, PA

6. Goodwin, TX

7. Schmitt, MI

8. LeMaire, DE


126 (153-12)

The Contenders:

#1-Sr. Rossi Bruno, Brandon, FL – 3x State Champ, S32 Finalist, 3x NHSCA Finalist, Fargo Champ

#1-Jr. Joey Dance, Christiansburg, VA – 2x State Champ, 2x Fargo Champ, 2x Super32 Finalist

Joey Dance leads a group of 5 former finalists in pursuit of a S32 title.

#4-Sr. Nathan Kraisser, Centennial, MD – State Champ, S32 Champ, Fargo Runner-Up

#6-Jr. Anthony Ashnault, South Plainfield, NJ – 2x State Champ, S32 Champ, Double Fargo AA

#7-Jr. Zain Retherford, Benton, PA – State Champ, Fargo AA, S32 Runner-Up

#9-Jr. Dean Heil, St. Edwards, OH – State Champ, Ironman Runner-Up

#10-Sr. Corey Keener, Blue Mountain, PA – State Champ

#12-Sr. Randy Cruz, Bethlehem Catholic, PA – 2x State Runner-Up, NHSCA Soph. Champ

#12-So. Gary Wayne Harding, Collinsville, OK – State Champ, Fargo Runner-Up

#16-Jr. Troy Heilman, South Plainfield, NJ – State Runner-Up

#16-Sr. Chris Caton, Northside, NC – NHSCA JR Runner-Up, S32 Placer

#20-Sr. Garrison White, Robinson, NC – Fila Runner-Up

HM-Sr. Russell Coleman, Park Hill, MO – State Champ, Ironman Placer, S32 Placer

HM-Sr. Eric Devos, Iowa City West, IA – State Champ, Super32 Placer, Fargo AA

HM- Sr. Cody Phillips, Union County, IN – 2x State Champ, FloNationals Runner-Up

HM-Sr. Martin Ramirez, Elk Grove, CA – NHSCA Jr. Champ

HM-Sr. Zach Watson, Baylor School, TN – 3x State Champ, NHSCA Finalist

Jr. Ken Bade, Detroit CC, MI – State Champ

So. Joynce Blaylock, Berryhill, OK – State Runner-Up, Fargo Runner-Up

Sr. Alex Calandrino, Howell, MI – State Runner-Up

Sr. Clay Cathey, Skyview, MT –State Champ, NHSCA Placer

So. Jon-Jay Chavez, De La Salle, CA – Fargo Champ

Sr. Kevin Devoy, Burlington, NJ – 2x State 4th

Fr. Isaac Dulgarian, St. Thomas Aquinas, KS

Jr. Dennis Gustafson, Forest Park, VA – NHSCA Soph. National Runner-Up

Jr. Brian Hamann, Jackson Memorial, NJ

Sr. David Jeffrey, Parkersburg South, WV – 3x State Champ, Ironman Placer

Fr. Josh Maruca, Franklin Regional, PA

Jr. Xavi Ramos, McDonough, MD – Prep Placer

Sr. TJ Ruschell, Ryle, KY – State Champ

Sr. Jake Smith, Robinson, VA – State Champ, Beast Placer, S32 Placer

Sr. Sam Speno, Fox Lane, NY – State Runner-Up

So. Clay Walker, Eastside, SC – State Champ, NHSCA Fr. National Champ

Sr. Skylar Wood, Platte County, MO – State Champ, S32 Placer, 2x Fargo AA

Field Highlights: The weight everyone is talking about. The weight to end all weights. This field might go down as one of the deepest brackets in history. Over half of the ranked kids in the country are here and there’s a ton of depth to boot. There are, count ‘em, 5 former Super32 finalists, ten former placers, and six Fargo finalists.

At the top, you have to start with our Co-#1’s Bruno and Dance, Dance and Bruno, who have swapped a couple bouts this summer, and who both won Fargo titles.

And the beat goes on and on. You know the ranked kids. I wouldn’t be telling you anything you already don’t know by talking about them, and everyone outside of them has to be considered long odds to make a run.

Darkhorse: Although he’s ranked, Troy Heilman isn’t really a household name. I look for him to have a great year, starting in Greensboro. Another tough Jersey kid is  Hamann. Don’t be surprised if he upsets the boat.

Young Gun Watch: Isaac Dulgarian, KS, and Josh Maruca, PA. So. Clay Walker, So.

TOM’s Picks:

1. Bruno, FL

2. Kraisser, MD

3. Dance, VA

4. Heil, OH

5. Cruz, PA

6. Ashnault, NJ

7. Keener, PA

8. Retherford, PA


132 (162-5)

The Contenders:

#3-Jr. Brandon Jeske, Cox, VA –State Champ, Fargo Champ, 2x Super32 Runner-Up

#5-Sr. Alex Cisneros, Selma, CA – 3x State Champ, Super32 Champ

#6-Jr. Kevin Norstrem, Brandon, FL – State Champ, Fargo AA, Super32 Placer

#15-Sr. John Fahy, Trinity, KY – State Champ, 2x Super32 Placer

#19-Jr. Tyson Dippery, Central Dauphin, PA – State Placer, Super32 Placer, Fargo AA

HM- So. Tyler Berger, Hermiston, OR – State Champ

HM- Sr. Laike Gardner, Biglerville, PA – State Placer, Fargo AA

HM – Sr. Devon Jackson, Yorktown, IN – 2x State Runner-Up

HM-Jr. Neal Molloy, Danville, IN – State Champ

HM- Sr. Joey Ward, Moeller, OH – State Champ

Sr. Shyheim Brown, Central Dauphin, PA – 2x State Placer, Super32 Placer

Jr. Jaycee Carr, Union County, KY – State Champion, NHSCA Placer

Jr. Colt Cotton, Benton, PA – State Placer, NHSCA Placer

So. Joey Galasso, Father Judge, PA – National Preps 3rd

Sr. Tyler Hunt, S. Plainfield, NJ – State Placer

Sr. Brandon Jorge, Lake Gibson, FL – State Champ

Jr. Brandon Keller, Timber Creek, NJ – State Placer

Sr. Matt Kibblehouse, Salesianum, DE – State Champ

Sr. Campbell Lewis, Soddy Daisey, TN – State Champ, NHSCA Placer

Sr. Connor Melde, Bergen Catholic, NJ – State Placer

Jr. Brant Schafer, St. Johns, MI – State Runner-Up

So. Chad Walsh, Camden Catholic, NJ – State Placer

Sr. Arty Walsh, Schuykill Valley, PA – State Champ

Jr. George Weber, John Carroll, MD – National Prep Placer

Field Highlights: This weight is a little reminiscent of 120 in that there is certainly quality depth, but I’m not so sure anyone can stop Jeske, should he be top seeded, from reaching the finals, which he’ll attempt to do for the third straight time.

If seeds hold true to rankings, we’ll get a real treat of a semi with Cisneros and Norstrem.

These three guys represent the class of another strong bracket. But who could upset the apple cart?

Look to guys like Laike Gardner, who has been wrestling well and is primed for a coming out party. And Devon Jackson, who is a very fundamental wrestler and will be in the thick of things with everyone. Also keep an eye on Joey Ward out of Ohio.

Darkhorse: Shyheim Brown, PA

Young Gun Watch: A trio of talented sophomores could make a big splash here: Galasso, PA; Berger, OR; Molloy, IN.

TOM’s Picks:

1. Jeske, VA

2. Norstrem, FL

3. Gardner, PA

4. Cisneros, CA

5. Berger, OR

6. Jackson, IN

7. Molloy, IN

8. Fahy, KY


138 (145-8)

The Contenders:

#1- Sr. Jason Tsirtsis – Crown Point, IN – 3x State Champ, Fargo Champ, 2x Super32 Runner-Up

#1- Sr. Nate Skonieczny, Walsh Jesuit, OH – State Champ, Ironman Champ, Super32 Placer

#2 – Jr. Ben Whitford, St. Johns, MI – 2x State Champ, 3x Fargo Champ, 2x Super32 Placer

#4 – Sr. Quinton Murphy, Holley, NY – 3x State Champ, Fargo AA, NHSCA AA, Super32 Placer

#11- Jr. Austin Mathews, Reynolds, PA – State Runner-Up, NHSCA Champ, Super32 Placer

#12 – Sr. Tony DeAngelo, Southern Alamance, NC – State Champ, 2x NHSCA Finalist

#14 – Sr. Steve Spearman, Erie McDowell, PA – State Champ, Fargo Runner-Up, Super32 Champ

#20 – Jr. Shayne Tucker, Bella Vista, CA – 2x State Placer, Super32 Placer

HM-So. Aaron Hartman, Palm Harbor, FL – State Runner-Up, NHSCA Fr. National Champ

HM- Sr. Ty Lydic, Latrobe, PA – Fargo AA

HM-Sr. Mitch Newhouse, Massillon-Perry, OH – State Runner-Up

HM- Sr. Will Switzer, Archbishop Spaulding, MD – Prep Placer, 2x NHSCA Placer

Fr. Fox Baldwin, Osceola, FL – State Champ

Sr. James Dekrone, John Glenn, NY – State Runner-Up

Sr. Brooks Martino, Robinson, VA – State Champ

Sr. Nick Maselli, Emerson-Park Ridge, NJ

Jr. Josh Pennell, St. Johns, MI – Fargo AA

Jr. Devin Vasquez, Eastview, TX

Sr. Alex Ward, McCallie School, TN

Field Highlights: With nearly half the ranked kids in the country present here, #1-Tsirtsis is at the top of the heap, but with plenty of kids who will press him. Notably, the juggernaut known as Ben Whitford is here, along with recent Iowa signee, Skonieczny.

Thos will likely be your top three seeds, meaning Whitford and Skon hit in the semi’s should they navigate their way to it.

I really like the ‘back-half’ of this weight, and I think it’s being largely overlooked as one of the tougher brackets here. All the ranked guys are incredible talents, and the honorable mentions are tough as nails. Together, eight of these guys placed at S32 before.

Darkhorse: Lydic is up and down, but he’s a tough out for anyone. And it should surprise no one if he places highly. James Dekrone has been wrestling very tough lately. And Devin Vasquez is a great athletic talent. It should also be interesting to get a look at Newhouse, a very talented kid who is up a lot in weight after making the state finals last year at 112.

Young Gun Watch: Fox Baldwin, FL, and Aaron Hartman of FL, who has a win in his young career over Rossi Bruno. Josh Shields, PA.

TOM’s Picks:

1. Whitford, MI

2. Tsirtsis, IN

3. Skonieczny, OH

4. Murphy, NY

5. Lydic, PA

6. DeAngelo, NC

7. Tucker, CA

8. Mathews, PA


145 (140-7)

The Contenders:

#5- Sr. Jacob Crawford, Robinson, VA – 3x State Champ, NHSCA Finalist, Super32 Finalist

#6- Sr. Matt Cimato, LaSalle HS, PA – Super32 Placer, 2x Fargo AA

#9- So. Jack Clark, McDonough, MD – National Prep Runner-Up, Fila AA, Fargo AA

#12- So. Solomon Chisko, Canon-McMillan, PA – State Runner-Up, 2x Super32 Placer

#13 – Sr. Alec Mooradian, Detroit CC, MI – 2x State Champ, Fila University Placer

#17 – Sr. Lenny Richardson, St. Peter’s Prep, NJ – NHSCA JR National Champ

HM-So. Jack Bass, Allen, TX – State Runner-Up, Fargo Finalist

HM- Sr. Zach Beitz, Juniata, PA – 3x State Placer

HM- Jr. Eric Hoffman, Northern, MD – 2x State Finalist, Super32 Placer

HM- So. Logan Marcicki, Detroit CC, MI – State Champ, Double Fargo AA

HM-Sr. Cody Ross, Springstead, FL – State Champ, Fila AA, Fargo AA

HM-Jr. Cain Salas, Granite City, IL – State Champ, Fargo AA

Sr. RJ Brydon, Forest Hills, PA – State Placer, NHSCA Champ

Jr. Kevin Cooper, Simon Kenton, KY – State Champ

So. Toby Hague, McDonough, MD – Fargo AA, Prep Placer

Sr. Joe Moon, Southern Alamance, NC – State Champ

Sr. Kevin Moylan, Stagg, IL – State Placer, Fargo Placer

Field Highlights: Three Top Ten wrestlers highlight 145. Crawford is a real treat to watch on his feet. And Cimato, whose only loss at the state tournament this year came to now-#1 Mitch Minotti, is a savvy kid who wrestles well from all positions.

Darkhorses: RJ Brydon has had an odd career.  He’s a two time NHSCA finalist with wins over ranked kids, but doesn’t have much of a resume in-state. Maybe he puts it all together here and finds himself in the medal rounds. Another kid I like is Kevin Cooper, who was a very active wrestler when I saw him at Fargo.

Young Gun Watch: Jack Bass, TX, Jack Clark, DE, Marcicki, MI

TOM’s Picks:

1. Crawford, VA

2. Cimato, PA

3. Chisko, PA

4. Richardson, NJ

5. Clark, DE

6. Mooradian, MI

7. Ross, FL

 8. Bass, TX


152 (121-3)

The Contenders:

#15-Sr. Travis Curley, St. Johns, MI – 2x Fargo AA, Fila AA

#19-So. Josh Llopez, LaPlata, MD – State Champ, Fargo 3rd

#18 (@145)– Jr. Garrett Hammond, Chambersburg, PA – State Runner-Up, Double Fargo AA

HM-Jr. Travis Berridge, Brandon, FL  – State Runner-Up

HM-Sr. Tyler Manion, Pittsburgh CC, PA – State Placer, NHSCA Placer

Sr. Ray Bethea, Trenton, NJ – State Placer

Sr. Frankie Colom, St. Peter’s Prep, NJ – State Placer

Sr. Pat Davis, Woodbridge, DE – State Champ

Sr. JA Jones, Thompson, AL – 2x State Champ, Fargo Runner-Up

Sr. Casey Kent, LaSalle, PA – 2x State Placer

8th Mason Manville, South County, VA – Schoolboy Triple Crown Winner

Sr. Eric O’Neill, Winter Springs, FL – State Champ

So. Garrett Peppelman, Central Dauphin, PA – State Placer

Field Highlights: With Marsteller moving up to 160, this weight provides a great opportunity for someone to really make a name for themselves. 

There are six Fargo All-Americans here. But the striking thing about this weight is the number of talented underclassmen.

Look for the placers here to use this as a springboard to launch themselves into rankings staples.

Darkhorse: Watch for JA Jones, a talented kid out of Alabama. He wrestled well at Fargo. Another one that should do well is Casey Kent, who recently signed with Penn.

Young Gun Watch: Mason Manville (VA) who just went 4-2 with Brandon Kingsley. So. Garrett Peppelman, PA.

TOM’s Picks:

1. Peppelman, PA

Chance Marsteller is the favorite at 152

2. Kent, PA

3. Hammond, PA

4. Curley, MI

5. Llopez, MD

6. Manville, VA

7. Berridge, FL

8. Manion, PA


160 (102-8)

The Contenders:

#1-So. Chance Marsteller, Kennard Dale, PA – State Champ, Double Fargo Champ

#7-Sr. Geordan Speiller, Pine Castle, FL – State Champ, Fila Finalist, Fargo Champ

#8-Sr. Devon Gobbo, Delbarton Prep, NJ – Beast of the East Champ, S32 Placer

#8 (@170)-Sr. Cody Allala, Hopewell, VA – 3x State Champ (OK), Beast Runner-Up

#13-Sr. Jordan Wohlfert, St. Johns, MI – State Champ, Fargo Champ

#15-Jr. Tyler Askey, Northgate, GA – 2x State Champ, Super32 Placer, 4x Fargo AA

#16-Sr. Victor Pereira, Newark, CA – State Runner-Up, 2x Fargo AA

#19-So. Burke Paddock, Warsaw, NY – State Champ, NHSCA Champ

#20- So. Andrew Garcia, Detroit CC, MI – State Runner-Up, Fargo AA

HM- Jr. Zack Epperly, Christiansburg, VA – State Champ

HM- Sr. Ben Sullivan, Apple Valley, MN – State Champ (AK), NHSCA Finalist

Sr. Vinny Favia, Christians Brothers, NJ – State Placer

Jr. Ty Walter, Mifflinburg, PA – State Placer

Field Highlights: With recent weight changes, this bracket goes from really solid to star-studded. Ten ranked wrestlers are here, including the #1 kid in the country.

But don’t sleep on the kids you don’t know. You could rename 160 the “All-Underrated Bracket,” as there are several really accomplished wrestlers here that, for some reason or other, don’t receive the hype that a lot of others do.

But many will have a coming out party this weekend, as placing here will help them make their mark.

Speiller and Gobbo, despite their high rankings, aren’t the most well-known athletes among the nation’s stars. But they are stars, and fantastic wrestlers.

And don’t count out Allala. This kid is a hard-nosed worker. He gave Jason Luster fits last year in the Beast finals.

Wohlfert has been around the block, seemingly placing at everything and winning a Fargo title. Askey is a great GA talent who’s been on the national seen since he was just a freshman. Peirera fits the mold as well: great wrestler that is rather under-appreciated.

Darkhorse: Epperly has been wrestling fantastic lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if he scores an upset or two sometime this weekend.

Young Gun: Andrew Garcia, who had a great Fargo tournament.

TOM’s Picks:

1. Marsteller, PA

2. Luster, PA

3. Gobbo, NJ

4. Speiller, FL

5. Allala, VA

6. Pereira, CA

7. Wohlfert, MI

8. Askey, GA


170 (73-3)

The Contenders:

#1-Sr. Taylor Massa, St. Johns, MI – 3x State Champ, Fargo Champ, Fila Champ

The Belt has eluded Massa, but this could be the year.

#19-Jr. Parker Vonegidy, Piedmont, NC – State Champ, Fargo Runner-Up

HM-Jr. Kyle Koziel, Brandon, FL – State Champ, Fargo AA, Fila AA, NHSCA AA

HM-So. Chip Ness, Buford, GA – State Champ

Sr. Austin Coniker, Pitt CC, PA – State Placer

Sr. Brian Dorsey, Bowie, TX – State 3rd, S32 Placer

Jr. Jared Haught, Parkersburg, WV – State Champ

Jr. Jacob Haydock, Brandon, FL – State Champ

Sr. Conor Moran, Solanco, PA – State Placer

Sr. Forest Pryszbysz, Jefferson, GA – State Champ

Sr. Elliot Riddick, Bethlehem Catholic, PA – State Placer

Sr. Tyler Rill, Mt. St. Joes, MD – State Champ

Sr. Tanner Tinsley, Hanover, VA – State Champ

Field Highlights: The unknown commodity here is Vonegidy who had a Cinderella run at Fargo and reached the finals. Let’s see what he does for an encore.

Darkhorse: Elliot Riddick, who signed with Lehigh a few weeks back. He doesn’t have the lengthiest of resumes, and he’s a little inconsistent. But when he’s on he’s tough. For instance, he beat IL State Champ, and highly ranked Steve Congenie this summer.

Also watch out for Austin Coniker and Forest Pryszbysz.

Young Gun: Chip Ness, who could be the next big thing from Georgia.

TOM’s Picks:

1. Massa, MI

2. Vonegidy, NC

3. Koziel, FL

4. Riddick, PA

5. Coniker, PA

6. Ness, GA

7. Rill, MD

8. Pryszbysz, GA


182: (54-10)

The Contenders:

#2 (@170) -Sr. Jordan Thomas, Greenville, MI – 2x State Champ, 4x Fargo AA

#3 (@170)-Jr. Cody Weircioch, Canon-McMillan, PA – State Champ, Super32 Champ

#4-Sr. Brandon Griffin, Sprague, OR – 3x State Champ, S32 Champ, Fila Champ

#6 (@195)-Sr. Chaz Gresham, Goshen, OH – State Champ, Ironman Placer, Super32 Placer

#8-Sr. Kevin Beazley, Detroit CC, MI – State Runner-Up, Fargo Runner-Up, FloNats Runner-Up

#10 (@195)- Sr. Tim Dudley, Irmo, SC – State Champ, NHSCA JR Champ

#11-Sr. David Reck, Colonial Forge, VA – State Champ, NHSCA Finalist

#13-Sr. Greg Wilson, Keller, Texas – State Champ

#14 (@195)-Sr. Jesse Doyle, Wheatmore, NC – State Champ, 3x NHSCA Placer, Super32 Placer

#20 (@195)-Sr. Joe Jessen, Millbrook, VA – State Champ, NHSCA Placer, Beast Placer

Jr. Taylor Jackson, Citrus HS, FL- State Champ

Sr. Gray Jones, Camden County, GA – State Champ

Sr. Jared Lux, North Allegheny, PA – Super32 Placer

Sr. Victor Pozsonyi, Roselle Park, NJ – State Placer, NHSCA Placer

Jr. BJ Toal, Troy Christian, OH – State Runner-Up

Sr. Ryan Wolfe, Caravel Academy, DE – State Runner-Up

Field Highlights: For all the folks focused on the lightweights, you might want have the light bulb come on here. There were a good number of surprise entries at this weight, and it makes for a fantastic bracket, with ten of the nation’s premier wrestlers here. In fact, this weight is second only to 126 in terms of ranked wrestlers.

I say ‘surprise entries’ in reference to the weight that they are entered. Thomas, Weircioch, Griffin, and Reck are ‘up’. Gresham, Doyle, and Jessen are down.

The result is a convergence on one weight that will make for some fireworks.

Griffin and Weircioch were S32 Champs at 160 and 171, respectively, last year.

This summer, Thomas beat Griffin at both Fila JR’s and Fargo, both times in three periods.

Darkhorse: Poszonyi is a very solid wrestler, that could make his way to the podium here. Also, both Taylor Jackson and Gray Jones are kids to keep your eye on.

TOM’s Picks:

1. Griffin, OR

Griffin shows off last year's prize.

2. Thomas, MI

3. Gresham, OH

4. Weircioch, PA

5. Beazley, MI

6. Wilson, TX

7. Dudley, SC

8. Doyle, NC


195 (41-3)

The Contenders:

#5-Jr. Mitch Sliga, Fishers, IN – 4x Fargo Champion

#9-Jr. Brooks Climmons, GA – 2x State Champion

#18-Sr. James Suvak, St. Edwards, OH – Fargo AA, NHSCA Soph. Champ

HM-Jr. Payne Hayden, St. Johns, MI – State 3rd

Sr. Spencer Foucher, Mt. Anthony, VT – State Champ

Sr. Austyn Hayes, Pheonix, NY – State Placer, Super32 Placer

Sr. Cameron King, Trinity, NC – State Champ

Jr. Matt McCutcheon, Kiski Area, PA – State Placer

Sr. Troy Mercer, Rockwall, TX – State 3rd

Sr. Ricky Tisinger, Stonewall Jackson, VA – State Champ

Field Highlights: Mitch Sliga burst on to the national scene as a rare freshman upperweight sensation. It’s strange to think he’s a Junior already. But here he is, with four Fargo titles in tow, and the odds on favorite at 195.

If there is a kid able to knock him off, it could be Climmons, who is one of my favorite wrestlers in the entire country. You may remember me ranking J’Den Cox of Missouri highly. This year, he proved it at Fargo. The similarities with Climmons only begin there. He’s a beast and just keeps getting beastlier. In three years, he’s had just one loss at the state tournament, and that came to nationally ranked Joel Smith when Climmons was just a Freshman.

A finals bout between Sliga and Climmons will be well worth the wait.

TOM’s Picks:

1. Sliga, IN

2. Climmons, GA

3. Suvak, OH

4. McCutcheon, PA


220 (30-1)

The Contenders:

#7-So. Thomas Haines, Solanco, PA – State Champ

Sr. Matt Bennett, Butler, NC – State Runner-Up

Sr. Brendan Darrow, Trinity, KY – State 3rd

Sr. Chuck Kerkesner, Cyprus Lake, FL – State Champ

Sr. Mark Mongell, St. Francis, GA – State Champ

Jr. Trevor Stevens, Pope, GA – State 3rd

Sr. Ray Stone, St. Vincent-St. Mary’s, OH –State Placer

Field Highlights: For those that will be in attendance, feast your eyes on Thomas Haines. He’s tall, lanky, incredibly athletic, and ultimately unorthodox upperweight. He’s also the heaviest freshman state champion in PA history.

TOM’s Picks:

1. Haines, PA

2. Kerkesner, FL

3. Mongell, GA

4. Stone, OH


HWT (29-2)

The Contenders:

#2-Sr. Doug Vollaro, Pine Castle, FL – State Champ, Ironman Runner-Up, Fargo Finalist

#8-Sr. John Dreggors, Springstead, FL – State Runner-Up, NHSCA JR National Champ

HM-Sr. DaQuante Timbers, Freedom, VA – State Placer, Fargo AA

Sr. Jon Boarman, La Plata, MD – State Runner-Up

Sr. Caleb Denny, Moeller, OH – Ironman Placer

PG-Terrance Jean-Jaques, Haverhill, MA – Beast Runner-Up, National Prep Runner-Up

Sr. Mike Kosoy, Olympic Heights, FL

Sr. Billy Swanson, Soddy Daisy, TN – State Champ

So. Jesse Webb, Mau, VT – State Champion

Field Highlights: A pair of Sunshine state delegates highlights the Heavyweight class.

Vollaro has reached the finals of many of the country’s preeminent tournaments and recently committed to Lehigh.

Dreggors won a solid field at NHSCA’s this spring.

Jean-Jacques, who was ranked among the country’s best last year as a member of Wyoming Seminary, is now taking a post graduate year back in his hometown. He lost a 3-1 decision to Vollaro in last winter’s Ironman semi’s.

Also watch for Timbers, whose name is applicable to his stature. The kid is a mammoth, and wrestled well at Fargo.

Denny is a UT-Chattanooga commitment for next year. Kosoy recently committed to NC State.

TOM’s Picks:

1. Vollaro, FL

2. Dreggors, FL

3. Jean-Jacques, MA

4. Kosoy, FL


Ranking the Weights

With so much anticipation around this year’s Super32, and much discussion regarding the toughest weights, I’d thought I’d do a rough breakdown and throw in my two cents.

I think everyone is in general agreement that 126 is absurd. Not only does that weight have the most ranked wrestlers, with 12, they also have 5 HM’s, a bunch more who could be, and a fantastic group of rookies looking to break through.

After that it’s debatable.

Most people automatically look to the lighter weights because there’s usually more depth, and, with it being preseason and football still going on, the upperweights are usually a bit thin. However, the 182lb bracket is simply sick. It is second in terms of ranked wrestlers (10) and has some quality depth behind them. What’s more is, of the 10 ranked guys, 9 of them are from #’s 2 through 14, meaning not are they just ranked, but they are of the highest order.

While the others are about equal in terms of ranked guys, 138 and 145 really have a lot of quality throughout the unranked roster.

Likewise, 113, although having just 1 HM, has very impressive depth.

For my money, here’s the list of the five toughest weights for the 2011 Super32:

1. 126 – 12 Ranked, 5 HM

2. 182 – 10 Ranked, 0 HM

3. 138 – 8 Ranked, 3 HM

4. 145 – 7 Randed, 6 HM

5. 113 – 8 Ranked, 1 HM


Please feel free to post your thoughts on our HS message boards.

See ya’ll in Greensboro!

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