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TOM Super 32 Recap 152 – Heavyweight!

super32Super 32 RECAP: UpperWeights

152 Results
1. Sr. Jackson Morse (MI)
2. So. Taylor Massa (MI)
3. Sr. David Habat (OH)
4. Sr. Brandon Wilbourn (MO)
5. Sr. Bo Candelaria (PA)
6. Sr. Joey Cozart (FL)
7. Sr. Guiseppi Lanzi (NY)
8. Sr. Matt Dehney (MA)

TOM’s Pick: Taylor Massa (MI) over Joey Cozart (FL)

A spectacular all-Michigan final highlighted this weight class. Jackson Morse, who had won this event last year, took out multi-time Fargo Champ Massa in a 1-point match.

Just as impressive was Morse’s semifinal win over Iowa State-bound Joe Cozart. Morse won 5-2 and controlled the entire match.

The Super 32 Belt evaded Massa, who is just a sophomore, for the second straight year. Last year, he lost in the finals to Andrew Alton. Somehow, we think he’ll get the belt in the future.

Brandon Wilbourn had a personal nemesis in this tournament. The future Husker was bounced from the championship round by OH state champ and Edinboro verbal, David Habat. In the consi’s, Habat beat Wilbourn again, this time for third and fourth.

160 Results
1. Sr. Marshall Peppelman (PA)
2. Jr. John Guzzo (NJ)
3. Sr. Eric Hess (PA)
4. Jr. Justin Lozano (CA)
5. Jr. Jake Waste (MN)
6. Sr. Travis Gallegos (CA)
7. Sr. Joe Latham (ND)
8. Sr. Isiah Williams (MA)

TOM’s Pick: Marshall Peppelman (PA) over Eric Hess (PA)

The early buzz of the tournament came from this bracket as California junior Justin Lazano took out New Jersey state champion Nick Visicaro in dominating fashion. Lazano would go on to win 5 more matches and reach the semi’s before settling for 4th place.

Another early upset occurred when former Cadet National Champion Jake Waste lost his first match. Waste would ultimately battle back, winning 7 matches in the wrestlebacks before falling to Lazano and finishing 5th.

One of the best matches of the tournament occurred at 160 when New Jersey junior John Guzzo met PA state champion Eric Hess in the quarterfinals. The nip-and-tuck bout ended with a 5-3 decision for Guzzo who went on to take runner-up honors.

Peppelman was his dominant self in defending his Super 32 Belt. He recorded 3 falls under a minute (2 in less than :30) to go along with 1 technical fall. He gave up just 3 points (all escapes) the entire tournament.

171 Results
1. Sr. Tristan Warner (PA)
2. Sr. Levi Clemons (FL)
3. Sr. Jamie Westwood (NJ)
4. Sr. Billy Coggins (NY)
5. Sr. Andre Petroski (PA)
6. Sr. Ethan Blackstock (GA)
7. Sr. Clint Allala (VA)
8. Sr. Brandon Leitz (NC)

TOM’s Pick: Andre Petroski (PA) over Kenny Courts (PA)

The big match for Warner, was getting through Andre Petroski in semi’s. Warner won a low scoring affair, 2-1, before taking care of business in the finals over Clemons.

Perhaps the most entertaining match of the tournament came when Georgia’s Ethan Blackstock met Levi Huston of Virginia in the round of 16. Locked chest-to-chest, Huston put Blackstock on his back for a 5 pt. play in the first minute. Blackstock methodically made his way back, scoring a 4pt. move of his own in the last 15 seconds to win the match 11-8.

One wrestler that had a really nice showing was New York’s Billy Coggins. After losing to Blackstock in the quarters, Coggins defeated several talented wrestlers, including Petroski, and another PA state placer, Clint Morrison, en route to his 4th place finish.

189 Results
1. Sr. Antonio Georgio (PA)
2. Sr. Stephen McPeek (TX)
3. Jr. Nick Gwiazdowski (NY)
4. Sr. Austin Fallon (VA)
5. Jr. Michael Kennedy (TN)
6. Sr. Ben Brooks (IL)
7. Sr. Fred Garcia (PA)
8. Jr. Nick Kidd (MA)

TOM’s Pick: Antonio Georgio (PA) over Angelo Malvestuto (NY)

Check out these results: fall :23, fall 1:28, 16-1, 14-2, 20-6, 12-6. That’s Giorgio’s performance. While 189 wasn’t the deepest of weight, Giorgio looked as dominant as can be; tearing apart the top bracket with a bevy of turns from the top position. In the finals, he made a win over Fargo AA McPeek look easy.

215 Results
1. Sr. Jamie Callendar (PA)
2. Jr. Harrison Honeycutt (NC)
3. Sr. Alex Polizzi (WI)
4. Sr. Nick McDiarmid (MI)
5. Jr. Jay Taylor (FL)
6. Sr. Steve Graziano (NY)
7. Sr. CJ Collins (GA)
8. Sr. Stephen Newman (FL)

TOM’s Pick: Alex Polizzi (WI) over Nick McDiarmid (MI)

Polizzi had a hiccup in an early match. In his second bout, he looked a little tentative, maybe sluggish, and ultimately lost in overtime rideout to NY’s Graziano. He would battle back to take third, winning 6 consecutive bouts, including a win over Graziano.

While it would have been an interesting match, Polizzi may not have had enough to go with Callendar on this day. The 215lb champ was dominant throughout, easily dispatching a very talented Harrison Honeycutt, a Fargo AA, in the finals.

Hwt. Results
1. Sr. Henry Chrino (FL)
2. Sr. Donovan Green (FL)
3. Sr. Ty DeMott (PA)
4. Sr. Zeal McGrew (NY)
5. Sr. Lance Moore (PA)
6. Jr. Collin Campbell (NC)
7. Sr. Juan Macias (NC)
8. Jr. Caleb Baker (PA)

TOM’s Pick: Tyler DeMott (PA) over Lance Moore (PA)

Another wrestler who wasn’t his sharpest in the early rounds was returning champ, Ty DeMott. After getting put on his back in the first period, DeMott had trimmed the lead to 3 before he recorded a fall with just seconds remaining to escape the 2nd round.

Donovan Green, who is quietly accumulating quite a resume (he was a Fargo finalist this summer) took out DeMott 1-0 in the quarters in the semi’s.

Setting up an All-Florida final, Chrino, an NHSCA Jr. Runner-Up to Demott in March, methodically made his way through the bottom half of the bracket. He wrestled close matches all day, which may have came in handy in the finals as he won a match that could have gone either way.

Returning Super 32 Finalists:

Alex Cisneros, CA
2008: 1st at 103
2009: 4th at 112

Jacob Crawford, VA
2008: 2nd at 103
2009: 3-2 DNP at 125

Devin Carter, VA
2008: 1st at 112
2009: 1st at 125

Frank Cagnina, NJ
2008: 2nd at 125
2009: 1st at 130

Josh Kindig, PA
2008: 2nd at 135
2009: 1st at 140

Taylor Massa, MI
2008: 2nd at 140
2009: 2nd at 152

Jackson Morse, MI
2008: 1st at 145
2009: 1st at 152

Marshall Peppelman, PA
2008: 1st at 152
2009: 1st at 160

Antonio Georgio, PA
2008: 1st at 215
2009: 1st at 189

Miscellaneous and Unimportant Facts

Medalists by Selected States:
Champs/Placers/Total Medalists
PA- 7-21-28
FL- 1-9-10
NY- 0-9-9
VA- 2-6-8
CA- 1-6-7
MI- 1-6-7
OH- 1-6-7
NJ- 1-5-6

*Record of finalists not wearing the Super 32 belt singlets= 4-5. Increase your chances, boys. Wear the darn finalist singlets.

TOM’s Report Card
I picked half the champs correctly, which I’m relatively proud of. But my 11 for 28 finalist prediction record could have been better. In my defense, 6 of my finalists were late scratches.

I picked just one finals result exactly correct (145). My 215 was right, but it happened for 3rd & 4th. Do I get any points for that?

Self-Evaluation Grade: Genius!

*Also of note: The chicken fingers from the concession stand were breath taking. Try them sometime.

Great Event. See You There Next Year!

By Willie Saylor, Editor

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