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World Champions Headline Takedown Radio – Saturday, July 21st

Join us Saturday, July 21th, for The Open Mat’s Takedown Radio show. Takedown Radio is hosted by Scott Casber and Tony Hager live from 9 to 11:00 A.M. (CT) on the iHeartRadio App (Search KXNO 1460), KXNO.com or on AM Radio 1460.

Guest List:
9:00 AM | Curran Jacobs – Catch Wrestling World Champion
9:20 AM | Tyler Graff – Grand Prix of Spain Gold Medalist
9:40 AM | Felicity Taylor – Junior Women’s National Champion and Outstanding Wrestler Award Winner
10:00 AM | Daton Fix – Defending Junior World Champion
10:00 AM | Brent Haam – Interim Cornell College Head Coach
10:40 AM | Emily Shilson – Cadet World Champion


About Takedown Radio

Takedown Radio airs 52 weeks a year on the Fox Sports Radio affiliate KXNO 1460. The radio program began over 20 years ago and covers amateur wrestling that features coaches, wrestlers, fans and many more figures in the sport.

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