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2018 Marine Corps US Open: Senior Greco Preview

Adam Coon vs. Robby Smith

Photo by John Sachs, Tech-Fall.com

As they so often do, whether by choice or because they are forced, Greco will walk their own path this summer as the Senior world team is decided. Head coach Matt Lindland chose not to have his men involved in Final X, preferring a system similar to what has been used in previous years. That means a World Team Trials Challenge Tournament in June, alongside the Junior Duals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that also features the best of three final series on site. Winners of this weekend's US Open will receive a bye to that best of three final at each weight as there are no returning world medalists to warrant consideration. With many wrestlers already qualified for the WTTs later this year, some have opted out of a trip to Vegas. However, with the leg up being offered, most of the best Greco wrestlers in the US are expected to compete.

Action gets underway Thursday, April 26th at 9:00 AM local with the semis set for 6:00 pm that evening. The finals will be the next day at 7:00 pm. Today, we'll go through the field, look at the finals of the last Senior Nationals, held in December of 2016, last year's World Team Trials, and who is expected to challenge for the win in Vegas for all 10 weights. We'll also predict our top finishers of those registered at this stage.

This preview was written based on entries completed Monday morning, April 23rd. All wrestlers entering after that were not considered except when otherwise noted.

55 kg

Last Senior Nationals Final: NA

2017 World Team Trials Final: NA

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