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2019 World Championships: 130kg Greco-Roman Preview


photo courtesy of Richard Immel

Greco-Roman 130 kg Preview

Days of competition: Preliminaries-Semifinals: Monday, September 16th; Finals: Tuesday, September 17th

Seeds: #1 Sergey Semenov (Russia), #2 Adam Coon (USA), #3 Minseok Kim (South Korea), #4 Heiki Nabi (Estonia)

US Entry: Adam Coon

What a Senior-level world debut for Adam Coon at the 2018 World Championships! Adam pinned his first four opponents at the tournament to earn a spot in the world finals. Although Coon had to settle for a silver medal, he carved his name into US Greco history by winning the first world medal since 2015 and also becoming the first world finalist since 2009. Winning his silver medal allowed Adam to skip the US Open and the World Team trials and await an opponent in Final X.  While Coon can be classified as a young phenom, his opponent at Final X was even more so. High school senior Cohlton Schultz emerged from a World Team Trials field that included five-time World/Olympic team member, Robby Smith. Schultz may be a heavyweight to watch in the future, but Coon reminded him that the 130 kg weight class belongs to him after sweeping their Final X series 8-0 and 5-1. Before Final X, Coon had earned a gold medal competing at the Pan-American Championships. Later in the summer, Adam participated in the Pan-American Games and had an uncharacteristic performance, settling for eighth-place. It will be difficult to replicate his run to the finals from 2018, but Coon starts his second World Championship event from the second seed. 


Semenov – 2019 European Games bronze medalist, 2019 European bronze medalist, 2018 World Champion, 2017 U23 World Champion, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist, 2015 Junior World bronze medalist, Two-time Junior World Champion

Coon – 2019 Pan-American Champion, 2018 World silver medalist, 2014 Junior World bronze medalist

Kim – 2019 Oleg Karavaev bronze medalist, 2019 City of Sassari bronze medalist, 2018 World bronze medalist, 2018 Asian Games bronze medalist, 2017 Asian bronze medalist, 2013 Junior World bronze medalist

Nabi – 2019 Hungary Grand Prix Champion, 2018 World fifth-place, 2017 World silver medalist, 2016 Olympic fifth-place, 2015 European Games bronze medalist, 2014 World bronze medalist, 2013 World Champion, 2012 Olympic silver medalist

Riza Kayaalp (Turkey) – Three-time World Champion, Eight-time European Champion, 2016 Olympic silver medalist, Two-time World silver medalist, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, Two-time World bronze medalist, Two-time Junior World Champion, 2007 Junior World silver medalist

Medal Contenders:

Yasmani Acosta Fernandez (Chile) – 2017 World bronze medalist

Oscar Pino Hinds (Cuba) – 2019 Takhti Cup Champion, 2018 World bronze medalist, Three-time Pan-American Champion, 2017 World bronze medalist

Iakobi Kajaia (Georgia) – 2019 European Games silver medalist, 2019 European silver medalist, 2018 European bronze medalist, 2016 Olympian, 2012 Junior World bronze medalist

Eduard Popp (Germany) – 2019 German Grand Prix silver medalist, 2019 Thor Master silver medalist, 2018 World fifth-place, 2016 Olympic fifth-place, 2014 World fifth-place, 2010 Junior World bronze medalist

Amir Ghasemimonjezi (Iran) – Two-time Asian Champion

Damir Kuzembayev (Kazakhstan) – Two-time Asian bronze medalist, 2017 Asian silver medalist

Murat Ramonov (Kyrgyzstan) – Five-time Asian bronze medalist, 2019 Dan Kolov Champion, 2016 Olympian, 2016 Asian silver medalist

Muminjon Abdullaev (Uzbekistan) – Two-time Asian silver medalist, 2018 Asian Games Champion, 2017 Asian bronze medalist, Two-time Olympian

2018 Medalists:

Gold: Sergey Semenov (Russia)

Silver: Adam Coon (USA)

Bronze: Oscar Pino Hinds (Cuba)

Bronze: Minseok Kim (South Korea)

2019 Medal Predictions:

Gold: Riza Kayaalp (Turkey)

Silver: Sergey Semenov (Russia)

Bronze: Adam Coon (USA)

Bronze: Heiki Nabi (Estonia)

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