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2019 World Championships: 50kg Women’s Freestyle Preview


photo courtesy of Richard Immel

Women’s Freestyle 50 kg Preview

Days of competition: Preliminaries-Semifinals: Tuesday, September 17th; Finals: Wednesday, September 18th

Seeds: #1 Oksana Livach (Ukraine), #2 Seema Seema (India), #3 Yanan Sun (China), #4 Evin Demirhan (Turkey)

US Entry: Whitney Conder

Our first entrant on the women’s freestyle side of the World Championships is a familiar face, Whitney Conder. Whitney is the oldest member of the 2019 team and will be participating in her fifth Senior world event. Conder’s path to Nur-Sultan started in Las Vegas as she captured the title in a deep, talented weight class. In the quarterfinals, Whitney made short work of 2018 Cadet World Champion Emily Shilson, with a 10-0 tech in just over two minutes. Next up, was former world team member Victoria Anthony who Whitney edged, 4-4, on criteria. For the title, Conder shut out veteran Erin Golston by the score of 7-0. The Open championship placed Conder into Final X Rutgers where she would see Anthony, again. The pair battled last year at Final X in a three-match classic that was won by Whitney. There was no such drama this year as Conder took the first match 7-4, then clinch her world team berth with a fall. Since Final X, Whitney has competed once at the Pan-American Games and she came away with the gold medal after an impressive performance against Cuban Yusneylys Guzman Lopez. Also in 2019, Conder has won the German Grand Prix and took third at the Dan Kolov/Nikola Petrov Tournament. Even though she has had a long, decorated international career, Whitney is still looking to claim her first Senior World medal. Back in 2007, in her first world-level event, Conder did capture a Junior World Championship at 51 kilos. The biggest hurdle between Whitney and a world medal is the depth of this weight; three of the four world medalist from 2018 return along with a handful of other dangerous opponents. 

For more on Whitney Conder, TOM sat down with her for a feature earlier in the summer. 


Livach – 2019 European Games silver medalist, 2019 European Champion, Two-time European U23 Champion, 2018 World bronze medalist, 2018 Yasar Dogu Champion, Two-time Junior World bronze medalist, 2014 Cadet World silver medalist, 2013 Cadet World Champion

Seema – 2019 Yasar Dogu Champion, 2019 City of Sassari Champion, 2019 Grand Prix of Spain Champion, 2019 Asian fifth-place

Sun – 2019 Asian silver medalist, 2019 Klippan Lady Open Champion, 2018 World bronze medalist, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist, 2016 Asian Champion, 2014 Asian Games silver medalist, 2013 World Champion, 2012 World silver medalist, 2010 Junior World Champion

Demirhan – Two-time Yasar Dogu bronze medalist, 2019 European bronze medalist, 2019 European Games bronze medalist, 2019 Dan Kolov bronze medalist, 2017 U23 World Champion, 2017 World bronze medalist, 2016 Yasar Dogu Champion, 2013 Junior World bronze medalist, 2011 Cadet World bronze medalist

Mariya Stadnik (Azerbaijan) – Two-time European Games Champion, Three-time World silver medalist, Five-time European Champion, Two-time Olympic silver medalist, 2014 World bronze medalist, 2009 World Champion, 2008 Olympic bronze medalist, 2005 Junior World Champion

Yuki Irie (Japan) – 2019 Asian Champion, 2018 Asian Games silver medalist, 2019 Asian bronze medalist, Three-time Ivan Yarygin Champion, 2012 Junior World Champion

Medal Contenders:

Kseniya Stankevich (Belarus) – 2019 European bronze medalist, Two-time U23 European bronze medalist, 2015 Junior World bronze medalist

Miglena Selishka (Bulgaria) – 2019 European Games bronze medalist, 2019 European silver medalist, Two-time European U23 bronze medalist, 2017 U23 World fifth-place, 2017 Ivan Yarygin bronze medalist, 2016 Junior World bronze medalist, 2013 Cadet World silver medalist

Yusneylys Guzman Lopez (Cuba) – Two-time Pan-American Games bronze medalist, 2019 Pan-American Champion

Namuuntsetseg Tsogt Ochir (Mongolia) – 2019 Asian U23 Champion, 2018 U23 World bronze medalist

Son Kim (North Korea) – 2018 World fifth-place, 2018 Asian Games bronze medalist, 2018 Ivan Yarygin silver medalist, 2017 World bronze medalist, 2014 Youth Olympic Games Champion

Iwona Matkowska (Poland) – 2019 Grand Prix of Spain Champion, 2019 Dan Kolov Champion, Two-time Klippan Lady Open Champion, 2014 World silver medalist, 2006 World bronze medalist, 2000 Junior World silver medalist, 1998 Cadet World silver medalist

Emilia Vuc (Romania) – 2019 Alexander Medved silver medalist, Two-time European silver medalist, 2019 Klippan Lady Open bronze medalist, 2017 World silver medalist, 2017 European bronze medalist, 2016 Yasar Dogu bronze medalist, 2014 World fifth-place, 2013 Junior World silver medalist, 2011 Junior World bronze medalist

Ekaterina Poleshchuk (Russia) – 2019 Yasar Dogu silver medalist, 2019 City of Sassari Champion, 2019 Klippan Lady Open bronze medalist, Two-time Yasar Dogu bronze medalist, 2017 U23 World bronze medalist

Whitney Conder (USA) – Two-time Pan-American Games Champion, 2019 Dan Kolov bronze medalist, 2019 Grand Prix of Germany Champion, 2018 Pan-American Champion, 2007 Junior World Champion

2018 Medalists:

Gold: Yui Sasaki (Japan)

Silver: Mariya Stadnik (Azerbaijan)

Bronze: Oksana Livach (Ukraine)

Bronze: Yanan Sun (China)

2019 Medal Predictions:

Gold: Yuki Irie (Japan)

Silver: Mariya Stadnik (Azerbaijan)

Bronze: Yanan Sun (China)

Bronze: Son Kim (North Korea)

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