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2020 Senior Nationals Greco-Roman Preview

Rau, Joe

photo courtesy of Richard Immel

After more than half a year, Senior-level competition through USA Wrestling is back this week with the 2020 Senior Nationals. The event will occur in Coralville, Iowa, Friday-Sunday and will feature many of the nation's top superstars. On Friday, the Greco-Roman tournament will take place, in its entirety, as well as half of the women's weights. The stakes for Senior Nationals are that the top-eight finishers will be allowed to take an Olympic redshirt. This tournament will not have any extra bearing on qualifying for the Olympic Trials themselves; however, any results can be factored into the Trials' seeding. Of course, many of the athletes are just itching to compete against someone other than their normal training partners. 

Since we are about six months away from the Olympic Trials, this tournament will only consist of the Olympic weights. We have combed through the entries of these six Greco-Roman weights and provided a preview and predictions for all of the Greco-related action going down on Friday. 

60 kg

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