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Burroughs to Pennsylvania RTC in Fall 2021

Burroughs, Jordan

photo courtesy of Richard Immel

Jordan Burroughs announced today on his website that he will be coming home, or at least close to it, in the Fall of 2021. Burroughs will train with the Pennsylvania RTC which is only 23 miles away from his hometown of Sicklerville, New Jersey. The Pennsylvania RTC is a joint venture between Drexel and Penn which has signed elite athletes such as Joey McKenna, David McFadden, and Mark Hall over the last few months. In addition to the coaching staffs at the two schools, Olympic gold medalist Brandon Slay presides over the program as its executive director and head coach.

Burroughs has been training at the University of Nebraska since he enrolled as a freshman in the Fall of 2006. During that time, he has won a pair of NCAA titles, the 2011 Hodge Trophy, a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics and seven world medals (four gold). A bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships in Kazakhstan gave Jordan a bye to the best-of-three finals at the postponed Olympic Trials of 2020. With a 2020 World Championship now on the schedule, it’s unclear the process to make this team, though Burroughs would presumably receive a bye, as well.

Most assumed that with the completion of the Olympic Games, Burroughs may be ready to hang up the Asiscs, but the planned move to the Pennsylvania RTC may indicate otherwise.

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